9 August, 2008

Racial Mandate Dooms Bone-Marrow Program

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In addition to this link, here’s an idea for a new word: race-mad/madness. Definition: a serious mental disorder that first appeared in the West after the destruction of Nazi Germany in 1945. A person who is race-mad will do absolutely anything to further the goal of racial equality no matter how extreme or bizarre:


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  7. One Response to “Racial Mandate Dooms Bone-Marrow Program”

    1. lawrence dennis Says:

      What this really means is:

      * Almost all white donors.
      * Almost no beaner donors.
      * Almost no American Indian donors.
      * Few nigger donors.
      * Few gook donors.


      * Mostly white recipients
      * Fewer brown/black/yellow/red recipients, but disproportionately more than the percentage of non-white donors.

      Thus, non-whites are disproportionately more likely to be saved from disability/death far more frequently than their ill white conterparts. And when they do receive an organ, the donor was probably white. Also, whites in need of a transplant receive too few organs for their numbers, and get sick and die. Darkie lives on with a white organ inside him.


      Non-whites are free riders cannibalizing organs from white donors as needed. At the same time, whites get sick and die.