17 September, 2008

Radio Istina, September 16th, 2008

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  7. 8 Responses to “Radio Istina, September 16th, 2008”

    1. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      nice 1, m8!

      good “exposé” of the whole bogus, jew-engineered ‘child abuse’ “propaganda matrix”!

      ‘Express Mail’ this brd/cst to shit-4-brainz “Sid W” on the “England” sub-forum on VNNf!

      (mean-while, the REAL kid-fuckerz & ‘serial killers’; viz: mudz & kikez, continue on with their behaviour scot-free!)

    2. Socrates Says:

      Carpenter: you don’t seem to be able to grasp reality: you are permanently banned from posting here. Go away, troll.

    3. Veritas Says:

      The “Dr.” Fahey whom you quoted is actually “Father” Denis Fahey, Catholic priest, and exposer of the Jew and Freemason.


    4. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      some fck-‘tard ZOG-bot calling it-self “Kruger” on the England sub-forum is another “child abuse” drongo!……… i guess the Brits still have a large amnt of residual fck-‘tard-ism from all that jew agit-prop they swallowed like a load of nigga’s filthy CUM during WWII!

    5. Zarathustra Says:

      The Catholic Church is just a lot of Mediterranean mysticism and mythology used to keep people ignorant, docile and superstitious. Religion in general is bad for thinking, rational White people…….our White Race should be our Religion. Also, the Church has only itself to blame for the fag priest scandal. The truth is many priests and nuns are sexually stunted pervs who were being protected from legal prosecution by the Church. The Jews are guilty of many, many crimes, but they did not make those priests molest altar boys.

      Besides, how can any racially concious White person accept the Church’s enthusistic nonwhite reproduction policy? And the Church’s belief that once a Jew converts to Catholicism he becomes “OK” is just plain naive and dangerous.

    6. rob Says:

      Steven Spielberg says, “Alex Linder has been hammering out us jews one Radio Istina at a time.”

    7. sgruber Says:

      Zarathustra, I don’t think AL is going to belly-flop into the arms of the Church any time soon.

      “our White Race should be our Religion.” Yes indeed.

      The last half-dozen Istinas were superlative. The real, underground history of the USA. Linder’s interpretation of Jones’s research is top-notch.

      I turned to the “History Channel” the other day and was shocked by the incredible thinness and idiocy offered there, in contrast to Radio Istina. The show playing on the “History Channel” was something like “Monster Quest” or “Search for Monsters.” Uh, yeah, that’s history – Lock Ness Monsters and werewolves hiding in lakes and woods… Remember the jews saying in the 90s that public TV was unnecessary – because after all, such things as the Discovery Channel and the “History Channel” existed? Who needs govt. subsidized programs when the Market (This Is Your God) will take care of everything, eh? Now we can learn all about Bigfoot when we’re not learning all about the Holocaust.

      It’s just like the jews saying the Glass-Stegall Act should be torn down (it was) and Social Security should be privatized – because after all, the Market (This Is Your God) will take care of everything: the New Economy is only going up, up, up!

      But we see (now that the party is over) what unmitigated shit the jews were pushing, as ever. History Channel = programs about Bigfoot. Deregulation = naked shorting and junk bonds, a multi-trillion-dollar market crash and the next Great Depression. Fuck Ayn Rand (the jewess Alice Rosenbaum).

      The time has come to get rid of the jews.

    8. Zarathustra Says:

      sgruber, I agree wholeheartedly with your commentary about the History Channel and how ridiculous much of their programming has become. With all the important things that need to be discussed and examined, looking for Sasquatch turds is not chief among them.
      You are also right about the Free Market being promoted as some kind of god. The (Jew controlled) Free Market has to be bailed out by Big Government every time their greed gets out of control.

      I enjoyed reading Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead in college, but now I see what materialistic Jew propaganda they were. If Allen Greespsan is an Ayn Rand fan, then you know her philosophy of Objectivism cannot be a good thing for us po’ White folks.