9 September, 2008

Things You’re Not ‘Allowed’ to Say After WWII

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One of them is that fascism isn’t evil. Newbies, note that fascism was nothing more than a logical reaction to Jewish/Marxist revolutionary movements [1]:


[1] Trivia: according to the self-serving study “The Authoritarian Personality” (1950; written by Jews such as T. Adorno and E. Frenkel-Brunswick), White males have dictator-like personalities and are predisposed to oppress entire countries with racism, fascism, sexism and other “-ism”s. All other humans are innocent, suggests the study

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  7. 18 Responses to “Things You’re Not ‘Allowed’ to Say After WWII”

    1. -jc Says:

      The value of the silver dime with the god Mercury on the obverse and the Roman fasces on the reverse still translates into about the same amount of gasoline that it would purchase in the 1950’s. That’s why the communists HAD to get America off of coining money from metals with intrinsic value: You could store your labor against the future and accumulate free time, security in old age and disease, etc.

      Fascism isn’t all that hard to understand: It is the enemy of the communism, internationalism, neo-Trotsky-ism, neo-conservatism, the monopoly-debt-capitalism and democracy of the Jews, opposed to the nationalist constitutional-republicanism upon which America was founded.

    2. Zarathustra Says:

      There is good Fascism, which works to benefit all the non-alien people of a country and to advance their Race. This was the kind of Fascism once practiced in Italy and Germany. And then there is the bad kind of Fascism, which is being practiced here in the USA right now. Bad Fascism works only to promote the interests of war, big business and the ruling class.

      I don’t know what those Italian Jews are so upset about. Mussolini never really went after them. In fact, many Jews in Italy did quite well under Il Duce, as long as they didn’t cause any trouble. The Zionist Entity in Occupied Palestine is a Fascist system, but I guess the Jews believe it’s only OK for them to be Fascist, not anyone else.

    3. Olde_Dutch Says:

      Fascism is corporatism—rule by the corporations.

    4. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “Newbies, note that fascism was nothing more than a logical reaction to Jewish/Marxist revolutionary movements”

      Pure horseshit, you are illiterate.

      “How many times have you heard a liberal call a conservative a “fascist” or “neo-fascist”? The Left apparently thinks that only right-wingers can be fascists. But the truth is that fascism is wholly a product of the Left, not the Right, side of the political spectrum. Only liberals can be fascists because modern American liberalism is a product of communist and fascist ideology.

      This can be most clearly and immediately seen by examining the term “Nazism,” which is actually short-hand for National Socialism in German. The Nazi Party was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Socialism is an ideology of the Left! Communism is global socialism, and fascism is national socialism. The ONLY real difference between the two is one of scope and geography.

      Mussolini: Communist Heretic
      Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini, dictator of fascist Italy and conventionally labeled the father of fascism (the term “fascism” is Italian in origin), was a lifelong socialist and follower of Karl Marx. He was named after two socialists: Amilcare Cipriani and Andrea Costa. His father was a stalwart socialist who was a member of the First International and served on the local socialist council. His father read him passages from Das Kapital (I know that’s what I read when I want to put myself to sleep, haha). Benito started early in his socialist activism: he called himself a socialist while in high school and became the secretary of a socialist organization at Forli at the age of 18.

      In his youth, he carried a medallion of Karl Marx. He also became close friends with Angelica Balabanoff, a longtime colleague of Lenin. In fact, Lenin and Mussolini were mutual admirers. Lenin wrote, “Mussolini? A great pity he is lost to us! He is a strong man, who would have led our party to victory.”

      Mussolini seriously began his political career as a left-wing journalist and intellectual. He was very well read in socialist theory. He wrote countless socialist tracts and articles that both examined and translated socialist literature. In 1911, he became the editor of La lotta di classe (Class War), which served as a mouthpiece for the Italian Socialist Party. In 1912, he attended a Socialist congress.”


    5. Zarathustra Says:

      Fascism is corporatism in league with the military and an oppressive, centralized government beauracracy. When Big Business alone calls all the shots and is answerable to no one, that’s laissez-faire capitalism. It’s all semantic hair-splitting, but suffice it to say that unregulated big business, unaccountable big government and a big, aggressive war machine are all bad news for peace and freedom-loving people everywhere.

    6. Revival Says:

      “Fascism” as a term lost any real meaning it ever had following the close of World War Two, as evidenced by the fact that virtually EVERY political faction in existence today uses it to describe their opponents in a derogatory manner. It started with the Soviets and some other jew-tool factions erroniously applying the label to the Nazis, and by the end of the war it had simply become interchangable with “evil,” “bad,” or in the very least “not that good.” Now we’ve got the label sticking to everything from the Catholic Church to Pol Pot’s brief quest to run his country into the ground to the Diem regime to the Judaeo-Marxist Republicrat criminal organization that continues to bleed its dwindling White subjects for the ostensible benefit of the globe’s rapidly multiplying shitskin population.

      Taking this generations-old abuse of language and terminology into account, the best we can do at this point is regard Fascism, in the very least “our” brand of Fascism, as a governing method that is loathed by the irresponsible and degenerate. I still say National Socialism is a far less vague, and hence better, term.

    7. Socrates Says:

      shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “Newbies, note that fascism was nothing more than a logical reaction to Jewish/Marxist revolutionary movements”

      Pure horseshit, you are illiterate.

      You know, people should actually read books on fascism before they open their mouths about it. I own a book about the roots of fascism.

      True, Mussolini started out as a leftist. Nonetheless, in the end, fascism was a right-wing movement that fought communists. Try getting your info from non-“conservative” places.

    8. Socrates Says:

      By the way, another big difference between fascism and communism is that fascism is local, while communism is (or was) international. How the two can be called “the same thing” by “conservatives” is unknown. Fascism takes different forms in every country it appears in.

    9. Socrates Says:

      shabbos s. shabazz: This is what your source (link is above) wrote:

      “Fascism is Merely Heretical Communism, Like Liberalism.”

      What?? Fascism is communism? Mussolini was a communist? Francisco Franco of Spain was a communist? Salazar of Portugal was a communist? Is that why Mussolini signed the Anti-Comintern Pact (an anti-communist pact) with Germany and Japan in the 1930s?

      I ought to ban you for a month for calling me “illiterate.” :-)

    10. Zarathustra Says:

      Ironically, many so-called communist dictators like Castro and Tito were actually more nationalist than they were communist. In fact, there never was any such thing as a communist government anywhere, only centralized, authoritarian socialist ones. Both fascism and commmunism have good things to offer the White struggle. As long as a government exists to serve the needs of White people and not those of big business or some evil alien minority, you can call it whatever you like.

    11. Socrates Says:

      Zarathustra Says: “Both fascism and commmunism have good things to offer the White struggle.”

      Uhh, no. No way. Communism, to quote the late Dr. William L. Pierce, is a “poisonous, anti-White creed.” It’s a Jewish ideology, too. Communism is an “equality” movement. So, ironically, is modern capitalism. Both make the people “equal.” That’s not what WNs want.

    12. Revival Says:

      In regards to Zarathustra’s comments concerning Castro, Tito and nationalism, it might be interesting to do some research on Vietnam’s “communist” government (particularly its earlier years during and following the war) and Vietnam’s “Hoa” minority of ethnic Chinese.

    13. Osama bin Laden Says:

      Fascism is corporatism—rule by the corporations.

      This is a bit of a canard used both by critics of fascism and the modern financial plutocracy. I assume it was your intent to do this.

      Corporatism, in the fascist sense, has nothing to do with the plutocracy of modern capitalist corporations. It was about organizing the roles of governments into somewhat and semi-independent “corporations” where intelligent leaders with specialized knowledge and ability could effectively lead in that corporation.

      Sir Oswald Mosley’s BUF published a lot of good material, including a primer on corporatism – http://www.oswaldmosley.com/free-ebooks.htm (Scroll down to “The Coming Corporate State – by A. Raven Thomson”).

    14. Zarathustra Says:

      If you looked at East Germany, “communist” Poland, Czechoslovakia and all the other Soviet Bloc states, you would have seen nothing but white faces. No niggers, wetbacks, slopes or Chinks, just Whites. No graffitti, gang-bangers or crime-infested slums, either. I’m not advocating a Stalinist dictatorship, I’m just saying that life behind the so-called Iron Curtain was in many ways better for White people than the third world federal police state we’re living in now.

    15. Jim Says:

      Zarathusra is correct in that the socialist states of Eastern Europe were much more nationally oriented than the post-marxist capitalist societies that replaced them. The problem was that they all adhered to the fallacious dogma of equalitarianism that is also rampant in the capitalist West. National Socialism is neither left or right. It is far more advanced than Fascism in that it advocates a racially homogeneous State that exists solely to protect and advance the interest of the Folk. International capitalism leads to the death of the White Race. It is a rotten system invented and controlled by jews. Francis Parker Yockey believed that the Soviet Union was less a threat to the White Race than the jew-capitalist U.S.A.

    16. Blackshirt Says:

      Zarathustra, you are absolutely correct. I’ve been to Eastern Europe and Russia and they were and still are pretty “lily white” compared to the “West”. What eats me up is that there still are “conservative” and right wing idiots out there who dismiss any ideas or actions from that part of the world as “commie”. In this day and age you still run into Germanphiles who hate Slavs and talk smack about the racial imperfections of Eastern Europe, while Western Europe is more racially mixed and defiled now than ever before. I’ll take “commie” Eastern Europe over the “Western” world any day.

    17. Booger88 Says:

      Oops!What he meant to say was fascism was great until we lost!It kept the jews and foreigners in their place,gave people pride in their country,and the trains ran on time.Hell,the Duce even reconciled with the Pope.See,thats why jews have such a problem with it.It produces happy,self-reliant,homogenous, proud, white societies,the opposite of what Big Jew wants.We must make the Goyim feel Guilty,Guilty,Guilty!The Romans are only the first to throw off the Yoke of Big Jew,others will follow.Hail Duce!Ps-Thanx for that great link Osama!-Mosley was very gifted,i am only now starting to realize and his writings and speeches are in English so are easily digested and distributed.

    18. Nordlander Says:

      If you looked at East Germany, “communist” Poland, Czechoslovakia and all the other Soviet Bloc states, you would have seen nothing but white faces.

      Because the socialists already had full control, so they didn’t have to import non-Whites to win elections. You pretend this means they were racialist – bullshit, Zarry. They funded non-Whites across the globe to fight against Whites. The communist countries funded Robert Mugabe and Nelson Mandela in their communist attacks on Whites.

      Furthermore, race-mixing was perfectly legal in the communist countries. Gypsies were everywhere in Eastern Europe and still are. Non-White peoples lived all over the Soviet Union. Blacks from Africa were imported to be educated at the communist universities.

      And these communist tyrannies you worship funded communist, anti-White, pro-immigration parties across Western Europe. Your drooling over them marks you as a lying traitor.