22 October, 2008

Still More Features of the Federal Reserve System

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You really can’t know too much about this topic, and this is a good article. (Also, overheard: A leftist saying that “anti-Semites” have a “paranoid conspiracy theory” which says that the Federal Reserve system was created in order to benefit “a handful” of Jews, apparently meaning the shareholders of Federal Reserve stock. Nope. That’s not why Paul Warburg engineered it. The Fed system was created to benefit the Jews as a people. Maybe you’ve heard that old saying, “a Jew can make more money by accident than a gentile can make on purpose”? Bingo. There you go. If a gentile can make $100,000 in an up-and-down economic cycle – a cycle caused by the Fed lowering and raising interest rates – then a Jew can make several million, especially if the system helps him make it. In other words, it’s a system that automatically favors the Jews and their clever, centuries-old money habits. This type of system – i.e., a central bank that lowers and raises interest rates at will – exists in Europe, too). [1][2]:


[1] central banks cause inflation

[2] see especially the Krefetz quote, near the top of the page: [Here]

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    1. gw Says:

      gb says: “The point was that these children died way early and were abused. But the women in London were busy agitating for an end to black slavery. “

      In every age, there are certain causes that are fashionable. While others are not. Why is this so? I don’t know the underlying reasons, but it would be interesting to look into. Very likely it began with religion. Also, in Europe blacks were a rarity (especially on the continent, east of France) and thus something very special (they were favored as servants in the courts, carrying associations with royalty. eg. A Negro was given to the young czar of Russia as a personal companion or pet.) Not just everyone could have a blackamoor servant, something exotic, whereas poor whites were numerous as leaves on the trees.

    2. zarathustra Says:

      gw is right. White liberals are always looking for the latest problem involving coloreds so they can get all weepy and hold a benefit concert or celebrity fundraiser. Remember George Harrison’s concert for Bangladesh, or We are the World? Now it’s the “genocide” in Darfur that’s got all the Limo Libs upset. Meanwhile, millions of Whites are being raped, robbed and murdered every year by subhuman savages and tens of millions of healthy White babies have been aborted since the early 1970s. When are Bono, Madonna and Bruce Springsteen going to hold a benefit concert for those tragedies?

    3. gw Says:

      “Not just everyone could have a blackamoor servant, something exotic, whereas poor whites were numerous as leaves on the trees.”

      Nowadays, in the jet age, the trendy thing is importing/adopting a black baby — preferably from the other side of the world, as far away as possible, not from your nearby urban ghetto . ( Heaven forbid! Nobody wants one of those … most fashionable). And white babies? Don’t be absurd! Anybody can have one of those.

      “Meet little M’bula Lubumbatha, our new son from Burkina Faso. He just arrived last month. He’s a Mandingo purebred, you know ! He doesn’t speak any English, never saw a toilet, eats with his hands, is behaviorally incorrigible, emotionally disturbed, mentally retarded, and has incessant tantrums. Isn’t he just adorable?
      We tried to order one with Downs Syndrome, but nothing was available just now.”

      I read that Madonna’s marriage is breaking up because she wants to import more children from Africa. Or was that Angelina? Oh well, why should anyone care? These frustrated broads are all mental cases with too much money and too few brains.

    4. paul maleski Says:

      More contaminated grist for the dark Satanic mill.

    5. Sage Says:

      The Jewish banking system isn’t that clever, it is just made opaque on purpose. It is not described in public schools, nor do many people discuss how it came to being or its implications.

      When you go to the bank and take out a loan, do other people’s banks accounts go down? No of course not. The banker monetized you and your ability to pay back your loan. By creating the loan, new money was created and entered the economy. The banker is in a win win situation. He gets to create new money from thin air, and then charge interest on it. He also gets to put you in debt bondage to him. He gets to take your assetts should you default.

      At the Federal Reserve level, the bankers can control the money supply of the economy. They can contract the amount of money is circulation by making it harder for private bankers to loan. The can increase the money supply by printing more and making it easier for bankers to loan. Either way, bankers control inflation and deflation.

      During the Civil War, the Jewish European bankers were eyeing the Confederate states. They wanted to fund the war, and then bust out the Confederacy by both usury and manipulating the money supply. Why didn’t the Jewish controlled bank of England, and Bank of France loan out money to the Confederacy? The Czar of Russia told both France and England to stay out of it, or it would be war with Russia. The Russian Czar (Tsar) knew that once France and England consolidated their gains in America, they would turn on Russia. Russia was not under control of the central bankers and the Czars were very aware of their situation.

      Whenever the confederacy went to Europe for money they couldn’t get any. The confederacy had to issue their own money based on Cotton. When cotton was blockaded, the confederate money crashed and the war was lost.

      Later during WW2, Russia was communist controlled, and hence Jewish bankers had a foot hold. Communism was invented by a Jew, and the vanguard footsoldiers were and are Jews. It took both the Communist World, and the Western World to subdue Hitler. Hitler had issued his own money outside of international banking (Jewish) control, and that set a precendent that could not stand.

      In order to undestand how the world works, you have to follow the money. In order to understand history, you have to follow the money. You can not deconvolute Jews from History and Money because they are inextricably intewoven in it.