1 October, 2008

UK: Toben Arrested

Posted by Socrates in holo-factualists, Holocaust, holocaust racket, revisionism, Socrates, Toben at 9:38 pm | Permanent Link

The Adelaide Institute’s Dr. Fredrick Toben is being held on a German arrest warrant for allegedly denying/minimizing the Holocaust:


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  7. 8 Responses to “UK: Toben Arrested”

    1. Celtic Warrior Says:

      It would appear that some yid with access to the flight passenger list has tipped off the thought police?

    2. MadDog Says:

      This is our future here in the USSA. Anybody remember how they rounded up Ernst Zundel?

    3. Truthteller Says:

      All these Revisionists have more balls than Mark Weber, why is that?

    4. Zararthustra Says:

      Dr. Toben is a TRUE victim of the Holocaust. The Holocaust Hustle, that is.

      BTW, what is the deal with this Mark Weber character? Is he the guy who forcibly took control of the Institute for Historical Review from Willis Carto? I hear he’s some kind of Goy front-man or stooge.

    5. abe foxman Says:

      Dr Toben along with countless others are today’s heretics. Those unafraid to question the lies and half truths of established plutocrats, most of which are either Jews or those that support their lies.

      Just as in the case of Luke O farrell, Dr Toben won’t be cowered by these established bullies.

      We should solute these men. They are true Aryans!

    6. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Good article on Toben; however, I don’t buy into the so-called Rabbi sect fighting against the radical jews. If they were such an organization or army of sorts, these menacing jews would not have gone on so long and so far as they have.

      In my book, they are all in it together and all need to be eradicated: ADL, JDL, JDO, JWC, & all the other jewish terrorist organizations, including Rabbis and the whole works. Fin! Get rid of them all. The Rabbis are just as guilty in profiting from all of our tax dollars as the ADL.

    7. gw Says:

      Good article on Toben; however, I don’t buy into the so-called Rabbi sect fighting against the radical jews.

      They play ALL sides of the game. They ALWAYS do.
      They have multiple strategies.
      Be very wary.

    8. Mohammed Hegazi Says:

      Toben will never give in. Jews are as weak as piss. What makes them appear to be strong is the fear shown by others.