19 October, 2008

Once Again, Race Matters

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A part-Black Republican (Colin Powell) endorses a part-Black Democrat (Barack Obama):


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  7. 8 Responses to “Once Again, Race Matters”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      Powell is a war criminal and a nigger who tries to act human, but I’m glad he’s helped make McClown look like an asshole.

    2. Zipzap McGee Says:

      Yes, Powell is a war criminal. And he is perhaps the only negro in the galaxy who speaks Yiddish (Seriously. He was a shabbos errand boy as a kid.)

      Examine their careers and you see that they are both creations of the Jewish establishment. The “kumbaya” crowd is going to shit when they realize they’ve elected GEORGE SOROS as the shadow President of the United States. Soros, whose specialty is collapsing national financial systems through theft, help create Russia’s Jewish oligarchs. Together they looted a trillion dollars and ten million Russians went to early graves due to collapsed infrastructure.

      Icing on the cake is that one of Obama’s inlaws is a rabbi.

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      The koombayah krowd are the biggest bunch of idiots imaginable…..Amazing how those International Jews like Soros can escape justice and fly around the world all the time with impunity. The only one that’s been caught is Berezhovsky, and he’s probably dining on caviar and truffles in that Siberian prison. You know how the Jews like to use their obscene wealth to get what they want from the Goyim.

    4. Zipzap McGee Says:

      You mean “Khodorkovsky” is the only one who’s been caught.

      Berezhovsky is partying down in the Oligarchs’ Tel Aviv on the Thames (London).

    5. Cpt. Candor Says:

      Zipzap McGee said: ‘The “kumbaya” crowd is going to shit when they realize they’ve elected GEORGE SOROS as the shadow President of the United States.’

      They’re never going to realize that because their brains were long ago replaced with something on the order of turds.

      I especially love how millions of people in this country STILL believe that idiotic garbage about “EVERYTHING IS AT STAKE THIS TIME!” Suddenly, men who are essentially AIPAC-approved speech-givers become superhuman gods who are going to COMPLETELY TURN THE COUNTRY AROUND, and if their opponent wins instead, the skies will be permanently filled with dark-grey clouds as the economy plummets to something a few notches worse than that of Weimar Germany while legions of SWAT cops haul half the population away to one of the thousands of concentration camps that Jorge Arbusto apparently had built in the Siberia-like conditions of Alaska. Not that they’re necessarily that far off the mark in those worries, but the fact that they believe that there are still some undemolished exits on this “Democratic” highway to hell certainly says something about their intelligence.

    6. ANGL0-CELT Says:

      Colin Powell got where he is because of affirmative action. That explains his rise.

    7. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      sing a long




      I almost puked. Thank g-d I am filled with hate. You either hate niggers, or you hate reality.

    8. Celtic Warrior Says:

      We shoud hate jews and globalist because they have made hate necessary, anyway hate can keep a man alive.