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26 August, 2008

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Discussion: – black nationalism. Specifically, jews undercutting his back-to-Africa movement so they could use niggers to integrate (read: destroy) America, a white man production. – white father’s shooting a nigger who attended his daughter’s party, and – more from The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit – Huss, Reuchlin, Luther and more  

25 August, 2008

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Leo Abse, who helped liberalize Britain, was a Jew – you’re surprised, aren’t you? [Article].

24 August, 2008

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Notice the mention of “globalist democratization” and “full spectrum dominance,” about 3/4 down the page: [Article].

23 August, 2008

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by Harmony Grant: [Here].

23 August, 2008

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Interesting article, but how was Pétain a coward? Contrast General Nogi to modern military leaders, who feel little or no guilt over sending thousands of soldiers on a one-way trip into combat for the benefit of the Jews. Note that Jewish bankers – such as Jacob Schiff – funded the Japanese in the Russo-Japanese War […]

22 August, 2008

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The topic of how the Jews used secret/semi-secret societies to worm their way into gentile high society probably should be talked about more, since it builds a stronger case against the Jews. However, some WNs feel that talk of the Illuminati sounds too “conspiratorial” to newbies: [Article].

22 August, 2008

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Federal immigration law prohibits activity that aids or even encourages illegal immigrants. So how can San Francisco be a “sanctuary city”?: [Article].

22 August, 2008

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Many “-phobia” and “-ism” words were coined to make White people look like extremists, e.g., “racism.” [Article]. About the origin of the word “homophobia”: [Here].

21 August, 2008

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Why would America need a draft? That’s the same question that was asked by many patriots back in 1940, when, over a year before America entered World War II, Jewish newspaperman Julius O. Adler managed to almost single-handedly start the U.S. draft: [Article].

21 August, 2008

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Great idea. Maybe a trend will start. The deadline for submitting essays for the scholarship competition is soon: September 1, 2008, and the winner will be chosen by September 8: [Article].