26 October, 2008

Canada and Free Speech

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Of course, Canada has been Jewed, just like America and Britain. The father of Canada’s “hate propaganda” law was a Jewish attorney/professor named Maxwell Cohen. Canada’s government adopted many of the Cohen Committee‘s suggestions in 1970, putting them into Criminal Code of Canada Sections 318-320. Another Jew, Milton L. Klein, was the first person to introduce “hate crime” legislation in the Canadian parliament (in 1964). But his bill didn’t become law:


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  7. 2 Responses to “Canada and Free Speech”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      Canada is truly the Land of Pussies, eh?

    2. gw Says:

      “Canada is truly the Land of Pussies, eh?”

      Completely bought and paid for! From what I gather, it’s more Jew-controlled than even the USA.

      I wonder WHEN they moved in and took it over? (Any Canadians out there???) I’d be curious to know how. Was it through their control of brewing and the liquor industry? Or was it much earlier that that?

      Was it their control of minerals (eg. nickel and copper)? Or profiteering from the US Civil War?

      Certainly the Bronfmans (and others) got their big boost from Prohibition in the USA, which proved an enormous boon to them. Fortunes were founded on it (eg. the Kennedys’). I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually sponsored it, playing off both sides as usual.