26 September, 2008

Israel: the ‘Good Guy’?

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Sarah Palin talks about Israel, an apartheid state protected by America:


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  7. 21 Responses to “Israel: the ‘Good Guy’?”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      I saw that interview on CBS. Sarah Baby has been trained well by her Jew handlers. So, Israel should be allowed to do whatever it wants to whomever it wants, whenever it wants, eh, Sarah Baby? And I guess we have the obligation to give Israel 10 billion US tax dollars a year, don’t we, Sarah Baby?

      Why don’t you go back to your hick trailer park and take care of your alcoholic Eskimo husband, teenage bimbo daughter and retarded son, you twat.

    2. Arch Stanton Says:

      Now, now, let’s not be ugly to a white sister. Typically I do not comment on politics because it a waste of time. Politics is a dog and pony show to distract the bovina from the real issues that destroy their lives. However, One thing that fascinates me about Ms. Palin is how vilified she has become in the media.

      While everyone talks about how much they hate Sarah, America’s golden Negro messiah Obama is quietly simmers in the background. Once again I find the hand of the priesthood’s magicians behind the intense focus on Palin. Last night I saw a video of Palin performing some weird Christian exorcism of witchcraft or something in that line. I did not waste any time trying to figure it out but the first thing that came to mind is why don’t we see a video of Obama in full Arabic regalia making a pilgrimage to Mecca? Is it because the jews have finally decided on the “best man” to oversee the final destruction of America?

      If one stops for a moment and considers past VP one can see the Palin affair is a fittingly absurd tempest in a teapot for a country consumed by inane and irrelevant personalities. Thanks to the jews, America is consumed with personality cults; whether it is the cult of Jesus the Christ, Sarah Palin, Negro Obama, Paris Hilton or some other Hollywood “star,” Americans spend their time focusing on personalities to the exclusion of addressing any issue of substance that truly affect their lives.

      Religion is a classic example of this focus. While everyone focus on their favorite avatar or savior, they pay scant attention to the message these mystics and teachers delivered. The reason for this is these teachings are the antithesis of following a personality cult that is easily controlled by a leader like the average TV preacher.

      Likewise in politics, while the bovina focus on hairdos and sex lives they completely miss any substance in the political arena which is good for the jews because if they stopped and examined the issues behind these clowns they would find there is NO substance. None of this matters anyway because the goose that laid the golden eggs is already cooked, all the priesthood is doing is making the sauce.

    3. Veritas Says:

      The Jews hate Sara Palin because she is an attractive, white, pro-life, Christian woman. In other words, everything they hate. The fact that she’s so attractive only adds insult to injury to them, because it reminds them of how ugly Jew women are in comparison. The fact that she lives her pro-life beliefs has them in a panic because she might encourage other white women not to abort their babies and that would ruin their plans for our extermination.

    4. JewTracer Says:

      Perhaps that is true Veritas, she symbolises some values that the jews hate. But the question is, will she stop fighting wars for Israel? I am not going to give any supposed white pro-life pro-family saviour, such as Palin, any time unless they severs the Israel link.

    5. Veritas Says:

      No, she won’t stop fighting wars for Israel. She’s brainwashed from her Christian Zionist upbringing. If her parents hadn’t pulled her out of the Catholic church and put her in a Protestant church, we would not know her name right now. That’s because she would not have been pro-Israel had she remained Catholic, and thus would not have been selected as the VP.

      I’m just explaining the hysterical, rabid, off-the-hook hatred of her in the MSM, I’m not promoting her.

      This election is basically a choice between two different, but not so different, jewish ideologies. You can vote Democrat and get the old-time leftist Jewish/communists who hate Christians, hate whites, love abortion, push gay marriage and promote everything else that is immoral. This side pretends to be against the wars for Israel.

      Or you can vote Republican and get the “former” Communist Jews (neo-cons) who still share the above-mentioned values but pretend to be “conservatives” now to push their wars for Israel. This side pretends to respect Christianity, and have stopped pretending to care about blacks.

      Bottomline: We get to choose between (1) Democrats: hardcore Communists, softcore Zionists, or (2) Republicans: hardcore Zionists, softcore Communists.

      Pick your poison.

    6. Zarathustra Says:

      It’s basically a question of which candidate will destroy this country faster; I think it would be a tie. I don’t know if Palin would be less pro-Israel if she remained a Catholic, because Bill Buckley was a Catholic and look how much of a goy stooge he was for Israel. If someone is pro-Israel first and foremost, then how can they also be pro-White at the same time? With all those politicians kissing Israel’s tookas all the time, is it really any wonder why the Mohammedans hate the USA so much?

    7. Veritas Says:

      According to Michael Collins Piper in his book Judas Goats, William F. Buckley’s mother’s family were a prominent New Orleans Jewish/Marrano family. That would make perfect sense. There are some Catholics who become pro-Israel for career purposes, e.g., Hannity, O’Reilly, but they weren’t raised that way.

    8. MB Says:

      HA HA HA! I don’t know if Piper actually wrote that but if he did it wouldn’t surprise me. Wrong, as usual.

    9. Stu Gavin Says:

      Michael Collins Piper is one of the biggest disinformation agents out there. Buckley was as “Marrano” as Hannah Montana.

    10. Gerald E. P. Morris Says:

      Look, Johnny Suck-Jew-Jiz-in-a-heartbeat McCain wouldn’t have touched her if she was anything BUT a consummate zionist whore. For that matter, she wouln’t have ever been allow to “govern” Alaska. Get this straight: Electoral politics will NEVER bring us an attometer closer to Aryan Revolution.

      By the way, Catholics are REARED. Hogs and bible-thumpers are “raised.”

    11. sgruber Says:

      Gentlemen, we could type all night about the futility of electoral politics and the opposition of Catholic and Protestant.

      Isn’t it time guns were loaded?

      Just a hypothetical, of course.

    12. Stronza Says:

      Someone here mentioned William Buckley. I found the following in an obituary on a Catholic blog:

      “He changed the personality of modern conservatism, created a national movement and expelled the crackpots from it.”

      I wonder just who those crackpots were. So curious. Does anyone know?

    13. Veritas Says:

      Those “crackpots” were Joe Sobran and Pat Buchanan, two “fellow” Catholics who were NOT pro-Israel.

    14. Zarathustra Says:

      Michael Collins Piper has accused just about everyone of being a Jewish spy for Israel, maybe even Hannah Montanna. Bill Buckley wanted to take the conservative mantle away from true patriots like Col. Lindbergh, Fr. Coughlin and the German-American Bund and give it to the likes of Irving Kristol, Norman Podhoretz and Milton Freidman. The John Birch Society was always way too reactionary to be taken seriously, however, and IMO should not be considered a true pro-White patriot organization.

    15. Mike in NYC Says:

      The Catholic League here in NYC has decided to get into the spirit of things:


    16. Coup d'Etat Says:

      In reference to above post:

      Generally, Catholics, Mormons, and other Christian religions have a distorted perspective about Israel and jews. All these religions are based on Israel and that jews are the chosen ones which has led nations into turmoil after allowing this perspective to continue without questioning the jews’ real agenda.

      Then there are those in the hierarchy of the churches who are perhaps realizing and are coming to terms with the fact that Israel and jews, regardless of verbal attempts to wanting peace are not practicing such, but are creating havoc everywhere instead. This is how the churches make money. They take in the hopeless and feed off of those who are being trampled on or those who feel hopeless and think that g.d will take care of everything.

      However, the churches in the grand scheme of things are never to be trusted as they flip flop according to the weather of the day. Their welcome to Ahmadinejad and the write up to insinuate the favoritism to his presence is just a facade to try to rehabilitate him or encourage him to surrender to the jews while the lowly members of the church are happy to create a negative approach to Ahmadinejad’s presence. And that’s all.

      The churches are committed to the ideal that the jews are the chosen ones and we should be goy (naive, lame, passive, non-combative, stupid) enough to accept it, regardless of the jews’ destructiveness and their determined efforts to create and establish Jewish Supremacy; an organization in of itself.

    17. Zarathustra Says:

      No matter how you try and rationalize it, Christianity has its origins in Judaism, or a species of Judaism………………..The best way to deal with those damn churches and other parasitic “non profit” organizations is to tax the SH*T out of them.


      Far worse & more troublesome then the Jews could be your “all American” next door neighbors, THE RAPTURE BUNNIES!!! These religious nutcase morons will murder & a few will even die for the Jews & Israel. The Jews motto is “NEVER FORGIVE, NEVER FORGET”. A very large majority of the judeo-Christians motto is “ALWAYS FORGIVE, NEVER REMEMBER”. I do remember after NATO”S murderous bombing & destruction Serbia some time back, the Serbian Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Serbia met with the Serb-hating war criminal Jewess Madeleine Albright on a friendly respectful basis, i guess all was forgiven if not forgotten. This “ALWAYS FORGIVE, NEVER REMEMBER” Jewish disease (that dosn’t infect Jews) infects mostly all Christians & of all denominations. Being a Serb, i can attest to this…



      Elie Wiesel draws more than 3,200 to St. Xavier University

      CHICAGO | Author, Nobel Peace Prize recipient and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel drew more than 3,200 people to the St. Xavier University Shannon Center Thursday night to hear him speak of his life and work and how they were affected by his experiences as a prisoner of World War II Nazi concentration camps.

      Wiesel also received a Doctor of Humanities, honoris causa, from St. Xavier University in recognition of a lifetime dedicated to peace and human dignity.

      “The third installment of our highly successful SXU Voices and Visions series was a truly special evening,” said Robert Tenczar, vice president for University Relations, in a news release from the university. “It has been an honor to bring such an important voice for humanity to the city of Chicago.”

      The City of Chicago recognized Wiesel’s visit by declaring Sept. 25, 2008, Elie Wiesel Day at its Sept. 10 City Council meeting.

      Prior to his lecture, Wiesel conducted a classroom discussion with a small group of select St. Xavier students.

      English major Ellen Morgan, of Mokena, recently read Wiesel’s book “Night” and called the experience of meeting the author in person “indescribable.”

      “?Night’ was so descriptive of what he went through, and to see him come into a room and make people comfortable enough to talk with him about it is an amazing quality to have,” Morgan said.

      – THE TIMES

    20. gw Says:

      Veritas Says: The Jews hate Sara Palin because she is an attractive, white, pro-life, Christian woman. In other words, everything they hate.

      Hate her? Oh? Don’t be so sure.
      Sarah Palinsky has a flag of Israel on her desk and on her lapel. How many Christians do that? That says more, in real terms, than any so-called pro-life “Christian” church — which is a worshipful sycophant of Israel.

    21. dick Says:

      I can’t verify if this information is true, but some are claiming Sarah Palin is a JEW!