30 September, 2008

John Kaminski on the Radio

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Tune in tonight: [Here].

Kaminski’s website is [Here].

  • 2 Responses to “John Kaminski on the Radio”

    1. SAkEr Says:

      Hey all,
      John’s show went great! =) I’ll have the podcast up tonight @ http://www.dprogram.net

      Checkout the site, too!

      One of the best info-war sites on the net !!!

    2. Sakerfa Says:


      we finally got the podcast up for john’s show. We’re hosting him and we had some complications, so I hope you could repost this so your viewers could listen in to johns brand new, most extremely important Radio Show =)!!!

      The podcast is at the following website http://www.dprogram.net along with john kaminski’s radio page and information regarding his 1st show(outline).

      Thanks for posting these,