14 October, 2008

The Glorification of the Civil Rights Movement Increases

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Not only have the slain Jewish/Black civil-rights activists been immortalized by the American media, but the FBI agent who hunted their killers has been, too. The deliberate political and racial transformation of the South can be called a “giant hate crime against Whites.” Indeed, the three activists – two Jews and a negro – knew before their deaths that their efforts weren’t appreciated by most Mississippians [1]:


[1] about the Jewish support of the Congress of Racial Equality (Schwerner and Chaney were field workers for CORE): scroll about 1/6 down the page: [Here]

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  7. 2 Responses to “The Glorification of the Civil Rights Movement Increases”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      Whites should immortalize our Heroes, the way the Jew Commies immortalize theirs. Cathy Ainsworth, Robert Matthews, Rudolf Hess, Gordon Kahl, Tim McVeigh…………they are all Martyrs and Heroes of the White Race.

    2. DB Says:

      It aint over until the fat lady sings. White Southerners are anointed by nature god. Natural Selection forbid our total destruction. Our ancestors defeated Reconstruction, and we can do it again. Central Planning in Washington City, doesn’t work for any state.