17 September, 2008

Italy Must Face Legal Action, Says Soros

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George Soros – someone who Henry Ford would have called an “international Jew” – says that Italy should be prevented from trying to control its gypsy population:


Soros has also been involved in anti-gun activism: [Article].

  • 10 Responses to “Italy Must Face Legal Action, Says Soros”

    1. Stan Says:

      I say that jew Soros should join the worms among the dirt immediately.

    2. Curious Says:

      Even for a kike, that Soros is one sorry #$%@

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      I notice the article doesn’t mention the fact that Soros is a JEW. The article also lists the various Asiatic hoardes that have invaded Europe over the Centuries, but of course they neglect to mention the Jews are one of those alien invaders.

      Gypsies are bad enough…..they’re lazy, dirty, unpleasant and sneaky, but they are harmless nuisances compared to that other race of uncouth Asiatic vagabonds, the JEWS. I’d say that one Jew is capable of causing more damage to our Civilization than a hundred Gypsies.

    4. gw Says:

      “I’d say that one Jew is capable of causing more damage to our Civilization than a hundred Gypsies.”

      Oh, easily! In the case of Soros, more than a million .

      [And what’s with this “Roma” stuff? Enough with the name-changing games! They’re Gypsies!]

    5. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Well, dirty thieving gypos are bad enough but the historic city of Treviso, 20 miles from Venice, is overrun with niggers. That is one problem which needs sorting NOW.

      PS Soros’ tribe are presently asset-stripping a famous British bank.

    6. John Says:

      Soros financed the so called ‘democratic revolutions’ in Serbia, Ukraine and Georgia which installed pro ZOG governments in those countries.This man is one of the biggest Jew criminals walking the earth today.

    7. Ruslan21 Says:

      This filthy swine is a KGB collaborator:


      He is the Yid-Masonic scum of the earth:


    8. Doug Says:

      If the International Criminal Court and similar bodies were actually interested in justice, they’d have Soros at, or at least near, the tippity-top of their shit list. The amount of damage this slimeball is capable of inflicting on the world makes Iran look about as threatening to international stability as Costa Rica.

    9. Howdy Doody Says:

      If you ever have to deal with a band of Gypsie’s from North Dakota, to Nova Scotia, you will understand that Uncle Adolf was much too kind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    10. bjorn Says:

      good, costa rica, where I live, is mentioned here!!!

      there is a semi.skinhead group here to finish with fuckkking latianamerican scum (niggers from dominic republic,colombia and mexcrements – nicas)