23 November, 2008

Child Psychology

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Wife: “Honey, why are today’s kids so troubled?”

Husband: “They don’t eat enough green vegetables!”

Maybe if all of the “experts” on children’s behavior weren’t Jews, kids wouldn’t be so messed-up.

The field of child psychology could be called “Jewish.” Let’s look at some of the more-famous Jews in that field, including the pioneers:

— Leo Kanner (a pioneer in the field)

— Moritz Tramer (a pioneer)

— Sandor Ferenczi (a colleague of Sigmund Freud, and a pioneer)

— Anna Freud (daughter of Sigmund, and a pioneer)

— Margaret Mahler

— Rene Spitz (author of the book “The First Year of Life”)

— Melanie R. Klein (British; specialized in play analysis)

— Bruno Bettelheim (was accused of fraud and abuse)

— Fritz Redl

— Lauretta Bender (developed the Bender Gestalt Test)

— Eda LeShan (née Grossman; an anti-spanking advocate)

— Curt Bondy (specialized in adolescents)

— Charlotte Buhler (author of the book “The Child and His Family”)

Haim Ginott

  • 11 Responses to “Child Psychology”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      It’s amazing how many self-styled experts the Sacred Ones can produce. Yup, from child-rearing to the economy to history to science to journalism, the Jew knows everything (except how to clean his house or groom himself).

    2. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:

      The Jew is skilled only in sophistry. Look at what professions he pursues: it is never the hard sciences, trades or anything else of value. They’re always freaking psychologists, journalists, “anthropologists” (whitey is always better at that field), financiers, etc, etc. Parasites.

      It makes you wonder: in the event of white race replacement, how will the kikes survive without the technology that whites develop? After all, they depend on hi-tech for their imperial designs. Have those hateful demons of decay even thought that far ahead?

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      Krystian, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Jews are like any other parasites, in that they don’t realize that by killing off their host, they kill themselves, too. You’re absolutelly right when you say the Jews gravitate towards non-producing, parasitic occupations like journalism, organized crime, law and finance. They seem to believe that honest work is for “schmucks”.

    4. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:

      “non-producing, parasitic occupations like journalism”

      Heh heh – Uh oh.

      Not you, Alex. We were talking about MSM journalists.

    5. shabbos s. shabazz Says:


      “To look on and offer unwanted, usually meddlesome advice to others.”

      Their God is OPINION, IMHO. Like the opinion of the financial guru, or head counterfeiter. Like Dr. Kissinger, of Kissinger Associates. I recall a little kyke named Ira Fistel, who had a show (radio) on KABC (LA) (1980s). I will never forget what he said: “I HATE ANYTHING THAT HAS A RIGHT ANSWER.”

      This last remark reveals almost all one would want to know about jew psychology. It is an all but explicit admission of hatred for reality. WHEN EVERYTHING IS MERELY OPINION, NO ONE-NO JEW- CAN EVER BE WRONG. EGOS CAN NEVER BE CRUSHED.

      The opinion-people live in a world of fraud, but not the kind that can be proven (in court). The shrink offers 10 hours of “therapy”- he will show up 10 times (usually). Where is the fraud?
      Simply, that the therapy, ahem, doesn’t work.

      The kibbitzer offers unsolicited advice at a card game.

      And wants to get paid for it.

    6. jim donaldson Says:

      I went to therapy once. My doc, who was not a jew, told me to stop thinking and get to work.

    7. Cpt. Candor Says:

      Ah, Psychology! Just one of many indicators that a civilization is becoming too “safe” and affluent for its own good (other, more advanced indicators include fag/sado-masochism parades, large conventions focused on childish garbage like comic books and computer games, and television programs with taglines like “REAL FAMILIES,” “REAL LIVES,” “REAL DRAMA.”)

      I especially love the infantile blubbering over “school bullies” that has been picked up by the jewsnews lately. My nephew, the smartest kid in his class, also happens to be the shortest, and gets verbally harassed, often to the point of tears, by the class nigger because of this. Where some would advise “grief counseling,” I simply told him that the loudmouth brat was probably jealous of him due to intelligence disparity, and that he should remember that WORDS AREN’T KNIVES. I can’t help laughing at how feeble and infantile so-called “parents” in this country have become every time I see a teary-eyed article discussing bullying as though it’s something worth appropriating tax money over.

    8. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      To hell with jew psychology! When my lovely, artistic daughter was picked on my three female bullies, I told her to wait until the teacher was out of the room or had turned her back on the class, pick up her heaviest book, and hit the largest and most aggressive of her tormentors. across her face. My sweet-natured daughter followed my instructions, and the leader-bully ended up with a huge, red mark on her face. She-bully and the others left my daughter alone after that encounter without the need for school counseling, or any other type of so-called professional help.

    9. Zarathustra Says:

      In the old days, kids would fight to resolve a problem that could not be resolved by any other means. It was a normal part of the growing up process. Now, there is a big push by liberals, Jew child psychologists, “educators” and “experts” to emasculate boys emotionally (especially White boys). The little guys are lectured on making “poor choices”, “inappropriate behavior” and “conflict resolution” when what they really need is to just be allowed to be boys, dammit.

      This is what happens when there is no responsible father figure around to help raise these little guys. Many boys today have no fathers, they are just surrounded by females all day long. No wonder they act so crazy!

      One more thing: If I ever have a son, I will make DAMN SURE he DOES NOT get circumsized. That is Semitic genital mutilation and I will not tolerate it in my White family.

    10. Zarathustra Says:

      BTW, I was not refering to Mr. Linder or any other intelligent, responsible, pro-White writers when I disparaged journalism as a profession. I was thinking of such invaluable, indispensible individuals like Tom Friedman, Charles Krauthammer, Joe Klein, Judith Miller, Carl Bernstein, Chris Wallace, his dad Mike Wallace, Geraldo Rivera, Larry King and all those other Jews in the mass media who decide what we will see, hear and think.

    11. gw Says:

      Zara said: Jews gravitate towards non-producing, parasitic occupations like journalism, organized crime, law and finance. They seem to believe that honest work is for “schmucks”.

      They’ll even tell you how to grow houseplants, how to organize your closets, how to invest your money, where to eat, see a movie, and how to fix your love life. Amazing! They have TV and jewspaper columnists for all of that. As if none of us can figure out anything for ourselves. However did we dummies manage all these centuries, without them advising us?

      Oh, but as for work, I do have to give them some credit here. In fact, Jews can work very, very hard — at getting others to work for them.