14 November, 2008

Genome Science

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The Jews and the egalitarians are already worried that advances in genetic science will reveal important racial differences between Whites and muds that can’t be explained away by Jewish “experts”:


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  7. 11 Responses to “Genome Science”

    1. Osama bin Laden Says:

      Let us remember that Jews singlehandedly retarded the field of genetic study and race in anthropology, sociology, and psychology for decades. Jews like Boas, Gould, and Lewontin dedicated their lives to trying to disprove race and racial differences.

      All of these hacks have been shamed by advances in science. Yet, there still exists a strong crowd of race-deniers and biology-deniers who pin their reasoning on purely social explanations.

      Jews and their left-wing goy offspring such as the peddler of interracial pornography Razib Khan (of GNXP) are trying to steer genetic & racial research into an anti-racist direction but it is of little success, simply because the research doesn’t fit their anti-racist ideology.

      Scientists are becoming more brave and it is slowly becoming less taboo to publish studies that shine the light on genetic determinism of individual and group differences.

      I believe we are going to win this war – the facts are firmly on our side. We live in an age of rapid information exchange. The Jews simply cannot put a lid on it like they used to.

      The Jews are soiling themselves over this topic because they know eventually people are going to look to THEM to be blamed (rightfully) for the decades of miserable social policies in society.

      For the newbies out there, I would suggest the following readings:

      Race, Evolution, & Behavior by J. Philippe Rushton: http://www.charlesdarwinresearch.org/Race_Evolution_Behavior.pdf

      The various essays by Frank Salter on “Ethnic Genetic Interests”: http://majorityrights.com/index.php/weblog/egi (a more complete exposition on this topic by Salter is available from Amazon)

      Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy on Jews (Jewish culture and history studied from an evolutionary/group-survival perspective): http://www.kevinmacdonald.net/books.htm

    2. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      All races are evolved to survive in their original environments, and each should be treated with respect, but with a practical knowledge of the differences.

      The differences among races are, and have been, illuminated by scientific findings like a comet blazing through the night sky. Our ancestors knew this by their own form of science–they observed, came up with an hypothesis, and tested and confirmed that hypothesis over and over, all without benefits of labs or microscopes. People of 100 years ago knew of racial differences, by their own experiences. To suggest anything else to them would have been met with laughter.

      The extent to which genetics controls racial and individual karma may prove to be huge, even though it is statistically small! Humans and chimps are something like 96% similar, so a small percentage can lead to huge differences. And men and women are even closer than that, but the common sense of our ancestors could see the obvious differences.

      Perhaps the long, illusory egalitarian winterflu is almost over?

    3. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      “Perhaps the long, illusory egalitarian winterflu is almost over?”

      No, it won’t be over until we wrest control of the media. Because the jewsmedia will never report the findings, no matter how scientific and factual. It must fit their multicultural, egalitarian world view or we’ll never hear about it.

      No, we are fucked until we take control of the media.

    4. Summer's End Says:

      Tangentially – it has always been claimed that Israeli weapons engineers have been working to develop an “ethnic biological weapon”, i.e. one that targets Arabs and not Jews. The problem is that Jews are so genetically similar to their other Semitic neighbors that finding unique genetic identifying markers must be extraordinarily difficult.

      One particular avenue of research that I’m sure has not escaped the attention of weapon engineers is the ability of some bacteria and viruses to trigger autoimmune diseases in a host. Roughly speaking, after immune cells are synthesized in the bone marrow, they go through a “screening process” where they are exposed to proteins that they will normally encounter in the body. Ones that “overreact” to their host’s cells are selected against. However, sometimes a virus or bacteria that invades the body has a protein structure that is so similar in certain regards to normal human cells that the immune system becomes confused and attacks the body along with the invader. The neurological degeneration and inflammation caused by HIV, Cogan’s Syndrome, SLE, and myasthenia gravis are all suspected to have a molecular mimicry component.

      If you’re a biological weapon’s engineer looking to target certain ethnicity, this is perfect. There are ethnic distinctions among major histocomatability complexes, and if you can figure out a way to trigger autoimmune diseases by way of a virus or bacteria it’s the ultimate in plausible deniability. The causal agent infects the person and is gone quickly and then the person’s own immune system finishes the job. There have always been conspiracy theories that things like this were being worked on with Lyme disease bacteria and relapsing fever at the former US biological weapons lab on Plum Island, NY – only 20 or so miles across Long Island Sound from Old Lyme, CT.

    5. jim donaldson Says:

      Genetic similarities, like quanities on different sides of an equation, cancel each other out, and it’s the differences that matter. The “96%” or so genetic material shared by chimps and humans is meaningless. What matters is the 4% difference.

      The difference between chimps and bonobos is very small, as is the difference between wolves and dogs, about as small as the differences between blacks and whites, yet these are different species, and blacks and whites aren’t?

      It’s not a matter of skin color, or IQ. It’s a matter of evolution, and, per Dr Pierce, where we are going.

    6. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Apply an extreme toxin to pennies. Throw ’em to the ground.
      My two cents for the day.

    7. Zarathustra Says:

      Sickle-cell anemia is a disease peculiar to Negroes. Forensic investigators at crime scenes can determine whether the bones of a victim were those of a White or a Negro. The Negro skull is smaller and thicker than human skulls are. Negores are 14 times as likely to get the AIDS virus. Negroes are also much more likely to get diabetes and high blood pressure than regular people.

      The Red Cross secretly segregates the blood of Negro and White donors for health reasons, although they no longer admit it. Goldfish have 96% of the same DNA as people do, chimps 98%, so little differences do mean a lot. There are about 200,000 years of evolution separtating Negroids form Caucasoids.

      Facts are stubborn things.

    8. jim donaldson Says:

      shabbos s. shabazz: But what happens when my Da, an old Scotman, picks them up? : ) You need a more specific weapon.

    9. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Gulp. My middle name is Kerr. Smart folks know that modern coinage is nearly worthless, and won’t bend over for anything less than a Krugerrand. For jews, it’z instinctual- they will pick up a penny, knowing the small value- thus, it is biological.

      They are driven by that primitive part of the brain that Siggy called the “yid.”

    10. Coup d'Etat Says:

      More importantly, genetic differences will show between Whites and jews which will explain why jews wanted to hide those differences. It would be a tragedy to have detail information that jews are closely related to the negroes even in prehistoric times and are carriers to many diseases which explains why we have many immunizations. The jews hoped to squash this revelation by Celler’s affirmative action and Title VII which would eventually make the Whites poor and uneducated and keep Whites from revealing the truth.

    11. Z.O.G. Says:

      Coup d’Etat Says:

      “More importantly, genetic differences will show between Whites and jews which will explain why jews wanted to hide those differences.”