21 October, 2008

Race and the Election

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Obama is ahead of McCain by 10 percentage points in some polls. But there may be a significant difference between what White voters tell pollsters over the telephone and what those voters do once they walk into the ballot booth. Some of them may “chicken out” due to the race factor and vote for McCain instead:


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  7. 10 Responses to “Race and the Election”

    1. ANGL0-CELT Says:

      For cosmetic purposes yes, it would be nice to see the illegal alien loving, American culture – destroying McBane ( I call him McBane because he brings nothing but woe to this country ) in the White House. But realistically friends, it doesn’t matter who wins. The Zionists will continue to prevail, and we already know that they have McBane in their rear ass pocket.

    2. Zarathustra Says:

      I love how those really light-skinned, uppity high-yellow niggers like Douglas Wilder (and Julian Bond and Andrew Young) have the balls to complain about Whitey’s racism towards Blacks when his kind are the ones who discrimate against the darker members of their race. The niggers have a skin color and family history-based pecking order in their society, they just won’t admit to it because they’re too busy villifying the honkies.

    3. Helmut Says:

      The eternal mathematical miracle:

      Let W = White/Caucasian
      Let N = Negroid

      50% W + 50% N = 100% N

      So much for the “high” in high yellow.
      Also, does anyone know if Obramma was invited to any of the more recent Bilderberger meetings lo these past few years? If so, he will be inserted (to infest) the “White” Haus no matter the fake election.

    4. wjg Says:


      Good point. It is a reminder that blacks as they operate in the West aren’t a race but an anti-race; a tool created by Judah for the destruction of us and that once its use is fulfilled will be discarded. If “blacks” were as interested in themselves as a race like healthy Whites they would shun Yomama, Bond, Young, Farrakhan, etc. just as we do. Instead these “blacks” are the superiors of their darker underlings like the house nigger used to be over the field hand. White supremacy lives on in a way we supposed “White Supremacists” totally reject. Kinda funny but they’ll never see it as long as Hymie controls their every thought.

    5. Luek Says:

      What is the big fear if riots do break out?

      It is time to “get it on” in this country and settle once and for all the race problem.

      We don’t want to go the way of South Africa where the Whites were armed to the teeth with military grade weapons and nothing happened when the niggers took over and started their pogroms against the Whites.

    6. Tina Carter Says:

      Let’s see.
      If Obama wins White/European lose.
      If McCain wins White/European lose.
      Of course Jews wins either way.

      Now how does that even make any difference to us. Work 8 hour shift, and then stand in line to vote for one of the gang?

      Thanks, but no thanks.

    7. Zarathustra Says:

      Tina’s right…..How do you even know if the a–holes will bother counting your vote, anyway? Democracy. What a JOKE. What a SCAM.

    8. John McCain Says:

      The nigger is ganna win by a land slide, we’re all fucked!

    9. KFC Says:

      Blacks will riot either way. Usually, they just burn down their own neighborhoods, businesses, homes, etc. Most whites won’t be affected unless they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. Should be interesting.

    10. zarathustra Says:

      Blacks don’t have enough sense to burn down affluent Jew or White neighborhoods. Look at the Rodney King riot in1991 or the Watts riot in 1965. If the nigger mob had moved just a few more miles to the north, they would have been in Beverly Hills or West Hollywood! You can bet your TOOKAS the LAPD would have moved heaven and earth to stop the rioters then!