18 August, 2008

Russophobia Growing

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In 2001, Bush saw Vladimir Putin as a budding, Western-style “democrat,” a man who would, no doubt, be willing to turn Russia into an eastern version of America, complete with a pro-Israel foreign policy. It turned out that Putin wasn’t a democrat (just like America’s founders weren’t democrats), hence America’s Russophobia. Notice the mention of Russia’s oligarchs in this article, almost all of whom were Jews:


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      Rapture Bunny-Shabbos Goy Hucksterbee: Obama Can’t ‘Fully Grasp’ Israeli Politics, Yet
      Monday, August 18, 2008 4:30 PM

      By: Andrei Yustschinsky, SMEC (Senior Middle East Correspondent)

      Former Republican presidential candidate and rapture bunny-Shabbos goy Mike Hucksterbee visiting Jerusalem on Monday called John McCain the “overwhelmingly better choice” for Israel in the United States’ upcoming presidential elections.

      “John McCain understands this part of the world very clearly,” Hucksterbee said, while adding that Democratic that high yellow candidate Barack Obama doesn’t “fully grasp” the politics of the region, at least yet.

      The former Arkansas governor was whisked to Israel by a right-wing organization, the Jerusalem Regurgitation Project, which settles Israelis amid predominantly Arab east Jerusalem neighborhoods. Hucksterbee, on a 48-hour rapture high, stressed Israel’s right to defend itself against a potential strike by Iran. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeatedly vowed to “wipe Israel off the map.”

      “Israel has to take whatever steps it feels necessary and that includes killing any Gentiles to protect itself against someone who has openly said it would seek to annihilate her,” Hucksterbee said.

      He said the United States must remove a restriction on the sale of F-22 stealth fighters to Israel since they are “specifically the type of aircraft Israel needs for its “defense” purposes.”

      Hucksterbee also underscored his support for an undivided Jewish capital.

      “It is a very possible for different cultures and people to live together, but it is not realistic to expect two governments to operate on the same street in Israel where you have god’s chosen lambs at risk,” Hucksterbee said, referring to a divided Jerusalem as a capital of both a Jew and Palestinian state.

      Palestinians demand “all” of east Jerusalem including the Old City containing Muslim and Jewish “holy sites” as the capital of their future state. Israeli politicians have been willing to give up very small and non-useful parts (crums) of Jerusalem, but the concept of giving up any small bit of Jerusalem is extremely controversial among Israelis. The city today is a crowded patchwork of mostly Ashkenazi Jews and Arab neighborhoods all closely situated.

      “If a person comes here and can see the close proximity, just the “tiny little footprint” that Israel actually occupies, one gets the idea that to maintain a long-term security and peace there has to be attention to every inch of Ron Jeremey, a slightly drunk and grinning” Hucksterbee said.

      Taking it a step further, Hucksterbee said ZOG-America should relocate its Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to acknowledge the nation’s capital. Most countries moved their embassies from Jerusalem in 1980 under threat of an Arab oil embargo. Hucksterbee believes his boy McCain will do so if elected. This will make it more comfortable for the messiah when he or she cums back again to rule the whole kit & caboodle.

      Daniel Luria, executive director of Jerusalem Regurgitation Project, said the organization brought Hucksterbee (a fool or a huckster?) to Israel to reinforce his friendship with the “Jew” state.

      “He speaks “truth” and calls a spade a spade (i hope no negroes are reading this)),” Luria said. “He understands dealing with the inferior Arab world, terrorism, Hamas, Fatah cannot be, that Oslo (agreement) has failed, ‘land for peace’ doesn’t work, and that you can’t divide Jerusalem (except with a big concrete wall Danny boy?) and expect everything is going to be okay.”

      Hucksterbee called this tenth trip of his to the “Holy Land” since 1973 a “fact-finding mission” and “not a sign” of any political aspirations. He visited secluded Jewish settlements (illegal squater kosher flop houses) in the shadow of the “security fence” in east Jerusalem, places even President George Wanker Bush and McCain hadn’t visited.

      Democratic New York Jew Congressman Dov Hikind, who accompanied his “little bitch” Hucksterbee, called the Republican a “real hero in the Jewish community”

      “He is someone who understands Israel, understands Jerusalem beyond what most goyim understand,” the Jew Hikind said.

      Andrei Yustschinsky eating a Spam® snack on matzoh crackers & reporting to you from HaKotel HaMa ‘aravi (The Western Wall) in the Old City of Jerusalem…

      © 2008 Newsfax. No rights reserved.

    2. Heinrich Himmler Jr. Says:

      I guess Huckabee is hoping for a cushy job in the McCain White House, assuming that senile, puffy-faced, denture-wearing old prick ever wins. Incidentally, just before Huckabee ran for the Presidency, he had about 600 pounds of fat surgically removed from his big cracker ass. McCunt and Fuck a bee are a pair of Jew-venerating scumbags.

      The writer of the article did a good job, except he failed to mention that the “Russian Oligarchs” are JEWS. Bush and his Jew masters are trying to surround Russia with pro-Western puppet regimes and force Russia back into the JWO. But thankfully, I think Bush and the Internationalist crowd will fail.

    3. ED! Says:

      This is one of the most important Articles I have read in my lifetime!

      What Justin has pointed out in this article is so close to what I predicted some time back when Putin moved against the Oligarchs. Just on it’s face the actions of the Russian Oligarchs in sucking up Russia’s former state owned wealth struck me as no less than criminal. When Bush accused Putin of being an Anti Semite for moving against these obvious gangsters, the future of relations between Russia and the Zionist Occupied Governments of the West were set in stone. The Oligarchs (most of them Jews) were aided if not enabled by Jewish Arch Criminal Marc Rich who was pardoned by Bill Clinton! The relationship between Russia and China has been cool, but if the two ever embrace each other as I believe they will, the combination will be unstoppable. The West is setting it’s self up for a economic fall, and a possible Nuclear War, and that will be the War where nobody wins and everybody looses! The only good thing emanating from it would be the utter destruction of Israel and the end of Jewish Zionist power for ever, and that needs to happen! The planet Earth deserves nothing less than to be rid of all the forces that have ties back to Abraham! The world would be just fine without Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, Islam and their gods of chaos and destruction!

      When it comes to government in America the Democrats and Republicans are the left and right wings of the same stinking buzzard!!!

    4. Hoosier Says:


    5. Heinrich Himmler Jr. Says:

      How would Americans like it if Russia sent thousands of troops and nuclear missliles to Cuba? Or Mexico? Or both? Because that is exactly what the imperialist Bush regime is trying to do in Russia’s backyard.

      All this crap about “anti Semitism” simply means that the Jews believe they and their precious Zionist Entity are somehow exempt from lowly Goy criticism. I guess when you think you belong to a Tribe that, collectively speaking, is “God”, the Goyim are supposed to bow down in fear and awe of you. What a bunch of self-aggrandizing, self-deluded assholes the Jews are. The confused, neurotic, intellectually castrated Christians make things worse by worshipping Jews and imaginary Jew Bible heroes.

      However, I think the Jews’ reign of terror is almost over. What comes afterward is unclear.

    6. Hoosier Says:

      Nashi: Putin’s Enthusiasts


    7. Hoosier Says:

      The US/Israeli spin machine is going into high gear, screaming over and over again “Russia invades Georgia!” Then, there’s the inevitable comparison to the “Nazis.”

      The media may be able to spin things somewhat favourably for the US/Israeli axis, but they’re going to have to eat up a lot of their energy to do so. They don’t have an unlimited supply.

      First Hezbollah, and now this. I’m with Heinrich Himmler Jr. who said “However, I think the Jews’ reign of terror is almost over. What comes afterward is unclear.” I too sense, more than anything, Jewish Power has reached it’s peak and now on a downward spiral.

    8. Hoosier Says:

      At 7:58 of the “Nashi” vid I put up, a young soldier says to his young wife, “If we don’t make babies we won’t exist and neither will Russia. There will be nothing.”

      At 9:45, a man enourages the newly married, “Make sure you have more than three children.”

      At 9:59, another says, “If we have a great number of children, Russia will remain great as well.”

      at 12:48, a regional representative of Nashi says, “Russia is developing into a democratic country. It’s just that we don’t agree with the definition of democracy set by the West.”

      At 12:53, some brown guy bitches about the whole thing.

      Very interesting. Jews must be pulling their hair out

    9. Terry Pickleford Says:

      Missile shield in Poland is a bad idea. Provoking Russia is NOT in the USA’s best interest. If Western Europe feels so insecure, let THEM install the missile shield in Poland. Of course, now that France has elected jew Sarkozy, I suppose THAT may be possible. So let France deal with the consequences. Sarkozy is an international jew of Hungarian jewish and Greek jewish extraction. How the hell did HE get elected President of France anyway? Oh yeah, he is a jew, that’s how.

      Rados?aw Sikorski, the Polish Minister of Public Affairs who signed the treaty with the US to install missiles in Poland, was a resident fellow of the American Enterprise Institute from 2002 until 2005. The American Enterprise Institute is a neocon (jewish) think tank that loves to meddle in everyone’s business on behalf of world zionism. Of course, Sikorski is married to jewess Anne Appelbaum, so he is in with the jews.

      The American Enterprise Institute’s President, Christopher DeMuth, worked for the law firm Sidley and Austin, the same firm Barrack Obama worked for. I wonder if Sidley and Austin is the firm that inspired the movie “Devil’s Advocate?” Hmmmmmmm

      Starting to see how this all fits together? Powerful jews working in cahoots with unscroupulous sell-outs, carving up the world. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Medvedev (Russian president with jewish name) isn’t also in cahoots with them. Maybe they are intending to stage another World War, thin out the herd a little, jack up the Dow Jones, further consolidate their power. Who knows. But the connections are there and it stinks.

      It is almost like they have to belong to “the club” to get accepted and stamped with the Kosher Seal of Approval before being considered seriously for political office, around the globe.

      Link to Rad Sikorski below. From that link you can find links to American Enterprise Institute and Sidley and Austin Lawfirm.

      Anne Appelbaum, Rad Sikorski’s wife, was originally booked on the Pan Am Flight 103 from London to New York City during its disaster flight on December 21, 1988. However, a week before take-off, she postponed her journey by one day in order to visit friends at Oxford. Like most jews would do, she wrote about it here: http://www.anneapplebaum.com/other/1998/12_20_tel_lockerbie.html

      So, here we have a Polish politician signing a Polish/US missile deal, who worked for the same law firm who employed Barrack Obama, which also employed the current President of the American Enterprise Institute (which is always pulling for aggressive wars on behalf of Israel), who just happens to be married to a wealthy jewess who just happened to be booked on Pan Am Flight 103, who just happened to cancel her flight plans one week before the ill fated flight.


      I can almost see a smiling Al Pacino sticking his finger in the Holy Water while that Polish Missile deal was signed.

    10. ein Says:

      Regarding the Russian “oligarchs”, the French newspaper, Le Figaro, on Monday, Aug. 18th, reports (page 9) that a Russian oligarch has just purchased the world’s most expensive villa, at Villefranche-sur-Mer on the French Riviera, for a record price of 496 million Euros (that’s 739 million dollars). He acquired it from Lily Safra, the Jewish/Brazilian widow of the Jewish/Lebanese/Swiss banker Edmond Safra. This is five times more expensive than the world’s next most expensive residence. It was the originally the vacation palace of Belgium’s King Leopold, the one-time personal owner of the Belgian Congo.

      There was another article, the same day [p.16], on the 20% decline in American tourists in France this year (largely due to the collapsing value of the dollar). It seems that while the traditional big spenders – Japanese and Americans – have declined by 20%, this gap has been filled by an increase in the numbers of Russians, Brazilians, Mexicans, and Indians.

      “S’ils ne compensent pas forcément la diminution en volume des autres nationalités, ces gens dépensent beaucoup d’argent, souvent sans limite. Ainsi, les Russes qui représentent moins de 1% des nuitées passées en France pourraient réaliser 5% de chiffre d’affaires touristique”….. Even if they do not compensate for the decrease in volume of other nationalities, these people spend a lot of money — often without limit. Thus, the Russians, who represent less than 1% of nights spent in France, could account for 5% of the volume of tourist receipts.