27 October, 2008

White Supremacists Target Middle America

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Gadzooks. When is the Klan going to “eliminate” their sheets – before or after Halloween? It’s something to consider, because if you’re a middle American and you see a guy in a ghost costume, he could really be a Klansman whose pointy hat went soft. He could try to recruit you, and then you’d have to run away from him real fast…


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  7. 13 Responses to “White Supremacists Target Middle America”

    1. HB Says:




    2. Zarathustra Says:

      I don’t like this watering down of the pro-White message just to appeal to the bourgeoisie. If they are too stupid or cowardly to become pro-White, then why waste time pandering to them?

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      Name one earth-shattering event in History where the bourgeoisie were responsible for victory. Revolutions are brought about by small bands of fanatically dedicated rebels and visionaries, not the docile, mall-shopping herd.

    4. JJK Says:

      America needs a respectable moderate WN group. That will draw more people who in turn will start to look at the genetic evidence in racial differences who in turn will become more radical.

    5. Vaultner Says:

      As far as the topic article goes “White Supremacists Target Middle America” I think that’s excellent news & look forward to a positive outcome.

      I can understand your viewpoint but I have to disagree this is just the shot in the arm we need to bolster our numbers great enough to accomplish a White European only society.

      I do prefer the term White Nationalist, Supremacists to me infers the wish to keep the nigger around picking cotton when we’ve perfectly good modern farm equipment. Separatist again spells failure “O.K. ruin the nation we’ve built we’ll go off to the North West & grow scrawny black potatoes”. Not that it’s up to me & I don’t think anyone else really cares at this point.

      Just today a co-worker asked me if I was a White Supremacists my knee jerk reaction was no, not wishing to explain the difference to him I moved back to trying to convince him Obamas a Communist, fell on deaf ears.

      That’s interesting unfortunately the screen shots you provide offer no larger view & therefore cannot be interpreted as to their content.

      I will say without any personal knowledge of or collusion to such possible events when all comes to pass it might not be bad if the Feds were on our side. My guess is that most of them don’t want their daughters with niggers or living in a Communist country.

    6. Zarathustra Says:

      Vaultner, you made very good points about the terms White Supremacist and White Separatist. I think White Nationalist works better, too. And the concept of Pan-Aryanism is also undesirable, because people are tribal by nature, not internationalist.

      You did the right thing by not admitting anything to your nosy co-worker. He’s probably a snitch anyway.

    7. The Red Skull Says:

      Hello,informed people.Ahh,this is a sad event,the jewsmedia will pound this event into the ground for every ounce of white guilt its worth.Too bad,those boys are more like “shock troops” and shouldn’t be allowed to think for themselves.This makes the movement and whites look bad in general.Maybe someone needs to write a pamphlet for all new WN on “how to avoid being a ZOG Stooge”.Too bad.Hey vaultner,don’t waste your breath and time on the braindead,or out yourself at work.Merely say “i’m a concerned citizen of this republic”.Which you are.The Messiah Monkey Magic Mojo has Mystified Most Morons,and even alarms of Communism can’t wake them from their sleep.Your time and effort and everyones for that matter is better spent on personal preperation.

    8. LoveWhite Says:

      JJK – America already has several respectable moderate WN groups. European Americans United (EAU) is one of these for example.

    9. Luek Says:

      This nation is and has always been in more danger from the tyrants that wear black robes than from someone wearing a white one.

      Some people just don’t get it.

    10. Zarathustra Says:

      Good point, Luek. BTW, is there anyone on the Supreme Court who is under 160 years old? I mean, besides that fruit John Edwards.

    11. Blightblingdouche Says:

      Apollonian: It’s time to face facts. Those kids aren’t jews. Besides, kikes don’t live in trailer homes. Schlesselman and Cowart genuinely represent a large subset of the non-movement. Spare us the wishful thinking. WNism needs a thorough housecleaning.

    12. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Notice the anti-White write-up in USA Today regarding Whites are now forming descent family gatherings and they could be secret KKK’s. Notice the tone of mockery here from the anti-White party as if Whites don’t deserve to have family gatherings.

      Anti-White psychopath party is what they are called.

    13. gw Says:

      “Apollonian: It’s time to face facts. Those kids aren’t jews. Besides, kikes don’t live in trailer homes.”

      I have to agree. And from Helena, Arkansas? Please! Hardly likely.
      And there are no Jewish indicators anywhere else here, either.

      It’s not totally impossible, though, I’ll admit. But it’s extremely improbable. Still, every time I say here that someone’s “probably” not a Jew, there’ denial from the paranoid who want to imagine a Jew under every bed. Yes, Jews are out there, undeniably, but they’re not EVERYWHERE! And not everything that happens is because of them.

      And we are quite able to produce whackos and embarassments of our own.