9 August, 2008

More About the Georgia/South Ossetia Conflict

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There are media reports which say that Georgia increased its military budget dramatically in recent years, apparently in anticipation of an assault on South Ossetia:


Notice the comments of both McCain and Obama re: Russia. They seem to be reading the same globalist, anti-Russia playbook:


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  7. 7 Responses to “More About the Georgia/South Ossetia Conflict”

    1. Heinrich Himmler Jr. Says:

      Naturally enough, the Jewsmedia Establishment is taking the side of the Georgian puppet regime. The Jews and ZOG want to surround Russland with hostile ZOG puppet states. The Russians do not allow billionaire Jewish oligarchs to rule their country, so it is automatically a “rogue” nation, or “anti democratic”. Go Russia!!!!To hell with ZOG and the JWO!!!!

    2. John Says:

      I think that the Jew criminals are going to go all the way with this one. They are hoping to do to Putin what they did to Hitler and they will once again use America to achieve their goal.

      The Jews need to be exterminated!

    3. kraken Says:

      It’s funny they didn’t take the side Saakasvili when 10s of thousands of Georgian protesters hung him in effigy demanding his resignation as President of Georgia a year ago. Where were all these “democrats” when the people of Georgia demanded that they be the rulers and not the slaves?

      Also, I remember reading this article with pictures showing Georgian police/soldiers with high tech weapons and armor. I was rather surprised that Georgia had this technology. Where did they get it from? I suppose it’s possible they made it themselves… sort of… I’d post the link, but it’s long gone at digg cause they banned me for allegedly posting “racist” comments.

    4. Bill White Says:

      The best stuff being published on the Russia-Ossetia conflict is coming from the official Russian English-language news channel, Russia Today. Its the only even plausible news outlet out there:


    5. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Is capitalizing jew now acceptable?

    6. Cormac Says:

      A couple of Israeli JEWS in the Georgian Government – ‘Defence Minister’ Davit Kezerashvili , the Orwellian termed “Reintegration Minister” Temur Yakobashvili… a particularly UGLY and slimy JEW FUCK.

    7. John Says:

      There are reports that Russian soldiers have killed Amerikwan niggers in Ossetia. If this is true it’s great news!