23 September, 2008

The Morality of Survival

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by Michael W. Masters.

“The loss of racial identity in the Western world is symptomatic of a deeper crisis within the European peoples, whose culture and technology have provided the world with much of what we know today as modern civilization. At its core, the crisis is the inevitable consequence of a profound, and perhaps fatal, misunderstanding of the nature of morality. We have lost sight of ancient and eternal laws of Nature on which our civilization must be based if we are to survive. We no longer have the luxury of indulging in universalist altruistic principles that, no matter how noble they may appear, have driven us to the brink of ruin.”

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    1. Zarathustra Says:

      Whites are different from coloreds. We evolved from a different line of ancestors and have a different way of thinkng. But our Aryan sense of fair play is going to get us killed. The lower races do not have that sense of fairness or compassion and in terms of evolutionary survival, they will be better off for it in the long run.

    2. jim donaldson Says:

      I stopped thinking of blacks, whites, asians (including jews) as the same species long ago. If we had any honest biologists at all, they would recognize that speciation had occured in genus homo. But they, and we, still say “race”. Species of the same genus can intermate, as with dogs and wolves. The various races of whites are akin to the various breeeds of dogs. The various species of humans are akin to the differences between dogs, wolves, and coyotes. The differences are more than just surface; they go deep down to the bone, and show up in behaviour.

      As for morality, I follow my mother’s advice, and ask myself, “What would happen if everyone did that?” This can be used to determine how “reality/survival-based” any behaviour is. “What if everyone were homosexual?” “What if everyone were a lawyer?” “What if everyone mated interspecifically?” The answer for unreal (ie, human-created) actions is usually “everybody would die”. It’s very simplistic, but it does serve to clear away the clutter, and gets me thinking in terms of a more realistic approach to things. If the answers I get show that the action I’m contemplating won’t keep me alive, or help my children to survive me, I rethink my actions. Because when you come down to it, evolutionarily speaking, it’s not who dies with the most toys that wins, but the one who dies with the most descendants. And that is ALL that matters.

    3. Celtic Warrior Says:

      An exceptionally good article. The bedrock of the world is the competition of genes. Sure, genes don’t actually compete but their propogation is achieved through culture and ‘fitness’ which are both inextricably the direct expression of genes.

      I must admit to being an admirer of the artistic contributions Christianity has given to Western culture, but the altruistic tendencies inherent in ‘modern’ Christianity are leading us to ruin. The silence of churchmen on the plight of our people is deafening. Have you heard any religious figure speak out and state what is obvious? Maybe some obscure Catholic cardinal or unknown Protestant bishop as the courage to speak on our behalf, but in general for the past 50 years most churches have been hostile to the survival of the very people and culture who for centuries supported them.

      Maybe it is time for White Christians to withdraw support from those churches that are actively aiding our destruction.

    4. shabbos s. Shabazz Says:

      “The silence of churchmen on the plight of our people is deafening.”

      Money talks, in fact it SCREAMS.

    5. Jim Says:

      In order to survive, we need a new racial religion based on” blood and soil”. Savitri Devi suggests that the Vedic relgion brought to India by our Aryan ancestors may be an answer. Unlike Christianity, the Vedic religion does not teach universal equality but was originally based on the caste system which assigns higher and lower qualities to each racial group.

    6. zoomcopter Says:

      A classic piece of logic and racial understanding! Michael Masters clearly defines the problems we face as a race. It should be required reading for all Aryans.

    7. TrainKeptaRollin Says:

      Fairness, altruism – sure there is a continuum- but when I see the father of a dead girl saying he forgives her killer, or the mother crying and talking about truth and reconciliation, as if somehow her daughter paid the mother’s ‘White Guilt Tax’, that stuff is pathological , as well as illogical. The logical thing is not candlelight vigils and the mother of the dead girl and killer negro’s mama to be shown hugging and crying- obviously that stuff is borne out of grief and guilt but doesn’t do anything to stop the problem. The way things are now, we try to just corral the problem-like East Oakland.

      The focus is always, always taken off the patterns of behaviors within SPECIFIC groups, and always it is turned into some kind of socio-economic, program-based White liberal job generating nonsolution.

      Why won’t they accept there is no ‘solution’ to stop fish from swimming, birds from flying, dogs from barking and certain ethnic groups from raping., killing, robbing, child abuse/neglect as well as just being annoying and obnoxious to be around? Why won’t they accept this? Because it affects their livelihoods. There are an unbelievable amount of these ineffectual but rampant programs aimed at these groups. One must look at multiculturalism not only as suicidal and misguided, but as an industry that not only promotes ‘tolerance’ and forced integration, but is making tons of money basically not doing anything.

    8. Olde_Dutch Says:

      What’s the old German story, “wooden shoes going up the stairs, silk slippers going down.”

    9. sgruber Says:

      TrainKeptaRollin and Shabbos: How did this rash of interested charitie$ arise?

      Yes, the maggots are filling their bellies, but on the body of a corpse – killed by universalism. Universalism applied to altruism.

      jim donaldson said:

      “As for morality, I follow my mother’s advice, and ask myself, ‘What would happen if everyone did that?'”

      Ah, Kant’s universalism principle. That’s a danger because it contains a false premise: that everyone, being subject to judgment by the same standard, is equal. Application of Kant’s principle is useful among similars. But to assume that souls are alike is the flip side of using the same standard to judge the biologically Other. Kant is an offshoot of Christ-insanity; he came from a preaching family and never left his village. The line from him to the American abolitionist character – the “sanctimonious madmen” – is straight. (He had a lot of good ideas, though, and a German devotion to industrious learning, even though he was a philosopher.)

      The time has come to get rid of the jew.

    10. Zarathustra Says:

      Whitey’s misplaced or warped sense of compassion is largely to blame for the out of control colored population in the third world. All those White celebrities and White Christian charities sending billions to the starving Groids and Gooks every year is just helping to breed more starving Groids and Gooks, god dammit. I normally don’t approve of coloreds attacking Whites, but any White Christian missionary or White millionaire limousene liberal who goes to Africa, Latin America or Asia to “feed the children” ought to be set upon by those muds and eaten alive. The meat from Sally Stuthers alone could easily feed one Black brood-sow’s litter of nigglets for a year.

    11. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “How did this rash of interested charitie$ arise?”

      A sublime blending of ingreedyentz; traditional morality leavened with tax monies. Justified after smoking a Universal Joint.

      The post WWll comfort zone has allowed both the left and right to become space cadets.

    12. Antagonistes Says:

      There is a book that someone on Amren spoke a lot about.

      It is called, “Ishmael” , and I got it and read it.

      The book is about an intelligent gorilla, who tells a naive White person all about natural ethics.

      The gorilla, Ishmael, says that if we persist in feeding, say, Tutus in Africa, then the Tutus will produce more Tutus who will demand that we also feed them.

      Daniel Quinn wrote the book. I am not sure that he is a White Nationalist ( I think he is some sort of “primitivist”), but he seems to be quite intelligent.

      The book goes on to say that the agricultural revolution was bad for humans–this is interesting, but I am not sure I would go that far, at least not for Whites.

      The part about charity to the third world was right on, though. Of course the groids will celebrate our charity by making more babies, which some charitable organization will show on TV, starving, putting the guilt trip on us for more money so the groids can make more babies.

      Survival takes a certain kind of hardness, and few there be that have it.

    13. Celtic Warrior Says:

      As a National Front guy said to me many years ago; “we feed, they breed”.

    14. Helmut Says:

      Our white people are infected with a deadly disease and that disease is a blind and moronic will to aid and abet collective racial suicide.
      There must needs arise someone or something to galvanize them.
      I fear it is far too late.

      Prosperum et felix scelus virtus vocatur.