30 October, 2008

The Works of Revilo P. Oliver

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For those who don’t know, Oliver’s name is a palindrome: It reads the same backwards as forwards. Most of these works are text, but some are audio-only: [Here].

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  7. 13 Responses to “The Works of Revilo P. Oliver”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      It’s amazing how I have come to many of the same conclusions about race and history that Dr. Oliver had come to decades ago and yet I never even heard of him until just 8 or 9 years ago. So no Jew can accuse me of having been “taught” or “trained” to believe what I do. I came to my conclusions all by myself, thank you very much. Not that I’m comparing myself to Dr. Oliver, one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, you understand.

    2. Junghans Says:

      Mega Bingo on Dr. Oliver, a brilliant thinker indeed.

    3. Karen Says:

      I agree about Dr. Oliver. His writings have been the most influential and most of all his honesty is greatly appreciated. I wonder how he would fare in the mess of academia today…….

    4. Arch Stanton Says:

      Dr. Oliver makes some very interesting points about Christianity. “The methods by which Jews should enslave or destroy goyim are outlined in myths in the Jew-book which have no relation to any historical events, but are exemplary tales devised to show later Jews how to go about the good work of taking possession of the world Yahweh bargained to give them.” This footnote indicates that if Professor Oliver did not actually read the Bible, he at least understood its true purpose. Unfortunately Professor Oliver allows his prejudice to cloud his overall view on the matter. One interesting point he makes is that Christianity was an early form of Bolshevism, yet another form of the radical jew’s lust for revolution and destruction. In fact that is exactly how the Romans perceived Christians, as a subversive movement aimed at overthrowing their government and rightly so considering the fact that it was these Judeo-Christian radicals that burned Rome. Such subversive jewish acts have continuously provided ample proof of the danger of allowing Jewish revolutionaries within the walls of a host city or country. The Russians learned the same lesson in much the same manner. Americans saw it in action in the sixties when radical jews like Horowitz, Rubin and Hoffman agitated the Negroes and white student to burn down or blow up various American cities and institutions. Jews are simply not happy in a stable society – even their own. One only has to review various jew’s dull, boring, “white bread” portrayal of the 1950’s, perhaps the most stable period of contemporary American history, to have a clear picture of the Jew’s contempt for social stability. Jesus was in fact just such a revolutionary figure. The major difference was his revolutionary fervor was directed at Jewish leadership and their form of government, a corrupt priesthood that governed the onerous sacrificial system. (After all, we are talking jews here) Jesus’ miracles were in fact counter actions to the intent of prescribed Levitical laws. Jesus forgave sin and its sacrificial expense at no charge to the sinner. Even the word miracle denotes an unintended outcome to a legal precedence. When Jesus turned water into wine, the priestly function he executed brought the wine into existence without the need for the priesthood’s tax to be paid. When he raised the dead he negated the sacrificial tax required for touching a dead body. It is instructive to note that while the Hebrews considered Jesus’ healing to be acts of kindness and generosity, they never considered them miracles. It was left up to later Christians to assign that term to the healing powers of Jesus. All of Jesus “official” miracles involved the forgiveness of sin and the accompanying need to pay a sacrifice for the offense. The traditional Jesus was the Adolph Hitler of his time in that he exposed the corrupt Jew’s sacrificial system for the leech it truly was on the economy and soul of his people. By his actions, Hitler demonstrated Germany did not need the jew’s sacrificial banking system to have a successful and prosperous country. Jesus did much the same by visually demonstrating to his people they did not need to pay tribute to the jew’s sacrificial priesthood. For that reason alone, Dr. Oliver ought to give the historical figure of Jesus a bit more consideration.

    5. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “. . .name is a palindrome. . .”

      Then what is Palin’s name?

    6. Cpt. Candor Says:

      I’ve found the late Dr. Oliver’s works to be extremely thought-provoking and relevant all the way up to the present day, and they’re always a pleasure to read/listen to whenever I have the chance. A great mind indeed. RIP RPO.

    7. Bret Ludwig Says:

      The good Dr. Oliver did read the Bible, and did correctly deduce its real purposes, at least in essence. Later on in his post-Birch writings he brings to the reader’s attention the work of Frank Zindler, which in far greater detail explains the NT, but he obviously had the basic premises from a relatively young age.

      Zindler’s thesis: Jesus of Nazareth is a wholly fictional character, created in a manner very much analogous to (Zindler doesn’t specify, but it’s evident to those from a Trekkie background) the Star Trek ‘universe’, with an official canon and a far bigger but diffuse and obscure noncanonical fan-generated literary/cultural base. It has its bizarre corners, such as the homoerotic “slash” fiction created by fat but ostensibly wholly heterosexual females.

      Why was Jesus of Nazareth created? Simple: One movement of Jews sought to behave more like normal humans and to normalize the sociopathic and perverse Jehovah into a god more like the normal ones. Their version of “YHVH Trek” was what we now call the Book of Mark (of the New Testament), perhaps-likely-in a much larger and in places perhaps quite salacious form now lost which we may call ‘Secret Mark’. Just like early non-Paramount-imprimatur Star Trek universe novels (Blish’s “Spock Must Die” was the first of mainstream publication) this ‘canon’ began to diverge, with Matthew and Luke being both written by people who’d seen Mark, but were wholly ignorant of each other’s work. Probably neither saw the other in their lifetime.

      There’s more to it than that, of course, but the concept is obvious once pointed out.

    8. Igor Alexander Says:

      I wish someone would start republishing Oliver’s books. In particular, I’d like someone to republish America’s Decline: The Education of a Conservative and The Jewish Strategy. The former is available from HRP in the UK, but it’s kind of expensive and the quality of the last few books I ordered from them was only so-so. The latter isn’t available anywhere. All that I’ve been able to find are some excerpts on heretical.com.

      It’s a shame that the Stroms own the copyrights to Oliver’s works. That means we probably won’t be seeing either of these titles in print again for a long time.

    9. Zarathustra Says:

      “Christianity was an early form of Bolshevism”. Exactly!!! Both Xianity and Bolshevism have common Jewish roots. “Why was Jesus of Nazareth created?” Good question. He is based on a mythical, near-eastern, Jewish savior god or divine teacher named Yashua the Messiah.

      When the Yashua cult was introduced to the Greeks after the Diaspora of 70AD, Greek converts re-named Yashua the Messiah Jesus the Christ. His mother Miriam became Mary, his disciple Mattisyahu became Matthew, etc. In other words, Xianity is the Greek version of a near eastern Jewish savior god cult.

      The New Testament was written around 350-380AD by Greek bishops of the newly established Catholic Church. The earliest Xtian Bible is the Codex Sianaticus, which was written around 380 and is currently in the British Museum, I believe. The Church added some additional material to the NT over the next several centuries, so the Bible as it exists now was basically written during the Middle Ages.

      There were at least 16 earlier savior-god cults flourishing in the Orient before Yashua or Jesus came along, so one must conclude that the Yashua/Jesus tale is based on those earlier Oriental cults and religions.

    10. Luek Says:

      I have always appreciated the candor of Dr. Oliver in pointing out the real culprits who have put the American White populous in the mess they are in now and that is to a great degree WHITES THEMSELVES!
      And that in my opinion is the real genius of Dr. Oliver’s essays.

      Too many Whites who should know better are more interested in the outcome of some stupid nigger ball game than they are in the future of their race. Not much has changed since he died unfortunately.

    11. zoomcopter Says:

      I am reading a soft cover edition of The Enemy of Europe, reprinted 2003. A great book and commentary by two great men, Francis Yockley and Revilo Oliver. If Oliver ever engaged conversation with Patrick Buchanan, I’d loved to have been a fly on the wall. What those two didn’t know about history wasn’t worth learning!

    12. Bret Ludwig Says:

      Luek is correct. The Jews are merely catalysts, causing a reaction to occur at a high speed that given enough time would happen on its own in the end. Our flaws are significant and are part of us intrinsically, as are our good qualities. BUT life is evolution, the better breed more and the lesser die off. The Jews subvert the process for us, meaning we can not purify and strengthen ourselves. ((And of course they are by no means the only ones, just one that is specially insidious and difficult to dislodge from our body politic.))

      RPO said this, and he said it quite often. On the belief that Jew-eradication would eliminate all problems foreign and domestic, he states: “…would enter, instant, on a Golden Age of peace and domestic tranquility and happiness. If only by some miracle all the Bolsheviks or all of the Illuminati or all the Jews were vaporized at dawn tomorrow, we should have nothing more to worry about….The trouble with that beatific vision, of course, is that every educated man knows that it just can’t be so.” If we merely eliminate the Jew, other entities will spring up soon enough to accomplish many of the same destructive purposes and even, like polio, a few others that have lurked forever but which we have not had much issue with in comparison.

      Make no mistake: the propensity of Jews to molest White society must be dealt with, and firmly. But the end purpose of the White race, as Dr. Pierce said, is not so much as to eliminate Jews as to produce the New Man, to head off to the stars, and things beyond-beyond our imagination at present. The White race needs to re-establish dominion over the earth, and then to use the resources of this finite dirtball as a steppingstone to the cosmos.

    13. Howdy Doody Says:

      joooo trolls show at other sites posting out of context infomation on Oliver trying to discredit him like they do to any of US who dare to shine the light of truths on the eternal enemy aliens of Western man