2 October, 2008

Britain and the ‘War on Terror’

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England didn’t have to send troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, which did nothing but anger the Muslims. Which British Jews were responsible for that?


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    1. Zararthustra Says:

      ZOG always needs some kind of phantom boogeyman to fight against and to justify their huge military/industrial/internal surveilance complex. This time around it’s the Terrorists. It used to be the Communists, in ten years maybe it will be the Anarchists or the Badguyists………Just keep giving them “ists” to fight against.

      The so-called Muslim terrorists are really just ordinary people who bitterly resent living under enemy occupation and want the occupier driven out by any means necessary. This country is under enemy occupation, too, but of a somewhat subtler kind. It gets less subtle every day, though.