10 August, 2008

More Homosexual Themes in Cinema

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Two actresses kiss in Jewish filmmaker Woody Allen’s new movie. One of the actresses, Scarlett Johansson, has a Jewish mother. Who’s for bringing back the Catholic-spawned Production Code, which was grudgingly adopted by Jewish Hollywood in order to avoid government censorship of movies? (The Production Code ended in 1968, about the same time America’s culture went into a steep and steady decline):


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  7. 5 Responses to “More Homosexual Themes in Cinema”

    1. Heinrich Himmler Jr. Says:

      It figures Scarlett Johansson is a Jewess. So is Alicia Silverstone, Jaime Lynn Seigler and Gweneth Paltrow. Harrison Ford is also a crypto-hebe. Whatever good looks those celebrities possess come from their White parent, not the Jewish one. Usually their fathers are swarthy, scheming Hollywood Jews and their mothers are pretty, but racially brain-dead, shiksas. Jewish men apparently find the females of their own tribe undesirable for mating. So does everyone else.

      Excellent point about the Hollywood Production Code, aka the Hayes Office Code. The Jews couldn’t wait to be free of it so they could resume their scatalogical, race-mixing, anti-White agenda.

    2. ein Says:

      Harrison Ford is also a crypto-hebe. Whatever good looks those celebrities possess come from their White parent, not the Jewish one.

      And Jamie Lee Curtis (mother: Janet Leigh). The males too. Zac Efron has a gentile mother. And I recently learned (but should have guessed! ) that Sean Penn is half Jewish — Jewish father. The name “Penn” isn’t even really his. Allegedly (according to his mother) it was originally Spanish: “Piñón”, a Marrano. And I thought I read somewhere that Michael Moore is also part Jewish. (I can’t find it now.)

      Oh, one could go on …. literally for pages! With very few exceptions, you don’t stand a chance in Hollywood unless you’re at least a part-Jew or married to a Jew. It’s a family business.

      At the VERY minimum, you have to be going to bed with a Jew.

    3. Mark Says:

      Notice the mentality of actresses like Johanssonstein, she said as long as she gets the award for best kiss that’s all she cares about. She’d probably do bestiality as long as people like her and she gets an award for it.

    4. Jackumup Says:

      Fuck the production code lets adopt the yellow star of david identification badge ordinance and deportation holding camps

    5. Francesca Says:

      You can always tell the mamzer bastard jew celebs by the clunky noses. Take a look. (Check out Kate Hudson before her nose job and Zac Efron as well.) And Paltrow and Johanson, seriously, see a surgeon. And despite jew treatment of “mamzers” by ugly self-righteous jews in charge, the celebutard half, quarter, one eighth jews always push and praise judaism publicly. Itz good for the jews.