15 November, 2008

Bretton Woods II—No Way

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by Patrick J. Buchanan: [Here].

More about Harry D. White and Bretton Woods: [Here].

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    1. Zarathustra Says:

      Even though I am not a conservative like Patrick J., I generally agree with him on most points. However, I have a problem with Nixon taking this country off the gold standard in 1971. He probably did it at the behest of his Court Jews.

      It’s been almost 40 years since then and the dollar is not exactly any better off for it. The cost of living has increased 10X since 1970, yet average annual income has only doubled, or tripled at best.

    2. Gage Says:

      I’m beginning to not agree with banks or anything of the sort. Just the concept of a group of people controlling your money should make you uncomfortable.

    3. A. Says:

      This is rich. And Pat Buchanan is a hopeless patriotard, but there are worse things.

      “No way, Brownie. Americans are not going to fund such a bank, nor cede it authority, nor abide by its dictates. We are not yet a Third World nation dependent on the IMF. “ Writes Buchanan.

      Yet Bush has checked out, looks like a fool slurring that we must give up all sovereignty because a depression worse then the great depression looms, and Obama is missing in action AND both of them believe the same solution for the problem is exactly what has caused it, more debt expansion.…..

      AMERICANS HAVE ALREADY CEADED IT AUTHORITY TO A CENTRAL BANK!!!!!! Didn’t the 700 billion dollar bail out, with no regulatory oversite, against the wishes of a majority of people illustrate this?. There already has been a bloodless coo, and a complete take over by unregulated financial institutions, not National ones, but Jewish ruled Private ones!

      Yet, somehow Buchanan thinks that it is only “Brown (that) wants the IMF to become the “global central bank,” the Fed of the world economy.” It already is! And it WILL expand its authority the bankers demand this be the case.

      “Brown and Sarkozy may believe a new era of multilateralism is upon us, in which they will play great roles, as the bad old Bush era of American unilateralism ends. But should Obama begin to cede U.S. sovereignty, he will find himself in the same firestorm that engulfed George Bush and John McCain when they sought amnesty for 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens.”

      That is the point. Will Obama find himself under the same scrutiny or because he has “made history” as the first Black President will he be given a pass????? Will he find himself under a “firestorm”? He certainly wasn’t in the campaign EVEN though he VOTED for the bail out and handed the bankers complete control, promotes globalism and war.

      “The Europeans are dreaming. It is nationalism, not globalism or multilateralism, that is resurgent worldwide. Recall: China, India and the United States rejected the Kyoto Protocols on global warming. And even if Obama agrees to global climate change demands, Beijing will not. “

      Buchanan is dreaming, and he is out of touch. It is irrelevant what the plebeians desire, for they have no POWER. There is no resurgence of “Nationalism” Where? The ZOG’s around the Western World will do everything to prevent Soverienty for anyone anywhere. And who cares about Kyoto? Defiance of it is hardly “Nationalism.”

    4. Zarathustra Says:

      Well, Russia and Belorussia are pretty nationalistic, as are Venzuela, Bolivia and Cuba………Buchanan’s right, globalism will fail, it’s against human nature.

      Just because Buchanan is a right-winger doesn’t mean everything he says is wrong, you know. And the taxpayer-funded bailout of Wall Street is more like $1.3 trillion and climbing.

    5. A. Says:

      The truth of what I am writing here has nothing to do with me not liking right wingers, And that is not the case at all. Watch the BBC, read the papers, look at the internet – in the main stream media of everywhere you turn, you will discover that there are already seeds being planted against Russia. This is a fact.

      I admire Pat Buchanan, but he is WRONG. And there will be a Nuclear World War before Nationalism anywhere takes hold! Bolivia is the ONLY truly Nationalistic Socialist state you mentioned and there is a massively funded US campaign as we speak against Morales! And he is a good man, a decent man and a true nationalist and he will be booted OUT and perhaps him and his people starved to death first. There is a US BLOCKADE against these poverty stricken people because of their desire for SOCIAL NATIONALISM. How is that a movement towards Nationalism? It isn’t, it is a clear movement against it.

    6. A. Says:

      There is nothing quite like starving to death impoverished people for the USZOG. There is no other foriegn policy initiative except to squash “Nationalism” where ever it rears its ugly head. This policy will not change under Obama as almost all of his staff are former Clinton advsors and they ALL were for war in Serbia. Let us not forget that Natioalism is so scary for Mrs. Clinton that she actually hallucinated being under sniper fire!

    7. Zarathustra Says:

      You are correct when you state that “Democracies” (ie, Jew/Internationalist/Plutocrat-controlled countries), resort to the forced starvation of the enemy ‘s civilian population (eg, the Gaza Strip currently, the Boer population of South Africa during the Boer War, the Irish with the Potato Famine, the Ukraine in the early 30s, Iraq during the “no-fly zones” era) as a sure way of subjugating the victim once and for all.

      And anyone who criticizes the Federal Reserve, Central Banking in general, the Religion of the Holohoax, the supposed “equality” of the races or the sacred doctrine of “Free Trade” is likewise abused, threatened and ridiculed until they too are silenced or destroyed by the forces of “Freedom”.

    8. A. Says:

      Yes. See, Pat Buchanan is dreaming. Like I wrote, it does not matter what is truth, it does not matter what the plebeians desire, it only matters what the power structure desires and it is NOT sovereignty for any one anywhere Look at this look at this, it is direct contradiction of what Pat wrote, everyone is on the same page, and it a globalist page……:


      And Obama’s proposed deal with the auto makers is pay back you know, not a sign of “nationalism.” It is political pay back for the support that the unions gave him. And what the automakers want is pension security and guaranteed medical insurance and they want it paid for by the taxpayers. Just more political cronyism.

    9. Karen Says:

      Hey guys, I was driving by the famous Bretton Woods Hotel today with ill feelings. I work with my husband building cable all over NH and VT. We drove by this place today. My husband is not much of a history buff. I did fill him in to that history today………