18 August, 2008

Westhampton Beach, NY – Boos, Walkout at Synagogue Meeting on Eruv

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Westhampton Beach, NY – An effort by officials of the Hampton Synagogue to explain to their Westhampton Beach neighbors why they want to erect an eruv, evoked catcalls, boos and a walkout by about a fifth of the crowd that filled every seat in the temple’s main hall.

The walkout was set off at the start of the meeting when temple officials read some of the anti-Semitic responses on the Web site of a local weekly paper that had printed an article about the proposal.

“We don’t need to hear this,” one man shouted. “Questions and answers only,” yelled a woman as she walked out.

It was the same setting where, 10 days earlier, Gov. David A. Patterson told a cheering crowd that the proposal was clearly a civil rights issue and that the state would be monitoring the situation.

Rabbi Marc Schneier estimated that about 95 percent of the Wednesday night crowd of about 700 was not affiliated with the synagogue. He had asked members not to attend to make room for other residents.

A fact sheet distributed to the crowd explained that an eruv is typically defined by an easy-to-see boundary marker. And if a utility line were designated, for instance, a connecting line would be required where gaps occur.

Westhampton Beach Mayor Conrad Teller attended the meeting, but did not take part in the debate. He has said residents have told him they fear an eruv would lead to the village’s becoming an Orthodox Jewish enclave.

The congregation requires village approval before it can set up an eruv. “Legally, we have no compelling reason to turn it down,” Teller said.
He said many of the questions from those in attendance — ranging from how much of the year the rabbi lives in the village, where else he owns a home, and how many members of the congregation are Orthodox Jews — missed the point, as did requests to hold a public referendum on the eruv.

At the meeting, several people asked, “Why do you need it now?”

Schneier said that, in its 18 years, the synagogue has grown large enough that many members live more than a few blocks away, and families with young children and elderly members in wheelchairs cannot go to Sabbath services unless they are pushed, an act permitted only inside the boundary of an eruv.

“It’s not that we are seeking the community’s approval,” Schneier said. “What we are seeking is the community’s understanding.”


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  7. 12 Responses to “Westhampton Beach, NY – Boos, Walkout at Synagogue Meeting on Eruv”

    1. Bassanio Says:

      Who comes up with these Jewish laws??? Where in the Bible does it say you need a “eruv” enclosure to move your infant or wheelchair bound relative around on the sabath? I assume that non-Jews will not be allowed to cross the “eruv”.

      Can you imagine the reaction if a Christian wanted to erect a cross, or Christmast tree, or manager scene in Jeruslamen?

    2. Ed in CT Says:

      The eruv does keep the chosen in a designated area thereby making them easy targets.
      Not that I’d encourage killing these vile creatures or anything like that.

    3. Walter Says:

      They want to get one in Vienna (Austria) as well.
      Such behavior makes it obvious that the Jews want to separate themselves and live in Ghettos. How obvious does their behavior have to be to be recognized for what it is?

    4. Heinrich Himmler Jr. Says:

      I thought the Hamptons were already a Jewish enclave. Howard Stern, Billy Joel, Jerry Seinfeld, Larry King and their shiksa trophy wives all live in that area.

    5. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Excuse my ignorance, but what is an eruv??

    6. TSman Says:

      “Eruv” is typical jewish reasoning. You make rules then you make more rules to get around the original rules. It’s in the genes, folks.

    7. Vaultner Says:

      Nothing wrong with a ghetto marker I suppose. But why can’t they learn from their mistake of demanding shitsrael instead of accepting Madagascar. Once again they have to be a thorn in good peoples sides & try to displace & change them, instead of finding open unoccupied land to inhabit.
      No it’s always a whiny little girl scenario of; I want a pony in a yard the size of a postage stamp, & it’s not too much to ask, just a little more each time until you crack then your crazy & why does everybody hate us? Boo Hoo. Fucking mental patients.

    8. ein Says:

      Wouldn’t it be nice if they first explained what the heck is an “evruv” — for those of us who don’t know Yididish, or Hebrew, or whatever it is. I guess they just assume their degree of control is sufficient that we’re supposed to know that by now.

    9. sgruber Says:

      Celtic and Ein, you’re no longer in public elementary school, awaiting a handout with drawings. You’re adults who have the net at your fingertips.

      Know your enemy. Eruvs have been explained countless times on VNN and many other sites. If the subject interests you, you should make an effort to read about it.

      I can’t move your mouse myself, rude bastard that I am. But like a school teacher driven to drink, I can slow down the class (while the brighter kids grind their teeth) and provide your royal highnesses with a link obtained after 4 seconds of searching: CLICK THIS. Hopefully you will click where indicated, if you’re interested. Bookmark it so you won’t ask about it again (and again and again) later.

      The time has come to get rid of the jews.

    10. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Sgruber, thanks for the link. Some of us are only on dial-up which makes searching very slow :-)

    11. ein Says:

      I don’t consider it my responsibility to familiarize myself with their religious/linguistic technical terms when reading an American newspaper This artic le was in a Long Island newspaper, not one from Tel Aviv. If an article is written in English, it should be IN ENGLISH, with any exotic terms explained! They seem to take it for granted that we should all know these things. That’s what I resent. There are already far too many Yiddishisms creeping into the language as it is. My gripe here is with Newsday, not Vanguard.

      That said, thanks for the link. Interesting. I seem to be learning new Jewish terminology every week, like it or not. (I never saw this work before.) Eventually, we’ll all be speaking Hebrew, the way it’s goingI.

    12. ein Says:

      Oops. Meant to say “word”, not work.
      As for the Judaization of our common language, the rest stands.