10 November, 2008

Everything Must Be Jew-Approved Today

Posted by Socrates in jewed culture, Jewish arrogance, Socrates, Western culture at 11:59 pm | Permanent Link

Even the names of ships have to be okayed by the self-chosen:


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  7. 14 Responses to “Everything Must Be Jew-Approved Today”

    1. gw Says:

      After all these years, they make a fuss! They even monitor the names of ships. My, my.

      These little odds and ends of history still keep popping up here and there, like old undiscovered land mines.

    2. Zarathustra Says:

      Why can’t anyone admit they or their father was a member of the SS or the NSDAP or the Hitlerjugend without having to shit their pants over it? The Waffen SS was the best group of warriors in military history, so what’s there to be ashamed of? Maybe if some people just stood up to those Jew assholes and roared out “Yes, I was in the Waffen SS and I’m goddamned proud of it!!!!” the Jews would be too flabbergasted to say anything and the whole issue would be dropped.

    3. ZipZap McGee Says:

      Zarathustra, like practically all White Nationalists, has never bothered to actually try to understand the Enemy. (I didn’t say “empathize”, I said “understand”.)

      Jews don’t care what you say or think or what you say or think or PROVE is right. What’s “right” is whatever destroys you and empowers him. You will never placate, convince or embarass him to right action, justice and fair play. He’s like that alien in “Independence Day” when asked what he wants of us: “to die”. The Jew is the rancher, we are the cattle. Our destiny is to toil in the fields for the Jew, and die. Says who? God(tm).

      The only way to stop the Jew is to stop him. He will not stop himself; he’s been on a roll for 4,000 years.

      With that in mind, if you all expect for your family tree to remain in the Book of Life — you had better stop spending your money like 14 year old Whiggers and start building personal and organizational infrastructure. You’re already Palestinians. Better start fighting a war — cuz THEY are.

    4. Cpt. Candor Says:

      ZipZap’s right. Diseases are not to be reasoned with, only purged.

    5. Z.O.G. Says:

      What do you do to parasites and cancers?

      I think we all know the answer to that one. ;-)

    6. Frank Degrassi Says:

      Who the hell do they think they are? My father was in the Waffen SS and fought on the Eastern Front and he was NOT a ” Murderous Nazi Waffen SS ”!! He was wounded, taken prisoner and died in prison.
      He was a righteous, honest, courageous and God fearing person and I resent it when ANYBODY refers to him as a ” murderous being ”.
      So fed up with their sickening meddling.

    7. Terrorsaurus Says:

      ZipZap McGee, I’ll get in a trench with you any time.

      That alien you referred to also hissed to his human captors the words “No peace.”

      Jews are the viruses, and the world is their body. We’re the white blood cells they’ve targeted for extermination, because we’re the only things that can successfully resist the plague which the Jews are.

      They’re animals, just like us. And all animals are mortal. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance. In 100 years we’ll either be free of the jew, or we’ll be extinct.

      And Mother Nature won’t give a shit either way.

    8. Dagon Says:

      When certain elements of the “self-chosen” criticize people for having had relatives in the Waffen-SS I often wonder how many of the “self-chosen” finger-pointers themselves have murderous Communist Political Officers or NKVD agents for relatives. I’m sure the results would be interesting, not to mention enlightening. The teapot calling the kettle black anyone?

    9. Zarathustra Says:


      I’m afraid I have left you with the wrong impression. I do in fact understand the Enemy. I read his newspapers and listen to his radio and TV broadcasts every day. I even write letters to his editors. Not because I am a glutton for punishment, but because I need to know what Shylock is up to. While doing this, I have discerned a consistent pattern in the Enemy’s thinking.

      My point was that if you, a racially concious White, are confronted by vicious, hate-filled Jews, don’t let them see you squirm and don’t make any apologies.¬†¬†Weakness and fear will just feed their contempt for you. I know damn well the Jew cares nothing for the truth, but he will respect an opponent with brains and BALLS.

    10. The Red Skull Says:

      Of course everything has to be jew- approved or its just not “kosher”They,like some of their words,have infected our society so badly,with so much of their Venom,that once you free yourself,you wonder how you endured it.You see its effects all around in the loss of confidence,uncertainty and apprehension,that the goy are expriencing alot lately.The Jews Right Now ARE superior to us because They have 2 key things whites in general are missing-1-Racial Solidarity Among Themselves,and 2-NO REMORSE for how they f*ck other “people” over.Don’t see any jews whining over the treatment of the Pally’s now do ya?But try and crack down on the helpless “undocumented workers” and oy vey!The wailing and the crying,and the misery,and the racism,Oy!One standard for them they adhere to without question,another for their always submissive,brainwashed victims.Until Whites Get Tight And Stand Together,We’ll all hang separately(figuratively and maybe literally) as “eeviill naadsees”.The Truth is an Anti-Semite.

    11. Hans Schneider Says:

      it was not the correct and decent Germans that caused our present financial problems but a race of thieves and predatory shysters as usual anywhere and anytime !

    12. Frank Degrassi Says:

      I suggest that the new ship be named ” Ariel Sharon ” :-)

    13. Zarathustra Says:

      How about tcalling the new ship the Wilhelm Gustlaff II? or the Tirpitz II? Bismarck II? Graf Spee II? the Gneisenau II? Led Zeppelin II?

    14. Xerxes Says:

      ” The german race is model.” “By comparison the jewish race is parasitic.” I can see this quotation in ten foot high block letters painted on the stern of the ship beneath the name.Might as well warn the rest of the world as she steams around.