8 August, 2008

Western Leaders and the Olympics

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Since today is the start of the Olympics in Beijing, China, let us note for the record that not one Western leader did the decent thing and said, “no, our athletes are not going to compete in a country that has murdered tens of millions of its own people since 1949, a country which is still enslaved by a Jewish ideology called communism.”

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  7. 11 Responses to “Western Leaders and the Olympics”

    1. Heinrich Himmler Jr. Says:

      The Olympics are all about corporate greed, consumerism and promoting the madness of a world government. Red China has one of the worst human rights records in the world (only the USA, Saudi Arabia and the Zionist Entity are worse), yet Bush can’t wait to suck up to the Chinks. Why? Because Red China has literally trillions of dollars invested in the USA and vice-versa. I hate the Olympics and all the spoiled pansy athletes who compete in them.

    2. John Says:

      Did you all see the Chinese boo Bush in the stadium? Even the chinks see what the dumb Kwan patriotards can’t, that Bush is a complete moronic POS.

      As for the government of China I think that they are one of the few Jew free governments in the world although the Jews are making inroads even there. The chinks are only a problem when they come to white countries, the ones that stay in China I have no problem with and I certainly dont care if their government cracks down on them. Anyone advocating ZOG style ‘human rights’ in China deserves everything that the Chinese govt gives them.

    3. Cormac Says:

      I heard Bush’s wife is going to divorce him after he leaves office… if he ever does.

    4. Mark Says:

      Bush is scum, and so are the rest of our leaders.

      Bush recently defended that illegal Mexican immigrant murder/rapist in Texas, his home state. Thankfully the court rejected the appeal and executed the savage.

      Look at the stark difference in representation, America’s team is significantly African, and even selects a recent African immigrant to lead our team in the march. Did you see one African on the Chinese team? Are Asian countries smarter than Western countries? In that way they sure as hell are.

      Yes, boo Bush and boo America. In fact, boo a lot of European countries as well, as polls have shown they’d vote Obama in if they could. France is ahead of us, they’ve already voted a Jew to be their leader.

    5. Celtic Warrior Says:

      No offense to the chinks, but f**k the orympics.

    6. Jackumup Says:

      I watched the chinks perform kung-fu exercises with great precision, It’s amazing the amount of choreography that can be accomplished under the threat of death, the chinkese have never had any type of elected goverment and have always lived under brutality, they behave like aunts. So who gives a fuck about their rights

    7. Jackumup Says:

      I mean ants

    8. New America Says:

      Story about Sun Tzu. legendary general, author of “The Art of War”:

      Sun went to the Emperor, said he would build the best army in the world for the Emperor.

      Emperor smiled, looked at his elite guards, looked at beautiful court concubines. Said, “Let’s see what you can do with my concubines, first.”

      Everyone laughed, concubines giggled.

      Sun Tzu said, “I must have total control over them, and treat them as I would your soldiers/”

      Emperor agreed.

      Sun Tzu took concubines in remote field outside Emperor’s Palace, removed pretty clothes from concubines, made them put on coarse garb of the peasants.

      Concubines twittered, tolerated him, to please Emperor, put on coarse garb.

      Sun Tzu demonstrated the use of the bladed pike – first position, second position, etc.

      Handed the bladed pikes to concubines, demonstrated first position, hoped they would follow his example./b>\ (Think of Rockwell!)

      They dropped the pikes, laughed, twittered.

      Sun Tzu took the First Concubine, and beheaded her – in front of the other concubines.

      Emperor said nothing, turned and left.

      Sun Tzu returned with concubines after ninety days.

      Emperor asked for demonstration.

      Sun Tzu told Emperor’s best guards to give a his bladed pike to the concubines, and see what she could do with it.

      Everyone laughed, chief of Emperor’s Guard handed his pike to concubine, who laughed, twittered, and dropped the pike.

      Everyone laughed, Emperor Himself laughing at Sun Tzu.

      Sun Tzu asked Guard to try again.

      Concubine dropped pike close to guard, laughed, twittered, picked up pike, with one smooth, violent motion beheaded Emperor’s Guard, placed his head on the bladed pike, and presented it to the Emperor.

      Sun Tzu got the contract.

      Every day is ‘Fight Club’ to this Race.

      Sounds like a good mindset for us to develop.

      While we can…

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    9. Heinrich Himmler Jr. Says:

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care what Peking does to its Chinks either, it’s just the god damn hypocrisy and greed of the Bush Regime and of the Capitalists that galls me. Saddam Hussein was supposedly the worst dictator in the world and ZOG had to get rid of him by spilling goy soldiers’ blood. But Red China is much more brutal to its own people than Saddam ever was. But then again, Red China poses no threat to the Zionist Entity or to Satan’s Chosen. What’s more, Chink slave labor makes lots of money for the anti-White Capitalist pigs.

    10. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Just to restate Michael Collins Piper’s hypothesis; the Chinese nuclear bomb of 1965 had made in Tel Aviv / Dimona stamped on it.

    11. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Why should we care if the Chinese government murders its own citizens? We should actually welcome this since China has a population of 1.5 billion and they plan to use their surplus population to colonize the rest of the world and especially Western lands.

      It’s a matter of record that China has a far worse human rights record than Saddam Hussein. The U.S. won’t get indignant and uppity about this unless Israel feels threatened, which they don’t at the moment and they in fact are working hard at establishing ties with China.

      We should be callously indifferent to the struggles of other races. We have serious problems of our own.