27 August, 2008

Russia Formally Recognizes South Ossetia and Abkhazia

Posted by Socrates in Abkhazia, Jew World Order, jewed foreign policy, nation-building/nation-wrecking, New World Order, Russia, Russophobia, Socrates, South Ossetia, tikkun olam at 9:15 pm | Permanent Link

Wait a second: all nation-building/nation-wrecking must have approval from America, Israel and NATO. Did they give the okey-dokey?


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  7. 12 Responses to “Russia Formally Recognizes South Ossetia and Abkhazia”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      The flunky who wrote the article says Russia is “defying” the West, implying that the Russians are like misbehaving children. No wonder Russia has had it with “the West” (ie, Jewish-ruled White countries). Russia did not start this problem, the Bush Regime and Bush’s Neo-Kike buddies did.

      It’s great to see Bush and the other Jew fronts absolutely powerless to stop Russia from defending itself and its sphere of influence.

    2. New America Says:

      Two quick points:

      One, ever since we “recognized” Kosovo – the synthetic Muslim nation we created in the bottom of Europe – the White Russians saw this as an affront to territorial sovereignty of the first order, while the Serbian nationalists have called out for their Russian Christian brethren to come to their aid.

      Russia has looked for an opportunity to apply the same principle in reverse.

      South Ossetia is a good place to start.

      Putin Criticized the Georgian attacks as “genocide.” That’s “genocide,” as in “war crimes.” This is a strong term we can, and should use, to define out interests. After all, we ARE opposed to the genocide of the White RACE, aren’t we?

      Two, Abkhazia is a much better place to recognize, as it contains Baku, starting point of the Western sponsored Bake-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline – a Western sponsored and controlled pipeline.

      For now, at any rate.

      It seems the Tblisi part is under Russian control, as is Baku.

      The port of Ceyhan, in Turkey, was supposed to have a link built to the Israel TAP line.

      Not now!

      So, the demons-known-as-Jews are speechless with rage; they have been removed from the shadows, and flee the Light (“It burnses us! It burnses us!”).

      Incidentally, the other major Georgian oil pipeline, Baku – Supsa, has stopped activity, as its end point , the port of Supsa, is now under control of the Russian Navy.

      We are watching history in the making, and, as Bill White has told us, we can get the larger picture from the website of the Russia Today television channel.

      Incidentally, while the PKK are believed to have attacked the BTC pipeline even before the recent events, it is believed that the Russian artillery placed rounds within a hundred yards of either side of the pipeline, just for practice, and as a reminder.


      Isn’t this like something out of Frank Herbert’s “Dune?”

      “Who controls a thing? he who has the power to destroy it.”

      Never give up.

      Never surrender.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    3. jim donaldson Says:

      Medvedev’s speech:


      Also, may I present the French Foreign Minister:

      Bernard Kouchner: “Born to a Jewish father and a Protestant mother, he began his political career as a member of the French Communist Party (PCF), from which he was expelled in 1966 for attempting to overthrow the leadership…” (Wikipedia)

    4. New America Says:

      It gets better.

      Russia’s Ambassador to NATO just stated that supplying military aid to Georgia would be “an act of War.”

      Russia has also observed that the Black Sea now has all of the NATO vessels NATO is allowed under current treaties.

      The fact that these issues are not being discussed by Smart People with great intensity on the news channels says something about the current state of American media.

      Never give up.

      Never surrender.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    5. jim donaldson Says:

      Sorry, that should have been “The Foreign Minister of France, ” cause he ain’t French ; )

    6. Zarathustra Says:

      Bernie Kouchner. It figures.

      I think the PM of Italy, Silvio Berlisconi, is also a Hebe. I would not be surprised to learn that his real name was Solomon Berlinsky.

    7. LoveWhite Says:

      These regions have been quasi nations for a long time, so Russias recognition of them makes perfect sense. There might have been attrocities commited on both the Georgian and the Russians sides, but giving these two ethnic enclaves defacto statehood is probably a better long term peace solution. Meanwhile Britains foreign secretary of state David Milliband (Jewish) is trying to build an anti-Russian coalition that could provoke a new cold war. Totally, hypocritical because the US recognised the rebel province of Kosovo as an independent state during a past Balkans conflict yet it doesn’t like anyone else recognising a mini-state.

    8. Lutjens Says:

      I think the best solution for peace would be for the Russians to push the Georgian/Israeli pieces of shit calling themselves a “democratic government” all the way to the bottom of the Black Sea and install a Russia-friendly government in Tblisi. I also think that Saakashvili and his Israeli “partners-in-crime” should be taken into Russian custody and beheaded in public, filmed by the Jew media for all to see. Let the wailing and whining begin. This would be proper justice for the ruthless act of aggression against innocent Ossetians and Russian peacekeepers. As for Sarkozy, how does a Hungarian/Greek Jew piece of shit like that become president of France? Through a Jew-rigged election system like in the US. I can only admire Russia for ignoring his so-called cease-fire plan. The next time he tries to enter Russia, he should also be taken into custody and have justice applied to him. He is a co-conspirator to the problems in Georgia and other countries in that region.

    9. Tina Says:

      I don’t know if any of you have ever read anything about ossetians. They are an Aryan people who were forced to moved out of Persa when mongol invaded their land.

      Virtually everyone who lived down there is semi christian — or follow some form of caucasian religion. Now, recent problems started when American sent their soliders to train Georgian troops — who right after the training invaded Abkhazia, and Ossetina. Another amuzing note — Russian troops invaded Georgia right after Israeli sold large amount of weapons to Georgian military. Remember these weapons were given to them by American military — and guess who paid for them? Yes, that’s correct American citizen.

    10. Booger88 Says:

      This is Great!To see the “All Powerful” THEM stymied with rage and impotance at the Resurgent Righteous Bear!There is hope-just not much in this country-its in Russia.For once their insidious schemes are derailed by the forces of Justice and Karma.Lets hope somehow we get that lucky.I really savor the FACT that their little “plan” has gone stinky,right in their face,and the whole world(anyone who’s paying attention)can see it.Of course the minions of the ZOG must spin the event as Horrible,Hienous,Russian Aggression!I’m sure that somehow it would profit THEM,or they wouldn’t be pushing for a New Cold War,and THEY made a Huge Profit off the last one.Just like all Kike-Run countries,the downfall of the Georgians was their Greed and Desire To Control,South Ossetia in this case.Or is it the thought of a Goyim Nation-not in THEIR CONTROL that enrages THEM so they want to drop and chew the carpet.Georgia is Israels Bitch-,(no offense ladies),just like Amerca and they were just doing the Masters bidding,like our bought and paid for drones we call “politicians”.The New Kike World Order was trying to strangle Mother Russia like a rapist in a womans bedroom at night and she woke up!The Russians are not playing NWO tiddidly-winks and are prepared to kick someones ass.Georgia is also a bought and paid for NWO lackey,being the 3rd largest contingent in our war for Isra-eels war for middle east domination.The Ossetians or whatever they call themselves,are an Aryan People as others pointed out,and its funny how Big Jew thought they could get away with a little un-noticed Ethnic Aryan Cleansing while the worlds attention was diverted by the Olympics.Its Amazing how “Our Media” spins the events as an atrocity by the Russians,no mention by the jews-media here of the thousands of S.O.s murdered,raped,or run over by tanks.Funny how our only way to find out the Real Truth of world events is on the internet.And as Soon as Big Jew can come with a big enuff Bullshit Reason to censor that-THEY will.The OIL is a big part of the game-which Russia has now secured the majority of Caspian Sea Area Production,and has told NATO to back off.The Jew-S and THEIR Minions in Europe are helpless to stop the bear-utterly fantastic!This Giant Boot -in-the-Ass to Big Jew has Raised my Morale Hugely,and should give Whites Everywhere re-newed cause for hope.But rest assured,THEY will do everything THEY Can to Demonify Russia,as Russia has always been an “anti-semitic” Nation,the bolshevik revolution being the Jews punishment for her.THEY have been determined to isolate Her,and strangle Her with Missiles,now shes has Her Claws Out.The Claws of the Bear was a book i read some years ago about Russia’s military power.In it the author emphasized that Russia has Always been a force to contend with,no matter what kind of Gov’t it had,it was a powerhouse.It looks like the NWO is finding out the Bear still has Claws and now it wants to “Play”.Great opening commentary NA.

    11. jim donaldson Says:

      I’ve just been reading about the “Kurgan Hypothesis” of Aryan mygrations. It gives a whole new meaning to “Mother Russia”

    12. jim donaldson Says: