29 September, 2008

People Are Starting to Talk

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Look at Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s great remarks about the Federal Reserve (scroll about half-way down the page). Americans of every stripe are starting to realize that our money system is a con game:


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  7. 13 Responses to “People Are Starting to Talk”

    1. sgruber Says:


      Everyone is realizing it’s a con game. Now just make that last connection as to who’s behind it.

      The time has come to get rid of the jews.

    2. Arch Stanton Says:

      It’s the end of the world as we know it

      I was quite astonished to see the results of the vote today. It was the Republicans that ostensibly held the bill at bay while the Democrats pushed hard for passage. This event was truly through-the-looking-glass politics. The bill was originally painted by the media to be a Republican plan to bail out their rich banker buddies. Yet it was the Republicans that “saved the day.” The only thing that came to mind is that this dog and pony show was set up as a political coup for McCain.

      The Bill had tremendous public opposition. As Mike Whitney wrote: “There was greater opposition to the Paulson bill than any legislation in the last half century. The groundswell of public outrage has been unprecedented.” The timing of this to the election is so close that the voters cannot fail but to consider it was the Republicans that were opposed to the bailout. But this is all a dog and pony show anyway, as elections have simply come to serve as nothing more than a public validation of the jew’s great “democratic system.” Only the densest of fools can believe that either candidate’s politics will be fundamentally any different than then Bush – or Clinton – or Regan – or Carter – or Nixon – or Johnson – or Wilson – or Roosevelt – et al.

      As for using this opportunity to expose the Jews, good luck! Everyone I talk to still think that all this is all Bush’s fault; in fact this bill was as painted as Bush’s plan. I realized sometime ago that the mesmerizing effect of the media, especially Talmud vision, cannot be overcome by conventional means. I suspect it would take some kind of intense deprogramming to actually get the average citizen to awaken to truth. I have met many people who cannot even remain in the room when I discuss the jews hiding behind the federal curtain. I have noted this type of reaction in over half the people with whom I speak; I call this the “three monkeys” syndrome.

      I knew this country would fail long before I knew who was behind the failure. For over thirty years I have predicted what is presently occurring. For many years I could not say for certain if it would be economic collapse, revolution or a world war, but I knew America was coming down. Later, when I learned about the jews culpability in these events and after some intensive study, it became all too obvious. All the details fit perfectly with what I already knew and was experiencing. From that day forward, over the last fifteen years I have been trying to tell people what was going to happen in their future and who was behind the destruction they were about to experience. Only a few ever listened and only one that I know of actually woke up to the facts.

      To this day people still do not believe that America will collapse even though they are living the collapse at this very moment. Hardly anyone thinks this incredible state of dissolution is anything other than (1) a big accident (2) the typical outcome of greedy business practices (3) Those gosh-durned politicians. Virtually everyone believes this is simply a temporary downturn and nothing more. Soon, everything will be “back to normal.” They all yawn and roll their eyes when I tell them this is the end of America as they once new it.

      However, for me the mist created by Tikkun Olam dust continues to clear. I see the plan more clearly everyday. The events are beginning to play out in a manner similar to what I have long considered the logical chain of events. I suspect that America will first experience an economic collapse and then some form of internal revolution probably in the form of a race war begun by dissatisfied minorities no longer receiving their white man’s government support. At some point an action such as an Israeli attack on Iran will result in the government declaring martial law. To quell the domestic upheaval, the new American dictatorship will then step into the breach, detain the “revolutionary terrorists” in the concentration camps and rush to the aid of Israel in their war against (insert the enemy of your choice) and its allies. This action will bring China and Russia into what will most likely be a nuclear exchange. How far this exchange will extend remains open to conjecture for the destructiveness of the weaponry is simply too vast and the human element too unpredictable to quantify any outcome to such an exchange. So in all probability America will experience all three scenarios in fairly rapid succession. Think of it as winning the Jewish historical trifecta

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      As long as there’s still some cold beer in the fridge and a Niggerbowl game to watch on TV, or a Jew-loving Christian TV minister with a huge following, or a bunch of tough-looking cops standing around tapping their nightsticks into their black-gloved palms, Whitey will be too scared to make a move against Shylock.

      And as far as the USA getting into a nuclear war against China and Russia is concerned, the Right Wing has been trying to scare everyone with that highly improbable scenario for decades. Those two countries lost millions of their people in WWII and are in no hurry to lose millions more.

    4. Cpt. Candor Says:

      Highly improbable indeed, Zarathustra. I wouldn’t be suprised if the next decade sees the US selling it’s entire nuclear arsenal and naval fleet in an attempt to keep at least some of the country from deteriorating to a Somali level of “order.” No situation is completely negative though, as that jew-infested bump in the Middle East would then have to find a new sponsor.

    5. Zarathustra Says:

      Excellent observation, Captain. ZOG’s superpower Navy and nuclear arsenal are becoming irrelevant and too expensive to maintain. As the domestic situation deteriorates, the USA will enjoy a level of order and stability similar to Haiti or Somalia. No nuclear submarine or destroyer will be able to reverse that. Who will Israel sponge off of then????

    6. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      Jews- – –
      Blame them quickly, blame them often, and never back down! When Whites feel the pangs of hunger, they’ll listen.

    7. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Those who suck jew caulk- don’t they deserve some blame?

      (Anyone overpaying for caulk is a Caulk Sucker, especially if it’z jew caulk)

    8. gw Says:

      Zarathustra: No situation is completely negative though, as that jew-infested bump in the Middle East would then have to find a new sponsor.

      And don’t you think they would? — without even a second thought!

      Who[m] will Israel sponge off of then????
      My bet is ….. China.
      (Why? That’s where the money will be.)

    9. Cpt. Candor Says:

      Two ways that can happen, gw: Get some Chinese-looking Sheenies in powerful positions in Beijing, or successfully convince the Chinese leadership that Israel can somehow benefit Beijing’s emerging colonial project. I have my doubts that they’re dumb enough to repeat The Great American Mistake, however.

    10. Zararthustra Says:

      France and the USSR were Israel’s first big supporters back in the 40s and 50s, before the USSA took over that dubious role. I always wondered exactly what the relationship between Bolshevism and Zionism was. The Soviets gave Israel’s Arab enemies T-55 tanks and MiG 21s, yet they also gave Soviet Jews the chance to emmigrate to the West, something that was denied to other Soviet citizens. We all know Wall Street Jews financed the Bolshevik Revolution and Lower East Side Jews plotted it, but I don’t think Stalin, Kruschev or Brezhnev were Zionist stooges, they seemed very nationalistic and conservative. Someone should write a monograph on this subject.

    11. Cpt. Candor Says:

      Zarathustra: “but I don’t think Stalin, Kruschev or Brezhnev were Zionist stooges, they seemed very nationalistic and conservative.”

      They were probably jews themselves, Stalin in particular having the blood of millions of Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, etc. on his hands, though I suppose that from a Talmudic viewpoint his murder of a comparatively tiny number of jews would be enough to immensely surpass the wholesale massacre of the filthy gentile animals. Regarding the Soviet Regime’s “anti-semitism” (Makes me recall that Eastwood flick Firefox, where the nasty, jew-persecuting Soviets had a jew for First Secretary), this page bears some relevance:


    12. Zararthustra Says:

      The Jews actually THRIVE on the Goyim’s hatred of them! They feed off the hostility of others, hostility that the Jews themselves are responsible for creating! I guess all that fully-justified hatred directed at them strengthens the ancient bonds among them and unites them in their hatred against a common Goy enemy. Those people really are INSANE and should be LIQUIDATED. Deep down, they know they deserve it.

    13. gw Says:

      My bet is ….. China.
      (Why? That’s where the money will be.)

      And I should have added: the power too.

      There is a third way they can accomplish it: intermarriage. Despite their general disapproval of intermarriage (for the masses), they have always made an allowance to infiltrate the elite ranks of whatever country they target. EVERY country, from ancient Persia and Egypt to modern America. That has already started with China. Just check out a picture of Marcus Epstein.