2 September, 2008

Radio Istina (#23): Today at 1 p.m. CST

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Today’s show will discuss:

– recent anti-White commercials

– the case of Leo Frank: jews don’t care if a jew rapes and murders a White girl, he’s one of them. And Georgians are monsters for bringing tree justice to the kike after his rich, New York brothers tried to buy their way around the verdict.

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  7. 21 Responses to “Radio Istina (#23): Today at 1 p.m. CST”

    1. ERIC Says:

      Very Good show Alex.
      Hope there will be an archive of the show because I missed the first 30 minutes, plus it was excellent and I want to listen again.

    2. Hollis Jordan Huntoon Says:

      Our world will never get any better if we continue to bash other ethnic cultures. After all, that’s what makes us think. Think about our family, city, territory, religion, country, world.
      Please think for a moment. What if you had been born anywhere else. It was not your choice. Feel fortunate…or not.
      People are just trying to survive in a world full of hate. Let’s turn it around. We have the power to heal.

      Do what you can to stop the hate and rhetoric. Stand on your own and do what is right.

      Our ancestors are watching and waiting for the peace.


    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      Hollis Jordan Huntoon Says:

      2 September, 2008 at 10:17 pm

      Every Mostly Hapless Whites are kicked, punched, stabbed, rapped, slapped, humiliated, startled, scared, if Whites had even 10% of this level physical attacks against Non the military would be walking the street or worse.

      The non Whites care not about Prison as it there second home.

      Take your insanity and your V.D. elsewhere.

    4. Susan Says:

      To Hollis: You are insane and your trite bs is not welcome here where Whites know the score about what is happening to their Race.

      You talk of Hate coming from the White race. You are obviously one ignorant chick. For over sixty years, White America has bent over backwards to help the “lowly” sorry nigger try to become an integral part of this country. It hasn’t happened, and it won’t happen.

      And the reason it won’t happen is because it was NEVER meant to happen. Niggers were never meant to live alongside Whites.

      Check out Africa: See what niggers have done to that continent. Are those creatures who should be living alongside the greatest Race in the world? Of course not.

      Niggers eat, fuck, do drugs, drink alcohol, sleep, and then start all over at the break of day. There’s your great nigger culture. We are not compatible. It’s that simple. Get over yourself Hollis, and stop listening to jews and stupid Whites.

      Really, your “can’t we just all get along” bullshit is really not welcome here and you make yourself just look like a fucking idiot, which I suspect you really are.

    5. Olde_Dutch Says:

      I’m hoping Alex will devote a whole broadcast to Tom Watson.

    6. Smitty Says:

      Possibly Linder’s best work in a long time. Bravo!

    7. TSman Says:

      Susan, you stated that “Niggers eat, fuck, do drugs, drink alcohol, sleep then start all over at the break of day” I have to disagree somewhat, niggers don’t get up before noon.

    8. TSman Says:

      Question#1 Which Marxist university did you attend?
      Question#2 What gated-community do you currently reside in?

    9. Jim Says:

      Hollis: The best way to achieve peace is work for separate nations for different races. Forcing incompatable races to live in the same geographical territory is a sure receipe for hate. A race is like an extended family. If you were to vislt a racially homogeneous country such as say, Japan, nearly everybody you came into contact with would be of basically the same racial stock. Why is a racial state only denied to the White Race?

    10. Howdy Doody Says:

      Mr. Alex Linder performed an important lecture on the Mary Phagan murder rape trial of Leo Frank by Court of Justice in Atlanta GA.

      I knew all this already, and this work of telliing the details of what really happened again is important, because many who know of this case still do not know the details of how Blantantly arrogant jews were in 1914. This case also was a reason for the jews organizing even more viciously against against US.

      I will add one more point to this and that IMO having the black mailed POS Woodrow Wilson in the White House let the jews feel alot more confident in trying to pull off getting a GUILTY rapist murderer of 14 year old Mary Phagan from being punished.

      jews went nuts not being able to bribe their way out of “1” jew drug addict criminal rapist.

      jews have used blacks as a violent army against US, and they ran the Slave trade in the US.

      Thank you Mr. Linder


    11. Susan Says:

      TSMan: I stand corrected. You are right, many do not arise before noon.

      And you are right in your question of which gated community do you live in?

      One of the easiest ways to expose a racial hypocrite is to ask him or her where they live. Oh, you live in an all White neighborhood in an all White or mostly White part of town????? Really??? You would think the way you feel about “blacks” you would live closer to many of them. By the way, why DID you move where you moved????? Uh huh. It had nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that White areas or mostly White areas of the city are the safest, cleanest, quietest areas? Really???

      In Atlanta, it’s the lesbians and fags who are moving down into the ghetto areas and “gentrifying” them. Which is fine with me, actually. They can have each other. Leave the suburbs to the normal White people. If it were only that way…..

    12. Andrew Says:


      Another great show.

      In particular, your mention of how the jew uses the nigger to its advantage when it needs to divide and conquer, ala the NAACP/integration, etc, and then the jew diverts to using the nigger to attempt to procure the freedom of a raping murdering pedophile kike, (e.g. Leo Frank) of White Mary Phagan by attempting to frame it on a nigger, knowing it will carrying some weight. Hence, the parasitical nature of the jew in practice.

      BTW, being a jewologist with an interest of how the jew uses the recording industry/rap/jazz to (1) jew White musicians out of their well earned money, and (2) Change the musical culture of Whites, as Henry Ford pointed out and how MTV top jew Murray Rothstein (aka Sumner Redstone) does as a type. With that said, I declare the following:

      Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kike: Paul McCartney Is an Ideological Jew

      (1) He writes “Freedom” after 9/11 happens, actually believing that 19 Saudis attacked America because they “hate out freedoms” when it fact in was another Mossad false-flag operation:


      (2) He’s scheduled to perform and cow tow to kikes in Tel Aviv:


      (3) He’s spotted kissing new girlfriend, jewess Nancy Shevell:


    13. Whitepride Says:

      Absolutely brilliant. This Radio Istina really hammered home the Necessity of White Nationalism in a visceral, powerful manner.

    14. sgruber Says:

      Terrific show.


      Sarah Palin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Sarah Louise Heath Palin (pronounced /?pe?l?n/; born February 11, 1964) is the governor of Alaska and the Republican vice presidential nominee in the 2008 …


    16. Hollis Jordan Says:


      What do you mean my comments are not welcome here? Is this your blog spot? I guess you only want to be surrounded by those of like mind. Too bad. Your brain will never grow that way. I did not say that hate came from the white community. Go back and read what I said. You seem to have read into my blog what you wanted to read. And, oh yeah, what makes you think I am a chick?
      You sure do assume alot, Susan. You are one angry chick. I’m assuning that you are not a boy named Sue.

      On to TSman. Answer #1 – I do not live in a gated community and (answer #2) I did not go to a Marxist university. Next question.

      I just finished filming a pbs special, “The People vs. Leo Frank”. I was an extra and I did not know much about the case until I met the author Steve Oney, who wrote the book based on his exhaustive research on the trial and lynching of Leo Frank.
      ‘And the Dead Shall Rise’ is worth reading so you can get your facts straight.

    17. Whitepride Says:

      Hollis Jordan,

      Do White people have the right to an ethnic identity or not? Do White people have the right to exist or not? If Whites choose to separate themselves from non-Whites is that within their rights or not? DO WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION OR NOT?

      Which is it?

    18. TSman Says:

      Back to Hollis. Susan’s wanting to be “surrounded” by people of like mind is a bad thing? How so? Doesn’t nature teach that exact lesson? Don’t certain species put as much geography between themselves and certain other species as they can? Even in the plant kingdom, competing species will choke-out each other for territory. Maybe you should take your new “Enlightened” theory to the local zoo director and suggest that he put ALL the animals in one big cage(so their brains will grow).
      You inverted the two questions I posed. Neatness counts. Next time it may cost you an “A”.
      Last but not least, you were an extra in a PBS(LOL) film about Leo Frank. I’m going to go out on a limb here but let me guess, he was portrayed as an innocent victim of those rabid anti-semitic southeners and that’s why his “people” swarmed in unison like a disturbed hornets nest, to his defense. see Radio Istina#23

    19. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      “Hollis Jordan”:I just finished filming a pbs special, “The People vs. Leo Frank”. I was an extra and I did not know much about the case until I met the author Steve Oney, who wrote the book based on his exhaustive research on the trial and lynching of Leo Frank. ‘And the Dead Shall Rise’ is worth reading so you can get your facts straight


      yr ‘point’ is what exactly?

      we already got OUR ‘facts’ straight, champ!

      itz u & yr ilk who ain’t “got their facts straight”!…….about a good many things!

    20. Hollis Jordan Huntoon Says:

      And WHO exactly out there has the facts? If you want to live in a country that is ‘mostly white’, move to Denmark, the Netherlands or somewhere your blather is even given attention. You ended up in the UNITED (get it?) STATES. If you have something to say besides blogging and getting yourself all worked up, run for city council, board of education, or SOMETHING that gives you a voice and requires a name, phone, and credibility. Even idiots like ……can blog. No talent needed for blogging.

      This is a country founded on DEMOCRACY. Remember 9th grade social studies? I believe in your right to rant. Take it to the limit. I draw the line at name calling. Let’s be adult here (an assumption on my part). On second thought, I think I will sink to your level and call a few names myself. Since that is the language you speak.

      I have as much right to be here for public dialogue as any of you do. What, can’t take the chest butting?

      Maybe if all of you racists went to live in that hornet’s nest, you would all be with hornets of like mind and get along.

      Heard of evolution? Or are all of you fist pounding crazy-eeezz living at the foot of the cross? Talk about ‘of like mind’….

      I believe in dialogue, listening so I can learn, making decisions based on REALITY and compromising.

      If you want the WHITE race (by the way, I am a full blooded Arian) to rise to it’s dream, practise a little martial arts. Go WITH the punch or kick and it becomes ineffective. This may be a stretch for some, but you get more bees with honey than vinegar.

    21. MJJS Says:

      “Hollis Jordan” said:
      If you have something to say besides blogging and getting yourself all worked up, run for city council, board of education, or SOMETHING that gives you a voice and requires a name, phone, and credibility. Even idiots like ……can blog. No talent needed for blogging.
      Here’s an example of what happens to someone with views that differ from the jewish agenda that not only run for public office, but WIN.
      The son of a former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard is one of about half a dozen Palm Beach County Republicans who are ineligible for party leadership posts because they didn’t sign a partisan loyalty oath on time, GOP officials said today as they braced for a potential Wednesday showdown over the seating of Derek Black.

      Black, the 19-year-old son of former Klan Grand Wizard Don Black of West Palm Beach, won a little-noticed August election for one of about 100 seats on the county’s Republican Executive Committee. He plans to claim his seat when new committee members are installed at Wednesday’s meeting of the local GOP.
      But county Republican Chairman Sid Dinerstein and the Republican Party of Florida say Black is ineligible for the post because he didn’t sign a loyalty oath before a June 20 deadline.

      Dinerstein also says that, aside from the oath issue, Black isn’t welcome in the local GOP because of his “white supremacist” associations. The Republican Executive Committee can expel one of its members on a two-thirds vote, but such actions have rarely been attempted in the past decade.

      Black disputes the “white supremacist” tag, describing himself as “a white person who is concerned about discrimination against white people.”Dinerstein said the party is not selectively enforcing the oath rule in seeking to bar Black. According to Mark Hoch, the county GOP’s political director, Black is one of five or six would-be Palm Beach County committee members who were tripped up by the oath requirement. Hoch said he did not have a complete list today because a power outage closed the county GOP office.