12 October, 2008

North Carolina Judge Removed from the Bench

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Such words and actions by a judge toward a non-White defendant would have seemed trivial and gone unnoticed in the 1950s. Of significance is the judge’s loss of retirement benefits. That’s unbelievable and it should cause public outcry. What do retirement benefits have to do with this matter? Do Jewish, Marxism-spouting college professors ever lose their retirement benefits? What about Mexican judges who support reconquista groups? Do they ever lose their benefits? Would this have happened if the defendant had been White?


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    1. Old_Dutch Says:

      More stories at Google News:

    2. Zipzap McGee Says:

      We may not be getting the larger picture. The Judiciary is clubby as clubby can be – the only way you get the Judicial Commission after your ass is if you cross someone of equal/higher rank in the Club.

      Hell, the age of sexual consent in Mexico is TWELVE. What’s legal there will get you twenty years here. I’d say they treat women differently. I think this judge may have double-crossed another judge in a real estate deal and the loser set The Man on him.

      You’d have to make it a Way of Life, continually and spectacularly abusing defendants seriatim, for anyone higher up to notice – inasmuch as judges practically everywhere have ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY from civil rights lawsuits. And they have “gentlemen’s comities” not to interfere with “brother jurists”. A judge can fuck with you right out in the open in ways that would make the entire courtroom’s hair stand on end. He can say, “Fuck the Bill of Rights, I’m sentencing you to death for jaywalking.” You may someday be able to “undo” an unfair judgement (From inside a cage? Rotsa ruck.) – but that offending judge is off scot-free and that’s how it works: You’ve got more *protected* rights with a bad cop in dark alley than you do at high noon in a courtroom.

    3. Stu Gavin Says:

      No race takes the kind of abuse from women that White men do.

    4. Mark Says:

      Completely outrageous. Report this to people and ask them if they think we live in a free country.

      On that website, there is an big ad right next to the article of some starving Congoid that needs the white man’s help because his people are so dysfunctional they can’t feed themselves.

    5. Eff McCain Says:

      Note the Jew names:

      “We’ve had several judges removed in the past, but this is the first in several years,” said Paul ROSS, the executive director of the N.C. Judicial Standards Commission, which recommended that Badgett be censured.”

      His attorney, Clark FISCHER, said that Badgett is in the process of moving out of his office.


      Legal principles behind this decision:

      1. Truth is no defense for the goyim.

      2. The goyim may only vote for candidates certified by local representatives of the Elders of Zion.

      3. If a duly certified candidate is elected but fails to follow the speech code for goyim, he will be removed forthwith, stripped of his rights and entitlements, and forever banned and shunned.

      4. Aryans are inferior to all other races as a matter of law.

      5. There is only one Holocaust.

    6. gw Says:

      Last sentence: According to the supreme court ruling, Badgett told a defendant, “I don’t know how you treat women in Mexico, but here you don’t treat them that way.”

      Not until the very last sentence of the article did we get down to the meat of it: WHAT DID HE SAY? And it turns out it was hardly anything at all. Nada! In fact, he didn’t even say anything against Mexico. To be exact, he said he DIDN’T KNOW about Mexico, but here we don’t do things that way (beating up women). Is that RACIST? That’s idiotic!

      I think his statement was entirely proper and actually very mild.

    7. Lutjens Says:

      One more in a long line of white dispossessed in Amerikwa. Look out niggers, Jews, spics… white hell is coming.

    8. Tina Carter Says:

      Good riddance. That piece of filth was making $106,445 a year. How did he get this job? You know as well as I do he got it because he was licking our racial enemy who control media and entertainment industry.

      So he got bitten off by the very people he was working for against his own race. Traitor like him helped mix race like Obama to be where they are now. And these mulattoes are using “race” cards to get even more support from two-legged-animals Jews imported from Africa.

      I can imagine him the day after he got fired going to his biggest Jewish supporters with tears in his eyes and asking, “But why did you desert me? Haven’t I always done everything you asked of me, supporting mix-race marriage, holocaust scam, immigration, Jew sponsor homosexuality, etc.?”

      And I can imagine his top Jewish supporter looking coldly down his long nose at Judge Mark Badget and answering with a sneer. “Yes, but vot haff you done for us today?”

    9. Zarathustra Says:

      Normally, judges are bulletproof, so to speak. You can’t fire them, take away their pensions or challenge their rulings or authority. Except when the judge is White and he makes an unflattering remark about muds from the bench. Then you can ruin his life and career.

      I would not be surprised if this judge consistently ruled in favor of muds and Jews at the expense of Whites for his entire career. But it doesn’t matter to the Jew how many times you suck up to him, he will still destroy you if you fail to obey him even once. Such is the price that has to be paid for serving The Beast.