20 October, 2008

Wisconsin Blessed With Racial Diversity

Posted by Socrates in A. Wyatt Mann, dispossession & destruction, Diversity, diversity is hate, mestizos, Mexico, Mexinvasion, Socrates at 10:06 pm | Permanent Link

Those lucky people: They’ve got cheese and Mexicans:


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  7. 8 Responses to “Wisconsin Blessed With Racial Diversity”

    1. outside Says:

      Many of these problems would be avoided if Blacks lived in Africa and Latinos lived south of the Rio Grande – even so, we could substantially reduce the severity of these wild episodes if the law required that brown people eat only vegan meals garnished with free-range insects. The great untold story behind the article’s violent events is that Ms. Smith suffered from gross hyperactivity, largely caused by diet. Allow me to disclose what the article omitted:

      “After breakfasting on sixteen ounces of Velveeta, a generous side of Coco Pebbles, and a bottomless glass of Mountain Dew, Ms. Smith began to shiver excitedly as her digestive and endocrine systems were overcome with super-concentrations of sugarfat. The morning bus ride saw Smith ratcheting up her energy levels with head-throbbing rap music applied via her stolen IPOD. As the songs inspired her butt to bouncing, she popped a half dozen mini muffins from three cellophane packets into her mouth and made a game of chewing to the rhythms of her new-favorite songs.

      “Thirsty from the high speed infusion of junk food, flecks of foam gathered at the corners of Christina’s mouth, and when she finally arrived at school she shoved her way off the bus and made a B-line to the water fountain where Luscious Hernandez was filling her canteen as a precaution against any unanticipated border crossings that might soon arise. As Hernandez turned to see who was casting a shadow over the basin, she farted. It was a bean fart and as such it was a blatant act of racist aggression which left Chistina no choice but to defend the honor of low-IQ Negros everywhere. She started punching the offending face, and kept punching until it became inanimate.”

      Thank you for taking the time and giving your kind attention to the truth. Brown readers are advised to return to your natural diets and habitats.

    2. Zipzap McGee Says:

      Where will I go when America has brownified?


      I have my TV, what more do I need? I send my cable check to the Jews to keep them rich and happy. I even buy Jew alchohol to help their bottom line. That should be enough for them, shouldn’t it? Why should they cause me any real harm as long as I send them money? Let’s just be logical about all of this. It’s not like they’re some sort of evil space aliens who are going to ship all of us off to some death camps, right? Right?

      If things become intolerable, I’ll just start complaining: As Our Lord Saviour and Smasher of Global Jewish Power, William Pierce, demonstrated: The more you complain, the longer the Jews let you live.

      Anyway, who even wants to get on some sort of list by talking about boycotts and revolt – especially during Eastern Division playoffs?

    3. Hans Schneider Says:

      that is like being blessed with AIDS !

    4. Germania Says:

      This is no surprise, really.

      The blacks act ridiculous, which is how they get what they want in the first place. By convincing whites that it isn’t worth the effort to fight back against their blunt, brutish behavior – and because whitey thinks he is to blame for this behavior because his family may or may not have enslaved, mistreated or suppressed blacks in the past – blacks obtain power and reputation in the school. They act the same way towards our women, and the women embrace them because MTV says being a “gansta monkey” is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Furthermore, white women are put into this position because they are taught not be have an awareness of their racial identity, nor to stick up for those who threaten it.

      The Latinos don’t buy any of that white guilt bullshit, plus they themselves represent a culturally-proud group on the brink of hip hop thuggery, too. Small surprise this event ended like it did. Things will continue to be like this for a long time to come to…and if the blacks think the Latinos will continue to nurse them with special privileges like the “woe is me” white folk have, they are in for a rude awakening.

    5. Luek Says:

      Just imagine this time next year if you say you didn’t vote for Obama and you do not accept the little skinny assed biological freak as your President you will probably lose you job and have your car “keyed” in the parking lot while you go through your out processing.

    6. Stan Sikorski Says:

      Yeah, Madison (the capital of the state) is enfested with niggers and spics… and dots, muzzies, jews, hmong, slopes, slants, etc.

      But as soon as you leave this liberal melting pot by only a few miles or minutes, you are back to hundreds of miles of farms, little towns and White folks. It is where you start to count the numbers of muds on one hand.

      I gig all over southern Wisconsin and it is the rare occasion when I will see one groid or mex walk into a club that I’m playing. They are very rare and stand out like a turd on a white sheet.

      I’m sure as you get towards Milwaulkee it gets darker, but put that up against shotgun/assult rifle/handgun owning Whites across the state, the niggers, jews, queers, spics and slopes don’t have a chance.

      Throw a fence around Madison and torch the plot.

    7. Zarathustra Says:

      Why do the cops and the Jewspapers make a big deal about incidents like this? Just seal off the exits at Malcolm X High School and let the muds annihilate each other. Cities used to be the places where the professional and ruling classes resided. Now they’re just dumping grounds for subhuman waste and two legged cockroaches.

    8. MadDog Says:

      We have the same problem here near Chicago. The Niggers are pissed because the Spics have moved in on their territory and are undercutting the Drug business. Meanwhile, the white kids are stuck in the middle with no protection from either group of sub-humans. White People Wake Up!