23 August, 2008

The Last Samurai and Europe’s First Suicide

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Interesting article, but how was P├ętain a coward? Contrast General Nogi to modern military leaders, who feel little or no guilt over sending thousands of soldiers on a one-way trip into combat for the benefit of the Jews. Note that Jewish bankers – such as Jacob Schiff – funded the Japanese in the Russo-Japanese War in order to hasten “anti-Semitic” Russia’s demise:


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  7. 5 Responses to “The Last Samurai and Europe’s First Suicide”

    1. TBX Says:

      I spotted this towards the end of the article:

      “And after that, the poor white devils went
      on to cheer at ball games and toast at
      30-course banquets even as the Chinese
      continued working dawn to dusk and saving
      35% of their income while the armored
      columns of another patriarchal, ethnocentric,
      racist and tyrannical empire, Russia, having
      planned for months for precisely this moment,
      smashed into Georgia.”

      Russia “smashed” into Georgia???


    2. fdtwainth Says:

      Yes, the man, although a colored, has died honorably with what I think is one of the most honorable death a military man may wish for himself. The better death is only to die in combat, taking one’s enemies with him, but the brave general clearly did not have that option.

    3. Celtic Warrior Says:

      An interesting article, but let’s not get involved in this death cult of ‘dying for one’s country’ BS. Our imperative must be to live for our race and that means forming strong families.

      If there is any dying for the flag to do, let the niggers and muds do it.

    4. fdtwainth Says:

      2 Celtic Warrior

      I believe, this is not an instance of the worthless “dying for the flag” as you call it, but an honorable death of a military man who is childless and thus cannot pass the tradition of service along his line. In the spheres of the military and statecraft an ethical code we have tells to honor those die honorably, even coloreds. This does not prejudice in any way our primary duty of living White.

    5. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Yes, I agree with what you say and General Nogi died honorably, I just get steamed up at the thought of the fine young White men who are STILL dying for jew interests.

      It just seem so easy for the jew machine to unfurl the ‘Stars & Bars’ or the Union Jack and have young White men fall over themselves to join the military. That way our best and bravest, and possibly the most gullible too, are eliminated from our gene pool. Given a few more years to mature these young men would provide future leaders.

      Don’t die for the jew but live for the White race. Michael Hoffman is right when he exhorts young White men and women to work with nature and affirm life by producing White children. We can’t possibly win if the average ‘output’ is a mere 1.8 kids per couple.

      BTW, I don’t consider Japanese to be ‘colored’.