6 October, 2008

Romania to Build Holocaust Memorial

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Is Romania also going to build a memorial to all of the gentiles who were murdered by the Jewish communists? [1]:


[1] a list of Jews in the Romanian, communist government (scroll about 3/4 down the page): [Here]

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  7. 7 Responses to “Romania to Build Holocaust Memorial”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      The only reason, and I mean the ONLY reason, the scumbag Romanian government is going to build that ugly monstrosity of a memorial is because Romania is a piss-poor country that desparately wants to be in the EU. This will be accomplished by sucking up to the Jews and their imaginary Holohoax.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      Your Right Z,but don’t be so hard on the Romanians,they operated 2 death camps for the chosenites in Romania during World War Jew,so they can’t be all bad.As someone pointed out what about a memorial for all the gentiles murdered by Jewish communists?What! There isn’t one!Oy Vey!

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      The Romanians were loyal to the Reich and fought against Bolshevism until the Red Army came to town in 1944. There was also a Fascist movement in Romania called the Iron Guard, I believe, so you are right, Romania is one of the Good Guys, they are just forced to embarass themselves like this out of economic desparation. Under Fascism, Romania was strong and didn’t have to beg like this.

    4. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:

      No kidding. Romania was a bulwark against Zionism from the beginning. They were manipulated into war w./ the Alliance in WWI by the Triple Entente, but were reliable foes against Bolshevism and augmented Hitler’s invasion with 10 divisions in WWII. They are stalwarts but their desperate economic situation has forced them to this. How the mighty are fallen.

    5. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:

      To be honest, I’m biased. My father is half-Ukrainian-Pole, and they actually benefited from Hitler’s invasion. Though Hitler hated the other inhabitants, those Slav nationalists that weren’t Bolsheviks did fine. To be honest, instead of a racial war, Hitler’s was a visionary war against Marxism. The Romanians were awake enough to see that fact, and acted accordingly.

    6. Stu Gavin Says:

      When Communism ended in Romania in 1989 there was a strong movement throughout the entire nation to rehabilitate the memory of Romania’s WWII wartime leader Ion Antonescu. In the summer of 1991 the Romanian parliament held a moment of silence in memory of the Soviet murder of Antonescu in 1946. Soon afterwards photos and head busts of Antonescu were springing up all over Romania.

      Then it changed. In the mid-90’s U.S. president Bill Clinton told them that if Romania wanted to join NATO they would have to back away from the worship of the Anti-Semitic war criminal Ion Antonescu. It took a long time but by 2001 Romania had gone from being Pro Antonescu to Anti Antonescu and all of this was done to gain acceptance into NATO.

    7. The Red Skull Says:

      Interesting how the hand of Big Jew can strangle Nationalism like Darth Vader in Star Wars-Strangling that Officer that disagreed with him from across the table.Economic poverty drives everyone to desperation and Brain-dead Homo-Economus Americanoid is in for even ruder shocks to their Collective Testicles.Rumania was also the largest Axis-Allied Army on the Eastern Front also,and only changed sides when the commies were on their doorstep.The Rumanians also wasted some of their strength in a factional dispute between the Iron Guard under Cordreacu? and the Facist Army Faction under Antonescu.The Head of the Iron Guard was jailed and the Guard dis-banded i believe.We WN’s would do well to Absorb that lesson.That was prior to the Crusade against Bolshevism.The Romanians only failed at Stalingrad because they weren’t properly supported by their German Allies with anti tank weapons and other supplies.Even after that Disaster the Romanians fought on.Supporting our allies is a Must for our success or a future Stalingrad if we don’t support each other-differences aside.Fact is-Nationalism is a Natural Reaction of the Defensive White Blood Cells of the Collective Racial Body to the Corrosive Civilization destroying infection known as International JEW.