29 September, 2008

Rock Music and the Jews

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You already knew that the rock-n-roll industry was full of Jews: musicians, managers, record company executives. Well, now here’s Rush Hashanah, which is 24 hours of the rock group Rush on TV during the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, Sept. 29:


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  7. 45 Responses to “Rock Music and the Jews”

    1. Justin Huber Says:

      I always hated Rush. Getty Lee being Jewish explains a lot as to why they are so wretched. Critics always loved the band, but I’d rather listen to a parrot being tortured.

    2. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “Mister Rock and Roll” Allen Freed:


    3. Challah Flame Says:

      Ewwww Geddy, you Beastie! Your gonna get Ramoned by Roth Hashanah with a Steely Dan, aren’t you?

      Cum on Slash, cum on Kravitz, Ringo that Twisted Sister! And Bolt-on Mikey, or aren’t you Manilow enough?

      Oh Geddy, you’re really Blowin’ In The Wind … Fantastic!

      MOT you be, like Joel & Epstein.


    4. Zarathustra Says:

      Oy, so many Holocaust survivors! I guess the Final Solution wasn’t as final or as ruthlessly efficient in wiping out Jews as we were programmed to believe. There seem to be more “survivors” around now than ever.

      Gene Simmons, David Lee Roth, Geddy Lee…………I never really liked any of those guys, even before my “awakening”. Rock music is now so closely associated with scheming show-biz Jews and a decadent 1970s lifestyle in my mind that I can no longer enjoy the stuff like I used to. I just listen to Charles Manson songs nowadays, or Waffen SS marches.

    5. John Says:

      I never liked Geddy Lee’s voice but the Serbian guy Alex Lifeson{Zivojinovic} was a great guitar player.

    6. Steve Says:

      Gentile drummer Neil Peart also writes the lyrics, which are better than most rock bands. The lyrics of “Mission” always echoed in my mind as a great hymn for WN, although Peart (gentile) is an ideological student of jew Ayn Rand. The song “The Trees” always seemed to me to be a song about race, but it probably isn’t:

      “So the maples formed a union
      And demanded equal rights.
      “The oaks are just too greedy;
      We will make them give us light.”
      Now there’s no more oak oppression,
      For they passed a noble law,
      And the trees are all kept equal
      By hatchet, axe, and saw.”

      Mission “Obsession has to have action. Pride turns on the drive”:

      Hold your fire,
      Keep it burning bright
      Hold the flame ’til the dream ignites
      A spirit with a vision is a dream
      With a mission

      I hear their passionate music
      Read the words that touch my heart
      I gaze at their feverish pictures
      The secrets that set them apart

      When I feel the powerful visions
      Their fire has made alive
      I wish I had that instinct
      I wish I had that drive

      Spirits fly on dangerous missions
      Imaginations on fire
      Focused high on soaring ambitions
      Consumed in a single desire

      In the grip of a nameless possession
      A slave to the drive of obsession
      A spirit with a vision is a dream
      With a mission.

      I watch their images flicker
      Bringing light to a lifeless screen
      I walk through their beautiful buildings
      And I wish I had their dreams
      But dreams don’t need to have motion
      To keep their spark alive
      Obsession has to have action
      Pride turns on the drive

      It’s cold comfort
      To the ones without it
      To know how they struggled
      How they suffered about it
      If their lives were exotic and strange
      They would likely have gladly exchanged them
      For something a little more plain
      Maybe something a little more sane

      We each pay a fabulous price
      For our visions of paradise
      But a spirit with a vision is a dream
      With a mission.

    7. Stu Gavin Says:

      I know we are supposed to condemn Jew bands and see them as bad because they have Jews in them but both Steve and John’s comments above me are correct–great Serbian guitar player (blond Aryan) and intelligent lyrics by Peart another Gentile. The first 5 Rush albums in particular remain forever in my memory as the best of the best in classic rock.

    8. Zarathustra Says:

      Rush was always trying to be too cerebral or artsy for my liking; They should have called it a day years ago. The drummer and guitarist were great, though. I think Judas Priest is a much better band for pro-White headbangers. The song “United” comes most readily to mind.

    9. Stan Says:

      Growing up involved in music, I really got into Rush. I had all their albums and played in a band that covered Rush songs – many from before and including Moving Pictures. After that album I kind of started to ignore them as the synths of the jew were starting to outweigh the guitar work of Alex Lifeson. When I awoke to the jew fully I stopped listening to them all together. I refused to play them on any VNN Broadcasting productions.

      I have lately come to listen to them again though figuring that the jew is outnumbered 2 to 1 and maybe even a bit more if you consider that Neil Peart guides the lyric/intent factor of the music. Even then I only listen to the early stuff.

    10. 2050 Says:

      Geddy’s bass playing is above and beyond good.
      As are the abilities of the drummer and guitarist.
      Maybe the best band of the classic rock era. And they are still good.

      Typical though, and led by Gary Lee Weinrib (Geddy Lee), they are supporting jew/multicult things.

    11. Stu Gavin Says:

      I agree with Stan. Rush is a rare example of a band where there was a Jew in the band but the Jew’s role was minimal.

    12. Zarathustra Says:

      I only liked their first album, which kicked ass. Then they got all prog-rock after that.

    13. John Says:

      ‘I think Judas Priest is a much better band for pro-White headbangers.'[

      Yeah but Halford is a fag.

    14. Justin Huber Says:

      Judas Priest would be a much better example of “white” rock and roll, but the lead singer being a sodomite kind of ruins it. Rock n’ roll is so contaminated with Judaism and the spirit of Bolshevism that it’s hard to find any whites in the industry that haven’t been tainted by all of this. By the way, this is coming from someone who loves rock n’ roll music. I will say it again though, Rush is terrible! Even as a child, and being oblivious to many things, I was smart enough to tune Rush out every time they came on the radio.

    15. Janet Macoska Says:

      Are you serious that you’re supposed “condemn Jew bands and see them as bad because they have Jews in them” as Stu writes?? Rock and roll is all about rebellion, man, so who cares about what “they” say you’re ‘supposed” to do. All these negative comments about Rush and rock and roll. WOW.

      So, I wanna chime in here and tell you that Jews in rock and roll is a positive story, one of celebration and pride! Alan Freed (deejay) and Leo Mintz (record store owner) invented the term “rock and roll” in 1951 because they were the only ones brave enough to play R&B “race records” for a mass audience. The kids (Jewish and others) decided this is what they wanted to hear. They embraced it. Bought it. Danced to it. Of course there has been corruption in rock and roll since then — payola took Alan Freed down and he died a broken man. There is good and bad in every industry, but I’ll dwell on the good. How about Robert Moog? Inventor of the moog synthesizer and electronic music? Jewish! I’m working on a project called “Jews Rock!” at http://www.jewsrock.net which celebrates all the fantastic talent and achievements of jews in rock and roll. Take a look. Doesn’t matter if you like Geddy Lee or Rush (and he’s included in Jews Rock!). Jewish pioneers like Alan Freed and Leo Mintz took a chance and played black R&B music when no-one else did. We owe these pioneers some honor. Janet Macoska

    16. Cpt. Candor Says:

      If I recall correctly, Rock music started out as Nigger Noise, was made mainstream to White audiences by Elvis, and has been mostly downhill since. I love the current trend of pop rock infecting the radio, which sounds like some dude-bitch with a perpetually-whiney voice ripping off everyone who came before him in his genre. I find rock and metal bands injecting politics into their songs to be more annoying, however.

    17. Zarathustra Says:

      I know Rob Halford is a homo, but so was Ernst Rohm and a lot of other SA guys, many of whom were WWI combat vets and kicked Red Bolshevik asses in the streets of Munich in the 20s. Ancient Greek warriors were homos or bisexuals too, so there is such a thing as being a “manly” homo as opposed to being a swish. Manly homos like Halford are OK, as long as they are pro-White and don’t try cruising me.

    18. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “which celebrates all the fantastic talent and achievements of jews in rock and roll.”

      Well, at least you didn’t capitalize “jews”.

      “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon
      is racial tension. By pounding into the consciousness of the
      dark races, that for centuries they have been oppressed by
      whites, we can mold them into the program of the Communist
      Party. In America, we aim for several victories. While
      inflaming the Negro minorities against the whites, we will
      instill in the whites a guilt complex for their supposed
      exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Blacks to rise to
      prominence in every walk of life and in the world of sports and
      entertainment. With this prestige,, the Negro will be able to
      intermarry with the whites and will begin the process which
      will deliver America to our cause.” (Jewish Playwright Israel
      Cohen, A Radical Program For The Twentieth Century. Also
      entered into the Congressional Record on June 7, 1957, by Rep.
      Thomas Abernathy).

    19. Justin Huber Says:

      Zarathustra, you can’t tell me that you weren’t more than a little disappointed when you found out Halford was a homo. There is just something repellant about homos, whether they’re manly or not.

    20. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      The jooZ are talentless rip-off artists who controlled the music industry through pushing nigger music at young Whites. If there was little else to choose from, you’d listen to negro-inspired rock. It was shoved down our throats 24-7 and the young, desiring to be cool and part of what was happening, bought what the joo sold.

      I rarely listen to any rock these days. Classical is far better and I enjoy White, roots music from the homelands of Ireland and Scotland. Bluegrass is fun too; just so long as the joo presence is kept to a minimum.

      Janet, go mastubate somewhere else.

    21. Ceallachain Says:

      Oh, how brave these Jewish pioneers!! They only wanted one thing and they got it: 57,000 white women raped by blacks every single year in the U.S. alone.

    22. Jews Suck Says:

      Sorry to break it to you…but Bono, of U2, the save Africa, but not Ireland, is a Jew
      He ‘suddenly’ discovered his Jewish roots

      So too was Elvis Aaron Presley
      His Mother was a Jew, and was buried with a Jewish Star on her headstone.
      Southern Folk had Elvis pegged from the get go..

      Such a corrosive force. Amazing really.
      But the greatest musicians are certainly Gentiles/Christians, whether it be Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, Metallica, Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin, or all of the great country musicians-from Hank, Waylon, Don Williams, Patsy, etc etc

    23. Wolf Says:

      If you like straight up, your face rock and roll, I recommend Lemmy Kilmister.

      Apparently the Motorhead frontman is under criminal investigation after deciding it would be a good idea to wear an SS Stormtrooper’s uniform during a photoshoot to promote an upcoming show in Germany.

      I think he looks cool –> Lemmy

    24. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      Oh, one more thing about kikes in the “business” and that is, why must they steal Gentile names? I know Silverberg-Goldstein-Burpitz is not particularly lyrical, but leave the great Anglo name of Lee alone Geddy. Fucking thief!

    25. RadicalTraditionalist Says:

      DEATH IN JUNE and SOL INVICTUS are two very good folk rock groups that support the pro-white cause, and have been releasing albums for around 20 years now.

    26. The Red Skull Says:

      Rock is Corrupted like most other things in our country now.I believe Geedy Lee is only 1/2 jewish and 1/2 cherokee.In any event,i have seen RUSH several times and enjoyed it each time.I don’t think that we should stop ourselves from enjoying life or certain music because someone doesn’t meet our racial criteria.I like Judas Preist alot too and yes, Halford is a fag,but he also has one of the best voices for heavy metal ever.Do I approve of his personal lifestyle?-hell no.Just like Ernst Rohm,Did the Fuehrer approve of his butt-pirate antics?Hell no,he eventually had him shot when “Rohm and his gang of Fairies” were an obstacle,not a benefit.The Rock group KISS – is a mainly jewish band,but i liked their music before i ever became racially aware.Only they could get away with using the double lightning bolts in their name,being jews,even then it was contraversial,and made the jews cry.The Real “music” if you could call it that-to dread is the Rap or Hip-Hop crap that the jews push on the dumb gullible white kids now.I see more white kids act,look,behave,speak and dress like niggers than ever before.Others commented and I’d like to point out too,that there are many new types of rock/folk/heavy metal that ARE PRO-WHITE.One of my Favorite bands for many years has been OVERKILL,a heavy metal crew out of Jersey,they are Subtlely Rascist and are Very Heavy.Bobby(BLITZ) Ellworth on lead vocals,Check them out at wreckingcrew.com. Country music is another very White form of European music.We don’t just have to listen to classical but i like that too.Skin Head Oi music i like also,Like a certain bunch of people are fond of saying,let’s celibrate our musical diversity! THE RED SKULL LIVES AGAIN!

    27. Stu Gavin Says:

      One day in the future everyone on Earth will claim to be part-Cherokee. lol

    28. Zararthustra Says:

      Why is it so many Whites think it’s “cool” having Injun blood in them, but would rather die a thousand deaths than find out they had a Black great-grandpappy?

    29. Wolf Says:

      Good point about Whites fawning over Indians. It’s because they have never dealt with them.

      In general I would say as a group they tend to be stupid, violent, slothful, often drunk and on welfare.

      Thank God I’m White.

    30. gw Says:

      It gives them a claim to having more “legitimacy” here, which a black ancestor cannot do. It’s a way of getting one up on the Pilgrims — or even Columbus.

    31. Chonodomarius Says:

      If you want to see a large group of whites coming together these days just go to a heavy metal reunion concert like Rush. The only congoids present are working in the parking lot or taking tickets. Rob Reiner brings this up in his parody Spinaltap. I remember going to see Judas Priest in the 1980’s at the Oakland Coliseum. An old , bulging-eyed black man,perturbed at the invasion of denim and leather clad white kids of the Oakland bart station, yelled at the top of his lungs”better watch your ass you’re in nigga town now!”.Therefore, if rock and roll was a jew plot to Africanize American youth it failed ,thanks to the British Invasion.

    32. Igor Alexander Says:

      “I think Judas Priest is a much better band for pro-White headbangers.”

      Except that the lead singer is a fudgepacker.

    33. Igor Alexander Says:

      “Rock and roll is all about rebellion, man…”

      And that’s precisely why Jews promoted it, just like they promoted every disintegrative trend and movement in white gentile societies they could, from communism to “civil rights” to feminism to the 1960’s student movement to hardcore pornography to the “gay rights” movement. Believe me, if a minority of white gentiles were to try to do to Israel what Jews have done collectively to Western societies, every Jew on the planet would be screaming about it and calling for blood.

    34. Igor Alexander Says:

      Oh yeah, let’s not forget satanism and libertarianism, both of which promote extreme individualism and selfishness and both of which were founded by Jews (if anyone doubts that Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, was a Jew, read his official biography, in which he brags of his involvement with Zionist terrorist organizations).

      The common thread between all these movements: they’re bad for gentiles, good for Jews.

    35. Igor Alexander Says:

      “Alan Freed (deejay) and Leo Mintz (record store owner) invented the term ‘rock and roll’ in 1951 because they were the only ones brave enough to play R&B ‘race records’ for a mass audience.”

      So why weren’t Mintz and Freed promoting white music to black kids, instead of promoting black music to white kids?

    36. Igor Alexander Says:

      “How about Robert Moog?”

      If all Jews were as inoffensive as Robert Moog appeared to be, I wouldn’t have a problem with them.

      I don’t know what his politics were (and maybe therein lies the rub), but he appears to have been a modest, gentle man, who was more interested in developing and perfecting his instruments than in money (he was notoriously inept at managing his business), who grew a lot of his food in an organic garden in his backyard, and who kept his Jewishness to himself.

      While other designers of electronic music instruments seemed preoccupied with producing harsh, dissonant, atonal sounds, Moog’s instruments were very musical. IMO, Moog produced the best, most distinctive, most pleasant-sounding mass market analog synthesizers, and his reputation is well deserved.

      “Inventor of the moog synthesizer and electronic music?”

      Electronic music? I wouldn’t go that far. There were synthesizers around before Moog came on the scene and people were composing electronic music. There also were others designing synths around transistors contemporaneously, such as Don Buchla in California (haven’t been able to ascertain his ethnicity; perhaps he was a Jew), and Hugh LeCaine in Canada.

      I guess it would be fair to say that Moog had a hand in *popularizing* electronic music, by, for example, having his instruments featured in the recordings of Walter (Wendy) Carlos (who did the soundtrack to A Clockwork Orange).

    37. Igor Alexander Says:

      I remember watching a “Behind the Music” or something like that on MTV or one of those music channels several years back and the singer of Judas Priest was explaining how “little did his fans know” that some of his lyrics were about cruising for gay sex. He proceeded to explain what the word “come” in one of his songs *really* meant. Then there’s all the gay S&M leatherman apparel he wore on stage. The guy was just delighting in how he had managed to hide his homosexuality in plain sight from one of the most “homophobic” rock crowds around.

      Look, there are a couple of Judas Priest songs that I don’t mind, but c’mon, admit it, we’ve been had. Bands like Judas Priest were just a covert way for queers to popularize their sick conterculture among unsuspecting teenagers, and now that the singer has come out of the closet, his agenda to legitimize this lifestyle is unmistakable.

    38. Igor Alexander Says:

      * counterculture

    39. Igor Alexander Says:

      “I find rock and metal bands injecting politics into their songs to be more annoying, however.”

      I don’t mind it when it’s bands like Skrewdriver. :-)

    40. Igor Alexander Says:

      “DEATH IN JUNE and SOL INVICTUS are two very good folk rock groups that support the pro-white cause, and have been releasing albums for around 20 years now.”

      I like Death in June. If Sol Invictus are anything like DIJ, I’ll probably like them too.

    41. Igor Alexander Says:

      “The Real ‘music’ if you could call it that-to dread is the Rap or Hip-Hop crap that the jews push on the dumb gullible white kids now.I see more white kids act,look,behave,speak and dress like niggers than ever before.”

      I’m sure that back in the 50’s perceptive whites viewed rock’n’roll in exactly the same way as we view rap and hip-hop today — and they were right to. It’s just that our culture has become so Judaized and Africanized over the last few decades that we’ve become acclimatized to it and it no longer seems foreign to us. I grew up listeneing to rock, a lot of it performed by whites, so it never seemed alien to me.

      A few years ago, I would’ve found the idea of “white power” rap and hip-hop to be ridiculous, but now I think it might not be a bad idea for something like that to happen. I see a lot of these wiggers on the streets here, and some of them seem like basically decent but lost white kids who have gotten into rap because there’s nothing else out there for them (that they know of). I can tell they have a lot of anger in them, but they don’t know who/what to direct it at, so they waste that valuable energy on acts of petty vandalism, getting stoned, and behaving like assholes in public places. With white power rap/hip-hop, maybe we could get some of these wiggers to come to our side.

    42. Igor Alexander Says:

      * listening

    43. Igor Alexander Says:


      “[Hugh Le Caine] had an indirect influence on the development of the modular Moog Synthesizer through Gustav Ciamaga, who was familiar with Le Caine’s filters and subsequently stimulated Robert Moog to design his voltage-controlled low-pass filter.”

    44. Igor Alexander Says:

      From the Wikipedia article on Death in June:

      “Pearce [the founder of Death in June], who is openly homosexual, has collaborated with various ethnic Jews throughout his music career. The official Death in June website site featured the flag of Israel, and Death in June played a concert in Israel on June 18, 2004 for a predominantly Jewish audience.”

    45. Chonodomarius Says:

      I agree Igor, we should have known better. Yet, I still Know of no other event that is so Eurocentric. The Led Zep bio “Hammer of the Gods” points out that Zeppelin’s music is Anglo-Saxon and medieval. If you want to keep blacks away just play some metal.It works like shark repellant. Rap ,however, has no redeeming qualities. You don’t have to know how to play an insrument, just chant vulgar nursery ryhmes. Keep in mind, a white man invented the electric guitar.