17 October, 2008

Proposal: U.S. Troops Would Stay in Iraq Until 2012

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For Israel’s benefit, of course. But a 2008 timetable for troop withdrawal seems worthless, since a lot can happen in four years. The Middle East is an unpredictable place:


  • 5 Responses to “Proposal: U.S. Troops Would Stay in Iraq Until 2012”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      ZOG has no intention of ever ending its occupation of Iraq. The neo-kikes keep telling us how dramatically the situation has improved, but then say that the situation hasn’t really improved “enough” to end the illegal occupation. And I guess ZOG occupation forces don’t have to answer to the Iraqis for any attrocities committed against them. Iraq is certainly a “free” country now, thanks to ZOG’s “liberation”, isn’t it?

    2. Tina Carter Says:

      Considering how many women have been raped, children haven been molested, and killed by troops. It would make no difference how they feel about us. I think we have reached the point of no return. Our nation is going to do whatever filthy Jews will tell us.

      As long as they control media & entertainment industry, there is not much we can do about it.

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      Yes, I think this country, the JEW-S-of-A, has forfeited its right to exist. ZOG has gone too far, and the dumb American sheeple don’t even care.

    4. Gerald Edward Patrick Morris Says:

      The Jewnited States is NOT a “NATION” Tina dear! Neither is it “ours” save in the sense that it can be said to be “our” prison, OUR DEATHCAMP, OUR GRAVEYARD etc…

      If the JOG tries to keep it’s mob of poltroons on the ground in Iraq through the next 4 yrs, there is a GOOd probability they will get their arses kicked as the rotting corpus of the goose that laid their golden eggs reaches the point of incapibility of sustaining any firther jew-imperialist ventures at all. This already has bankrupted their occupation regimes in both Europe and North America.

      Aryan Revolutionists take heart!

      Gerald Edward Patrick Morris

    5. Cpt. Candor Says:

      If our leadership was pragmatic and honest, it would have just had Baghdad incinerated, cleared the oil facilities, established heavy defenses around them, sucked them dry, and then left. No sadistic, drawn-out policing action to please the jews, profiteers, and jew profiteers.

      I’m looking forward to Stone’s new film about Bush since one of the few things I’ve yet to see is a jew liberal heaping a huge, well-coordinated load of critique on a jew liberal.