9 October, 2008

Spain/World War II

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Jewish actor Leslie Howard’s plane was shot down by the Germans off the coast of France in 1943; it has never been found. The Germans apparently knew that he was spying for the allies. Interestingly, Howard (above) looked and acted like an upper-crust gentile:


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  7. 8 Responses to “Spain/World War II”

    1. Ricky Ricardo Says:

      Leslie Howard looks like Morris Dees to me.

    2. Howdy Doody Says:



    3. Celtic Warrior Says:

      In the days of steam powered cinema the ‘British’ actor Leslie Howard was always stated to be a Hungarian of German ancestory. Real name L. H. Stainer or Laszlo Horvarth.

      He featured in a wartime propaganda piece explaining to the confused Brit lemmings why it was necessary to destroy German cities by bombing. So his actions and jew ancestory fit together, but I wouldn’t have guessed.

    4. Fr. John Says:

      Well, he always bothered me. I never considered him either a very good actor, or a handsome man, and wondered what Vivien Leigh, as Scarlett O’Hara, saw in him- or Melanie (Olivia de Havilland) for that matter?

      But now I know how he got hired in Hollywood…. There should be a book listing all covert Jews, just to know from history how to properly view them.

    5. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      I’ve watched “Gone With the Wind” many times and was always befuddled by Leslie Howard. He was presented as the hearthrob of Melanie and Scarlet, but I could never understand why. Even as a child I found him to be effeminate and nasal. I didn’t suspect jew ancestry because I was still racially asleep, however I always knew he must have some inside pull because he was certainly not leading man material. Slump shoulders, Leslie.

      As movie viewers we were supposed to believe that Scarlet held a great passion for this asthmatic looking nerd, and yet was indifferent to Rhett, played by Clark Gable, who was not only handsome, but was muscular, and manly. To top it off, he was also highly, financially sucessful. Throughout the film, once the viewer learns of Rhett’s great passion for Scarlet, one can’t help but pull for Rhett. Come on, Scarlet…love the man before it’s too late! He adores you and caters to your every whim. Forget about the scrawny, wimpy, Ashley Wilkes. Rhett’s a hunk.

      As for Howard having Aryan looks. Look again, folks. He’s a narrow- headed-close-set-eyes kike. Blonde coloring does not guarantee Aryan blood. In fact, many jews I have met in my life are far blonder and lighter eyed than many Whites. When deciding who looks Aryan and who looks jew, it’s good to remember that many Whites are brown eyed and dark haired, and many kikes are blonde and blue. You must look past coloring and concentrate on the features to determine who is and who isn’t jew. Lewis Libby was very fair, but all his features were kikey. Morris Dees is another example. And how about Scarlet Johanssen? She’s half jew, and yet, Catherine Zeta Jones is a White woman (non jew) of Welsh descent who has both dark hair and brown eyes. Sean Connery is another example of darker coloring in a white man. Add Richard Nixon to that list. Look to the shape of the face, nose, and the wider set eyes to help decide whether White or kike.

    6. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      Oops! I’m sorry about the fragmented sentence above. I was in a hurry and didn’t proof my comment well enough. It’s been a glitchy day.

    7. Zarathustra Says:

      According to the last testament of Der Fuhrer, Hitler was glad Spain stayed out of WWII. Mussolini’s refusal to stay neutral made it easier for the Allies to invade southern Europe and Franco joining the Axis wouldn’t have helped matters very much, Hitler believed. Therefore, I don’t think the Jew actor Howard is any hero of the Allied war effort. Maybe his Jew biographers want to paint him that way.

    8. 2050 Says:

      pointy ears, pointy nose