23 September, 2008

Iranian President Ahmadinejad Speaks at UN

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He mentions the Jewish control of European and American financial sectors:


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  7. 12 Responses to “Iranian President Ahmadinejad Speaks at UN”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      Notice how the Jewsmedia always stuffs their Ahmadinejad articles with hostile anti-Iranian quotes from professional Jew whiners like Weisel and Peres. And the word Zionist is always placed in quotation marks, as if it was a verboten word that should never be used by civilized people.

    2. Veritas Says:

      Ahmadinejad was on Larry King tonight and everything he said made perfect sense. The fact that the American people cannot see that he is in the right is the reason we are f*cked. Americans actually hate this man even though he should be our ally and not Israel. Americans do not want freedom from the Jews. I’m sorry, but most of them are too stupid to understand the truth about the Jews.

    3. TrainKeptaRollin Says:

      I noticed when MA speaks to King, he smiles a lot. In his culture, smiling to that degree to king’s face is hostility -like the baring of teeth in dogs, whereas a simple look, not staring , not faggish but just looking at , no smile or only a slight smile is respect between men- unlike here where we think are supposed to be full -on smiley and animated a lot of the time. King appears to hardly move, but you see his hands do things now and then, and can hear the standoffishness and tension in his voice, and fear.

      MA was very clever in how stated his position, he has certainly learned a little bit about the spin cycle since he came on the scene and started doing interviews- his earlier ones were not so concerned with looking the good guy, like what he said about “is America and a couple allies all that matters in the world?” which appeals to the “be fair, everyone =, we matter too” crowd- and speaking about how Iran has not been the aggressor- he is telling the truth and kike king can’t refute what he is saying, he can only hunker on his perch , remotely disapproving.

    4. Zarathustra Says:

      Veritas is right, most Americans are too dumb to understand why they believe the things they do. If the Jewsmedia tells them to hate the Kaiser, or Hitler or Saddam or Ahmadinejad, they will, but cannot tell you why.

      Is it any wonder the Jews regard the Goyim as nothing more than dumb cattle?

    5. 2050 Says:

      No kidding huh, Z. ^^^^^

    6. Cormac Says:

      He’s right to say KIKES are at the center of the problem , and I’d like to also add that Ahmedinejad is not a true Iranian… I mean look at him , he’s a demonic faced Turk.

    7. Veritas Says:

      He may be a demonic faced Turk, but at least he stands up for his people against the Jews, unlike our own demonic white-faced leaders.

    8. Willard Says:

      The enemy of my enemy is my FRIEND.

      President Ahmadinejad is standing tall against the Judeo-American threat. His Fearless example is a lesson to us.

      White men used to stand fast in the face of overwhelming odds for the honor and good of their people. He may not be Aryan but he’s acting like one!

      We need noble allies. He is doing our fighting for us…are we not equal to his boldness?

    9. John Says:

      Ahmadinejad should have used the opportunity to mention the USS Liberty and call on the American people to push for a real investigation.

    10. Stu Gavin Says:

      >Zarathustra Says:

      24 September, 2008 at 1:00 pm

      Veritas is right, most Americans are too dumb to understand why they believe the things they do. If the Jewsmedia tells them to hate the Kaiser, or Hitler or Saddam or Ahmadinejad, they will, but >cannot tell you why.

      Americans are moronic beasts, they are angry but the anger is easily directed at whoever the man on TV says it should go to.

    11. Zarathustra Says:

      With the exception of Vladimir Putin, all the good political leaders today are non-Whites,eg, Ahmadinejad, Evo Morales, Raoul Castro and Hugo Chavez. Exceptionally shitty White political leaders would include Gordon Brown, Bush Jr. and Angela Merkel.

    12. Ahmadingyjewhadist Says:

      Dingy does King? … Wheeeeehhhhhh!

      Ebil John says it well: The litmus test of litmud tests is the USS Liberty.

      Or perhaps: Has Dingy so much as hinted at wiping the Eternal Victim Innocent Chosen Talmudists from Tehran?

      Blach, blach, blach … Yida, yida, yida …