14 October, 2008

Book Quote

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“Hence we find, from the twelfth century onwards, Jews as the recognized money-lenders, to whom all the upper classes of society resorted whenever they wished to build, or travel, or fight; the lower classes still, for the most part, paid for their living in service or kind, and existed on a barter-economy.”

— from the book “Jewish Contributions to Civilization: An Estimate” (Philadelphia; The Conat Press, 1920) by Jewish author Joseph Jacobs, p. 208.

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    1. Arch Stanton Says:

      Jews to Goyim: “Hand it over Bubi”

      The jews learned long ago fear has always been the best tool for manipulating the human organism. They used it in the form of god in their Torah, today they use it in multifaceted forms, but whether they use it to sell deodorant, a political candidate or a fratricidal world war, fear is the number one tool for control. Note the form of fear changes constantly, but the not the presence of the terror. Remember all those past civil wars? The cold war, war on poverty, war on drugs, war on terror and now it is a war on economics. Orwell told of this methodology for control in his book 1984 where there was always a war against an opposing, unseen terror. Note the rising tide of fear during this economic crisis is contrasted sharply with some form of relief before the terror mounts again? This is an old tactic to break down resistance of the organism. A program of pain (terror), then relief, then pain will eventually bring the organism to a complete standstill. At first the organism becomes agitated and resists but as the cycle is repeated it becomes incapable of making a decision, unable to move either forward or backward. The organism then become confused, loosing all will to resist, At that point the organism will submit completely to the power imposing the pain. Socialist have long used this method to break the resistance of dissenters. Whether it is the Soviet Communists or American military boot camp, the method is always the same break the organisms will to resist and then impose your own will upon the organism. The key in all this is fear. If you have no fear then they have no control. If you are not afraid of their terrorism, then you hold them powerless. If you are willing to loose everything even that which you deem most precious your life then there is no power on this earth that can control you. This was very example Jesus used to demonstrate his will against his enemies of the priesthood. He owned nothing and therefore was unafraid of loosing anything. When it came time to sacrifice his life he gave it willingly. While the priesthood succeeding in murdering Jesus they failed completely in suppressing his teachings and the effect of his actions. That is why the Jews hate and revile his name to this day – he had no fear and he demonstrated this to one and all.


      Worst week for global markets since 1929

      Barry Grey
      11 October 2008

      World stock markets plummeted Friday, ending a week that saw the biggest collapse in share values since 1929. The looming threat of a world depression provided the backdrop for a meeting of finance ministers from the G7 industrialized countries, who gathered in Washington for emergency talks with US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke.

      After a day of panic selling on markets from Asia to Europe and Latin America, and wild swings on the US stock market, the G7 issued a statement that pledged to place the resources of their respective countries at the disposal of the most powerful banks, but failed to outline any specific coordinated actions to stem the slide to economic disaster.

      Paulson issued a statement and held a press conference following the meeting to announce that the US government would use the virtually unlimited authority granted it under the $700 billion Wall Street bailout passed one week before by the Democratic Congress to begin directly buying stock in banks and financial firms, an expansion of the government transfer of taxpayer funds to the most powerful sections of the financial aristocracy.[…]

      The Dow fell 696 points in the first 15 minutes, falling below the 8,000 mark. Later in the day it was up by more than 320 points, but closed with a loss of 128 points, or 1.5 percent, ending at 8,451.

      That marked the eighth straight losing session for the index, which gave up more than 1,870 points, or 18.2 percent, in the course of the week. The weekly loss outstripped the week that ended July 22, 1933, in the depths of the Great Depression, which registered a 17 percent drop – at a time when there were six trading days in a week.

      Since its record high a year ago, the Dow has lost 40.3 percent, wiping out $8.4 trillion in stock values.[…]

      The seize-up of credit markets showed no signs of lifting. Banks are hoarding their cash and refusing to lend to other banks, or charging usurious interest rates, because they have no confidence in the other banks’ solvency.

      The three-month Libor rate, a key lending benchmark for inter-bank loans of US dollars, climbed to 4.82 percent, the highest in nearly ten months. The flight of capital to what is deemed the safe haven of US government debt deepened, resulting in a decline in the yields on one-month and three-month Treasury bills to nearly zero.[…]

      GM’s announcement underscores the new stage that has been reached in the economic crisis, which has moved far beyond the situation that existed even three weeks ago, when the Bush administration announced its bailout plan for the banks and insisted it was the only way to avert a market meltdown and severe recession. That supposed panacea – designed to cover the losses of the biggest banks and facilitate a further consolidation of financial power in their hands – has done nothing to stem the crisis. Nor could it, since it did not address the underlying rot in the industrial base of American capitalism.

      Now, the crisis is rapidly engulfing the broader economy, heralding a wave of plant closures and cutbacks in every branch of economic life.

      Summing up the prevailing attitude toward Bush and other political leaders, Howard Silverblatt, senior index analyst at Standard & Poor’s, said, “People are scared. Nobody believes what is coming out of the mouths of politicians or chief executives.”

      All of the proposals to deal with the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, whether from the Bush administration and the Democrats and Republicans in the US, or the governments of Europe and Asia, have one thing in common: They all proceed from the need to maintain and defend the interests of the financial aristocracy.

      None of the measures address the social tsunami that is about to engulf the working class.

      As for the multi-millionaires and billionaires who monopolize the economy and dominate the US government, they will remain as ruthlessly preoccupied with their personal enrichment as ever. As the New York Times reported on Friday, a sticking point in the government plan to purchase stock from the banks with taxpayer money is the existence of token provisions in the bailout bill imposing certain limitations on the pay of top executives. The Times wrote: “It is not clear, administration officials said, that the largest American banks would agree to this, particularly given the restrictions on executive pay.”

    2. Old_Dutch Says:

      Best newspaper comment of the year:

      “Gotta love Wall Street’s resiliency. All they need is $1 trillion of US taxpayer money to get through a financial crisis they created.”

    3. Z.O.G. Says:

      Well, the truly ironic thing about it is that the Jewish moneylenders in the Middle Ages never had any “money” to lend in the first place, either to the aristocracy or to anyone else. They created out of thin air the “money” that they “loaned”, by monetizing the “borrower’s” promissory note, and they are still doing the exact same today. Nothing has changed. Commercial banks “monetize” a person’s promissory note, magically convert the promissory note into “money”(actually credit), and then “lend” the money that they magically created out of this process back to the “borrower” AT INTEREST.

      Oy vey, such a scam!

    4. kevinlanning Says:

      Found the book for sale here:


    5. Zarathustra Says:

      “Hand it over Bubi”……….That’s the Jew philosphy in a nutshell!