15 October, 2008

The New Utah

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Did you move to the Mormon State to escape the third-worlding of California or New York? Well, bad news: Your plan didn’t work:


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  7. 22 Responses to “The New Utah”

    1. White Minority Says:

      Liberal line:

      “Blacks should be able to reproduce beyond all ability to support their offspring in comfort, and whitey should have to pay for and subsidize it.”

      If Obama wins this election, things are going to get a whole hell of a lot worse than they are right now.

    2. Arch Stanton Says:

      What kind of nonsense is this; have we moved into another century or something? This article is titled incorrectly. Clearly the jews do not own or have proper influence over the editorial staff of the Salt trib. Someone should call Sam Newhouse right away and report this oversight. First off the article should be properly titled: “Utah’s inadequate system hinders breeding of new presidential hopefuls for America’s richly diverse future.” Secondly, it would be immensely helpful for the Trib journalists to inform their readers how the problems these diverse peoples suffer stem entirely from the white man’s hateful racist, bigoted attitudes. Furthermore they should suggest some form of help, like a nominal increase of money over the present paltry sum. They might suggest, in more standard journalistic form, how two hundred percent increase in spending from a new and improved heartfelt government program might work quickly and efficiently to solve all the problems of these budding American leaders. There isn’t that better? Don’t you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? I knew you would. After all isn’t sacrificing your wealth, women, and country so you feel good about yourself what this is all about? “If you are working dead-end jobs to just keep your head up, you cannot be considered part of the society,” said Amadou Niang, president of United Africans of Utah. “That’s just the sad reality.” Well eat my puppy, why don’t you tell us “societal parts” all about it Amadou? Say, do the Mormons ever wonder how much better these oppressed minorities, working dead end jobs, might have it if they were repatriated to Burundi?

    3. Chris Says:

      Behold the future…. As we become increasingly Turd World remember there will be no First World to bail us out.

    4. Marwinsing Says:

      Earlier this year The United States Embassy in Helsinki flatly refused us a visitor’s visa (South African passport holder) to stay with a friend for three weeks. Reason: potential immigrant. That’s with no criminal convictions, more than ample funds for living, spending etc and a return air-ticket. Of course, the person handling my application was a – you guessed it – white male.


    5. Antagonistes Says:

      What is this relationship between the government and religious groups, such as the Catholics and Mormons mentioned in this article?

      How did it come to be that government and religion teamed up to engage in actions that are to the detriment of White people, such as importing people who do not have the right, or the intelligence, to be here?

      Could it be because religion says that ALL men are created in the image of God, and our government says that ALL men are created equal?

      Religion: “My brothers, created in the image of the Father, come to America! Your brothers in Christ welcome you, and will support you!”

      Government: “All men are created equal. We are strengthened and enriched by diversity. Therefore, we welcome all people to America, as equals.”

      It could be that this is the true Christianity, and it is just now being revealed, because the world is smaller.

      But why in the hell didn’t the founding fathers spell out their White preference more explicitly?

    6. Tim Says:

      more likely, the jews perverted christianity using the government and media to bring consistency to their gigantic brainwashing system.

    7. Blackshirt Says:

      I look forward to the day when Christian churches burn in flames and all of these followers of the Jew Christ get their punishment for polluting our European lands with these sub-human “refugees”.

    8. Stronza Says:

      (Gasp) Even the great cathedral of Cologne? That place is so gorgeous it causes folk to go speechless, I’m told by an acquaintance who saw it. And there’s lots more like it.

    9. Blackshirt Says:

      OK, we’ll make an exception for the Köln Dom, and all the historically important Christian edifices in Europe. Burn the rest, though. They are nothing but jew mind-control centers.

    10. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “What is this relationship between the government and religious groups”

      Extortion- If you don’t pay, you get prison, or hell.

      Catholic charities gets billions (not millions) each year for importing gooks. Lutheran Social Services isn’t far behind.



      btw Last time I gooked at these sites, they had sections about funding, and governmental sources were out in the open. Now, the sites make it look all voluntary- one would not see tax funds at a casual glance.

    11. One Of 55 Million Says:

      As usual with such an article, I find myself going straight to the “comments” section. My mouth literally dropped open at the drivel posted there. All I can say is..these LDS imbeciles are going to destroy SLC. Too bad-it’s a place I’ve always enjoyed traveling through on my way to my father’s home town in Wyoming..which according to the “brothers” there is rapidly being “Mariachi-ized”. Only two posters had any pro-white sentiments at all. One of their detractors used the very kike-y term “yutz”..there you go-The Plain Americoon..College degree in hand and never uttered an opinion not put forth by the phosporescent synagogue. I don’t get angry anymore at the behavior of various minorities-or even Gawd’s Chosen Ones…they are cleaving close to their nature. It’s these brainless, soulless white sons-of-bitches who collapsed without a fight into a spiritual decadence SO DEEP that even an intense exposure to “dirtshitty” won’t wake them up..won’t relieve them of the blindness they suffer to the good of their own people… that make me seeth in my bed to the wee hours and scream inside.

      I don’t think I can take too much more of it…I am completely sick with despair. At least I’ve retained my sense of humor, I am chuckling now at that quip T. Metzger made years ago..the one about going high into the (presumably L.A.) mountains with a case of beer and watching the whole thing burn.

      Rat Own’ ,Missah Metzguh..,Rat Own’!

    12. 2050 Says:

      quote=But why in the hell didn’t the founding fathers spell out their White preference more explicitly?

      Jefferson must not have had anyone but his white countrymen on his mind when writing the Declaration, but the trouble came with Haym Solomon turning a meeting to revise the Articles of Confederation, into a secret closed door affair to get them to sign the ‘Constitution’ which he had already written.
      Hence it’s ability to ‘change with the times.’ just like it’s chameleon creator.

    13. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “Stephanie Blank “exposed the labyrinth of entities used to divert money to causes most Catholics would not support. CCHD is not a Catholic charity, strictly speaking, as its literature casually points out. From money given by Catholics, grants are made mainly to groups who agitate, politically and otherwise, for causes many Catholics know nothing about, and would not give their money to–if they knew. Catholic Charities USA indicates on its website the amount of lobbying being done to influence lawmakers to effect its “social justice” programs. CCUSA also mentions that it helps all people, regardless of race, religion, etc. It, too, advocates aggressively for illegal immigration. Most of its advocacy could have been lifted from the Democrat platform. Since most colleges have tight enrollment capacity, this would mean that some citizens would be passed over in favor of children of illegal aliens via the Dream Act.

      Apparently, the bishops have determined that this country doesn’t have enough poor people, so we must import poverty. Ironically, the line only increases from Mexico. From birth, free for any illegal that goes into a hospital in America, through Head Start and higher education, through all the welfare systems, CCUSA is there to lobby our lawmakers. The Catholic Church takes credit with inventing the “City of Sanctuary” program for illegal aliens. The Catholic Church aided and abetted illegal aliens since the late 1960s. They employ well-paid lobbyists to knock on congressional doors to secure taxpayers’ funds for the “branch” of the church known as “Catholic Charities.” These “Catholic Charities” organizations receive billions of taxpayer dollars annually, with absolutely no oversight. They are rolling in the dough to support a haven for illegal aliens and you pay for it.

      Taking America Back” means shining the light on such “religious” racketeers as Cardinal Mahony and his “Catholic cronies” who steal from American taxpayers to support lawbreaking illegal aliens. Source: Barbara Anderson, “Bishops at the Trough,” CatholicCitizens.org, March 8, 2005.”


    14. Old_Dutch Says:

      Large parts of Columbus, Ohio are now like visiting the third world.

    15. Zarathustra Says:

      The LDS Church is BAD NEWS. It’s just another anti-White, money-making, tax-exempt racket, like the Roman Church. Maybe one day Utah will be cleansed of those lunatics (I guess Donnie and Marie are OK, though).

      PS….The Constitution was written by wealthy snobs who didn’t give a shit about ordinary White people or what was in the best interests of the White race. They only cared about what was in the interests of the ruling elite, ie, them. However, Jefferson was right about that old Tree of Liberty needing to be watered every twenty years or so.

    16. Stronza Says:

      Zara – this was not always true, as I am sure you know. For starters at one time they used to exclude Negroes.

      Years ago I read a nonfiction book titled Nutracker about the nasty Mormon woman, Frances Schreuder, from a rich Mormon family, who coaxed her 2 sons into stealing from and killing their grandfather, her own father. In the intro to the book, the author, Shana Alexander (ahem), hisses about what a white, racist, rightwing, capitalistic, inherently American religion Mormonism is. I am going by memory here; I do not remember her exact words, but I was left with the impression that the Mormons, who I knew nothing about at the time, were a bad bunch because they were so antiliberal.

      So, possibly these particular religionists are not what they once were, due to public pressure. (Remember Rabbi Boteach scolding Utahns for not taking in more of our pigmented brethren from the Katrina disaster?) The Catholic & Lutheran Churches sure have changed, also, haven’t they.

    17. Howdy Doody Says:

      In 1976 Church Elders all over the West were anti Media, abortion, and any MEXING or dealing with any Congoids sub animals.

      Many Mormans were in government and they perhaps decided put out b.s. to placate the regime. Moving SAVAGES to SLC is not placating, but SUICIDE IMO.


    18. gw Says:

      “Many Mormans were in government and they perhaps decided put out b.s. to placate the regime.”

      The Jimmy Carter “regime”, namely in the form of Andy Young, put heavy pressure on the Mormon Church to accept blacks (whom they had never accepted before), just like Young and Carter were pressuring South Africa to end apartheid. Perhaps there was a threat to review the Mormon Church’s finances, or something such. Very likely. Suddenly, the church elders had a heavenly revelation and decided that it was time to accept blacks after all. (Really!)

    19. gw Says:

      The Second Great Accomodation

      The [Mormon] Church’s policy of excluding blacks from the priesthood had stood against all attempts at reform during the civil rights movement. But then things happened to Brigham Young University’s basketball program in the 1970s.

      During a game at Colorado State University, a Molotov cocktail was tossed onto the court to protest the antiblack LDS tenets. A Stanford University official declared that if the B.Y.U. team ever wanted to play Stanford again, the Mormon Church would have to “reinterpret God’s word and establish doctrines compatible with Stanford’s policies.” Shortly following this statement, Stanford canceled all scheduled sports events with B.Y.U., not just its basketball games. In fact, the Western Athletic Conference nearly disbanded over the furor.

      The NAACP initiated several lawsuits against Mormon Boy Scout troops, charging that church policy was foisting racism on minority Scouts.
      Additionally, anti-Mormons urged boycotts of recordings of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the cancellation of vacations to Utah.

      Worst of all, the IRS suggested that the racial policies of the Mormon Church might justify a suspension of its tax-exempt status.

      Finally, on June 9, 1978, Mormon President Spencer W. Kimball announced to the Saints that he had received a new revelation which ended the ban on blacks in the priesthood. “That same revelation came to his counselors and to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in the Temple, and then it was presented to all of the other General Authorities who approved it unanimously,” stated Kimball. This revelation is known to Mormons as “The Second Great Accomodation”.

      Jimmy Carter came into the presidency in 1977. The Mormons suddenly had a “revelation” in 1978. Hmmmm.

    20. Zarathustra Says:

      Thanks for the info on the Moron Church. More proof that organized religion is just a money-making, tax-exempt RACKET. I know the Morons spend a lot of time and money trying to convert savages in the Turd World, but with little or no success. Maybe those savages aren’t so dumb after all.

    21. gw Says:

      Zarathustra Says: “Thanks for the info on the Moron Church. More proof that organized religion is just a money-making, tax-exempt RACKET.”

      You’re quite welcome!

    22. Coup d'Etat Says:

      # Antagonistes Says:
      16 October, 2008 at 5:01 pm

      “But why in the hell didn’t the founding fathers spell out their White preference more explicitly?”

      It’s very possible that all the documents relating to a sole nationality our forefathers wrote have been confiscated, edited or destroyed by the jews. Many of the documents we are aware of, our forefathers warned us about the impending big government and usury. What would make them think that? Did they know who these people were when they were still England’s citizens?

      What we are to believe is that these regular White people were members of the Monarchy. It’s a fact that the jews have well infiltrated into the secret organization called the Freemasons in England. These Freemasons were well integrated into the Monarchy and its Army. It’s very possible our forefathers knew of this fact and, now, we sometimes read information that some of our forefathers were Freemasons. I am sure this is to obscure the real truth that jews were a real threat back then as much as they are now and none of our forefathers were Freemasons after all. It is only a lie to confuse and to cover up the jews’ continuing destructive agenda.