12 August, 2008

Radio Istina #20, Today at 1 p.m. CST

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We’ll be discussing forum changes, a couple of quotations, and E. Michael Jones’s “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit”…

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    1. Stronza Says:

      I think Ossetia is said ‘o-set-ya’. The ‘o’ would be spoken like the ‘o’ in ‘more’. Not completely sure, of course, but there is a bit of discussion of pronunciation of foreign names on http://www.languagehat.com/archives/003213.php


      5’3″ Mestizo stabbing suspect arrested in fight over 4’9″ squat female beaner

      by Andrei Yustschinsky- Aug. 11, 2008 11:37 AM
      The Arizona Republic
      Police arrested a Mesa mestizo male Saturday afternoon on suspicion of aggravated assault after they say he stabbed another mestizo male seven times in an fight over a 4’9″ squat 197 lb. plus female beaner.

      The incident occurred at about 5:30 a.m. in the 1000 block of Dobson Road near Southern Avenue, police said.

      The 5’3″ Vergio Valentino Lovato (tall by spic standards), 18, became involved in a verbal argument with a 17-year-old mestizo male (heighth unknown), according to police reports. It was reported the two have an ongoing feud involving Lovato’s big ass dwarf female mestizo piece of ass, who is the victim’s ex-piece of ass, police said.

      Earlier that night, the two men had been drinking Quervo® Tiquila and washing it down with a little Colt 45® Malt Liquor together.

      During the argument, Lovato pulled a very long yellow and shiny handled switchblade out of his pocket to “scare” the victim, police said. The victim was stabbed three times in the abdomen, twice in the chin and twice in the back, so he suceeded in scaring the motherfucker.

      He suffered lacerations to his skin, liver and other organs; which required surgery to repair at the taxpayers expense, police said privately.

      After the incident, Lovato fled the scene but was apprehended later that afternoon when his fatso senioretta and her family were preparing to travel to Mexico, police said. Lovato had blood on his worn Dan Post Cowboy Boots and piss stained clothing.

      After being advised of his “special” rights in mestizo-Spanish, Lovato told police he thrust the switchblade into the victim, but he only remembers stabbing him only once and “really didn’t mean to hurt anybody”, police said. According to police, Lovato is a documented gang member with an extensive criminal record in Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico, California and Nevada.

      Andrei Yustschinsky reporting “on the spot & in a rundown parking lot” on the 1000 block of Dobson Road around Southern Avenue, 85202…

    3. OyPolloi Says:

      Please keep up with the radio , many of us value the education!

    4. Stu Gavin Says:

      The history of Jews in Europe before the 20th century is fascinating. When Alex was reading from the Jones book I was looking up the people he mentioned (Pedro the Cruel) on the web. This episode made for great radio. Never in your lifetime will you learn real history like this from a radio show.

    5. Jim Says:

      The jew’s nature is definitely genetically based. The jewish race represents the cosmic principle of destruction and devolution on the material plane. He is the antithisis of the Nordic Aryan who represents the cosmic princple of creativity and evolution. The only effective weapon against the jew is National Socialism.

    6. rob Says:

      Jewish Weekly says,”Alex Linder is the future in radio broadcasting!”

    7. Dawn Landry Says:

      Alex-We moved from a black infested area to the white subdivision
      (down South) where I came from. Your shegro imitation reminded
      me of living downtown-I heard that daily,sometimes hourly. I
      really thought that perhaps the negros were loud like that on purpose-perhaps to annoy me (esp. late at night). My Husband was
      taking a nap and your niggero imitation woke him up. It was like
      downtown again. Your description was dead on.

    8. Stronza Says:

      Alex’s voices are hilarious. If he can’t make it promoting antisemitism, he can do comedy. You are much talented, sir; you need a jewish agent for starters.

    9. Slim Says:

      Alex should be commended for hosting Radio Istina. It really is enjoyable. His pruning shears have lopped off a lot of dead wood and useless branches at the forum. It is finally becoming productive and informative. The level of debate and caliber of posted material has grown by leaps and bounds. Fantastic!

    10. BQuinn Says:

      I’m glad to see Radio Istina is back. Very educational material.