11 October, 2008

Toben, Irving, Mahler and Lice, Lice Everywhere

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by Bradley R. Smith: [Here].

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    1. Jim Says:

      The jews will resort to any means to keep the holocaust lie alive. Those who are daring enough to tell the truth risk financial ruin and/or imprisonment by the puppet “democracies” that ZOG set up at the end of WWII. When and if we ever get our White homeland, these brave men will be among our foremost heroes .

    2. Fr. John Says:

      Simply put, this is a RELIGIOUS FAITH, with which I respectfully, but vehemently, disagree. And, as a RELIGIOUS FAITH, it cannot claim adherence to me, when it comes to matters of history, ethnography, science, or forensics.

      I am free to believe in whatever God I wish (Of course, I believe YHWH is the ONE God- but then, I may be biased- lol) and they are free to believe in the Jewish People and their ‘holocaust’ as a ‘sweet-smelling savor unto their ‘Lord’ [John 8:44] as they wish. But I don’t and will not condone their faith being the equivalent of mine, or my having to hold their ‘creed’ in a syncretistic mess with Trinitarian Christianity.

      It’s that simple, and that easy to diffuse every trick of the Deicides.

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      One writer on this site recently described Holohoax deniers as the “new heretics”. Well stated! The persecution of Holohoax deniers is no different from what Fr. John’s Church did to non- believers in the Middle Ages. Those whose livelihoods and freedoms are taken away from them for speaking their minds are REAL victims of the Holohoax, not some cranky 90 year-old Yid who wants a reparation check from the German government in his mailbox every week.