17 November, 2008

Human Intelligence: Black Thinking vs. White Thinking

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Now that Obama has been elected president, this important issue is being revisited for the benefit of newbies:

“At learning tasks which require only memory – for example, simple arithmetical operations and spelling – properly motivated Blacks can do nearly as well as Whites. But at tasks which require abstraction, or inference of a general rule from a series of instances – and this includes virtually all problem-solving operations – Black performance falls fall (sic) below that of Whites.” (“The Roots of Civilization” by Dr. William L. Pierce first appeared in National Vanguard magazine #59 in 1978 and later became a National Vanguard Books leaflet. It’s one of the most important essays Dr. Pierce ever wrote).

The rest is [Here].

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  7. 20 Responses to “Human Intelligence: Black Thinking vs. White Thinking”

    1. Stronza Says:

      “The level of civilization that a people can develop and maintain is a function of the biological quality, the racial quality, of that people – in particular, of its problem-solving ability…”

      The speaker previously referred to “racial interbreeding and other dysgenic practices” as the cause of lowered IQ. I would be interested in your opinions as to what other practices might be lowering IQs even though we are continuing to reproduce with our own kind.

    2. Zarathustra Says:

      I just read a story that in Somalia, Moslem Negroes executed a 13 year old colored girl for the “crime” of being gang-raped by three “adult” Negro males. She was dragged screaming into a soccer stadium, where 1000 cheering Negro spectators demanded her death. This was accomplished by burying her up to her head and having 50 Moslem Negro males throw rocks at her head for 10 minutes.

      Amazingly, a handful of Negroes attempted to rescue her, but they were shot at by Moslem Negro soldiers, who managed to also kill an 8 year old colored boy in the process.

      Meanwhile, in the USA, NASA engineers are celebrating the successful end of the Mars Phoenix probe, which collected valuable data from the Martian surface for 2 months longer than it was designed to. The data will help determine if there could be microscopic life inside the Martian permafrost.

      Um, I forget, so can someone please remind me how we came to the enlightened conclusion that all the races are equal?

    3. Socrates Says:

      Smart women aren’t having kids (they’re having careers instead), while dumb women are. Another problem is modern schools. And too much TV.

    4. Zoroastro Says:

      “At learning tasks which require only memory – for example, simple arithmetical operations and spelling – properly motivated Blacks can do nearly as well as Whites…”
      Memory? Blacks can spell?? Where, when? That’s a very generous overestimation to say the least. With all the editing and proofing machinery behind the (properly motivated ;-) black ‘writers’ they are generally still as illiterate and language hostile as your average street obamba. It seems to me that their ‘simple arithmetical operations’ leave much to be desired too….

    5. zoomcopter Says:

      Dr Pierce would know, as he was a physicist, which requires a high level of intelligence. Negroes are always depicted as scientists in movies, with a kindly old Jew as his mentor.

    6. Zarathustra Says:

      And in the movies, the bad guy is always some cold-blooded, Nordic-looking, androgynous type with steely blue eyes, close-cropped platinum blond hair and a black leather trenchcoat. Quick, Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum to the rescue!

    7. Susan Says:

      I use the phrase “magic negro” quite often when I’m talking to Whites about racial issues. They always open their eyes wide and profess to not know what I mean. So…..I explain to them what it means. Then…..they profess not to understand what I mean. So I explain again. Then….they profess they don’t agree with me….mostly. And so it goes….

      The most potent image I have of the “magic negro” and his “marvelous” verbal skills is the black athlete holding court with some idiotic White or jew reporter who hangs on every word of the sub-saharan. I’ve listened to a few radio shows on a local rock station that has a specific member of the Atlanta Falcons on, I think, every Friday afternoon. You can hear that the audience must be mostly White or all White. You can just imagine that the niggerballer is flashing those pearly whites of his as he attempts to smooth talk his way through the interview. And he talks, and everyone laughs and appears to be having a jolly good time.

      But, if you listen closely, as I do, you hear someone who really can’t express himself all that well, gets interrupted a lot by the White interviewer who gives the niggerballer a lot of verbal cues to make his points, and an audience who is probably too full of beer to really give a shit.

      Here in Atlanta, most tv stations have the required black male/White female newsreaders or the required White male/black female duo. Sometime it’s fun just to imagine what’s going through the White person’s mind as they look at the nigger running his/her mouth and have to pretend what is being said is either interesting or intelligent.


      On a similar but sad note, I used to so enjoy watching Masterpiece Theater on Sunday evenings on PBS. But, in the past several years, what used to be pleasant dramas filled with Whites has been replaced by dour, depressing dramas full of stupid, sorry Whites, angry, hostile White women in positions of authority, and the ever so smart, competent, and dependable nigger.

      It’s so obvious what’s wrong with Britain these days by looking at what’s coming out of the BBC.

    8. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Jewish control of BBC and other English media:


    9. Susan Says:

      Well, thanks Shabbos. That was certainly depressing. Actually, when I think of the last time I watched something really good and pro White, it was probably as far back as the early eighties when they showed A Town Like Alice, an Australian production. That may have been the last really good production I saw on PBS.

      Well, its no wonder then that everything has White women with nigger boyfriends, angry, hostile White women in positions of authority lashing out at incompetent White men, and the “magic negro” coming to the rescue. Ohhhhhhhh……I’m so depressed.

      There really is almost no entertainment anymore for pro White people. I don’t go to movies anymore. I don’t watch tv anymore. All I have is music and old movies before the mid fifties, with a rare modern film thrown into the mix.

    10. gb Says:

      I know a fellow that worked blacks in construction, tile, and he said that they could not remember what you taught them. As soon as you came back to something in a few days/weeks they had forgotten how to do that specific job.

    11. Z.O.G. Says:

      Hey, Zarathustra, don’t you mean, “Will Smif”?

      hahaha :-)

    12. Dagon Says:

      Your post about the common reverence of white sports fans for black athletes is spot on. I’ve never understood why so many whites fawn all over black players, let alone seem to be having a great time when they run their mouths off. As you say, quite often the black player in question is an under-educated product of a single parent home with no Dad in sight. Add to this the fact that rarely can such persons speak standard English, let alone command language well enough to actually be interesting to listen to.

      Members of my own family are alot like the white radio listeners you describe. So many of them are heavily into sports – I’ve always been the blacksheep among that side of the family in that professional sports have never interested me. Several of my maternal relatives keep religiously up-to-date on professional and college sports and speak breathlessly about the latest black ‘wonderkid’ who is ‘really giving a good year’ to some team or other. I’ve always fantisized that I could bring one of these heroic and supposedly awe-inspiring blacks over to a family gathering. I’m sure, very quickly, they’d realize how alien he was to them and their well educated, urbane, suburban lives and world-view.

      You’re right without a doubt. This white fascination with black sports players is downright bizarre. From the time I was a little kid, I was either repelled by most black sports stars or I thought them rather pathetic excuses for men – at best athletic giants but mental and emotional dwarves.

    13. Dagon Says:

      I also agree with what’s happening to alot of British programming as represented by what we in the states see on on PBS, BBC America, and A+E. Growing up, I remember my parents watching alot of fairly current English dramas, comedies, and documentaries – mainly on these two channels. Whether it was a Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, or PD James mystery, a Richard Attenborough-narrated nature show, or something like Keepling Up Appearances, I never detected any overt anti-white or multi-cult agenda as I had long detected such agendas embedded in American programming.

      Naturally, anything on the ETO of WWII either here or in the UK engages willy-nilly in German-bashing but I’m sort of leaving WWII-related stuff asde.

      More recently however, i.e. in the last fifteen years, general British programming has gotten alot more multi-cult. Some of its been embedded under a laugh-track or has been adroitly managed as a side gag like the smart, sensitive, woman Paki police constable in The Thin Blue Line contrasted with her office-mate – the bigoted/stupid/white man character of Inspector Fowler.

      In other programs though, like the British version of Law and Order or CSI (the name of which escapes me at the moment, I beleive its more like a drama about MI-5) Brit mulit-cult is on full display in all its hatred and meglomania disguised as “tolerance.”

    14. Socrates Says:

      By the way: you can buy copies of the “Roots of Civilization” leaflet:

    15. ZipZap McGee Says:

      Two Subjects:

      Why is IQ falling?
      Answer: Partly that smart women have careers instead of kids. But “IQ” is falling because education and childhood development have been hijacked by the Jews. Bella Dodd wrote a book, “School of Darkness”, from personal experience on how the Judeo-Coms in this country started “leveling” children in the 1930’s!!! Video games also contribute to low literacy and behavioral problems (even if non-violent), especially in the heavier users — that would be boys, who are then poisoned with Ritalin.

      Why do Whites worship Blacks?
      Answer: For the same reason they worship a panopoly of false celebrity… we Aryans see a crowd adulating someone on a stage and we ASSUME that the “celebrity” is meritorious. What we don’t realize is that the Jew owns the stage and has hired the crowd (reporters/critics/columnists) to create the bogus adulation. Unsuspecting Aryans are thus drawn into the madness of (Jewish) crowds, not realizing that they are being “played” (marketeered).

    16. Susan Says:

      We all make excellent points about the reality of living in a jewified, niggerfied world. Hope those are two words that make sense to you all.

      The question continues to be, of course, is what are we gonna do about all of this? I just posted a response over on the Phora on a thread about the late Sam Francis, someone whom I admired a lot. He had a lot of good ideas about things, although some here may not have felt he went far enough. I don’t know.

      But the thread is about Francis’ use of the term Anarcho-tyranny. I ended my comments by saying basically “So, what are we gonna do about all of this? Keep typing away on a keyboard in our jammies sipping coffee? Or get out in the real world like serious commandos (as opposed to keyboard variety) and actually do something?

      Just food for thought.

      We’re smart people. It’d be such a shame to never do anything with all this genius.

    17. jim donaldson Says:

      “Anatomists have been aware for many years of the morphological differences, between the brains of Blacks and Whites, and neurologists and psychologists today understand that it is in precisely those portions of the brain which in Blacks are less developed than in Whites that abstract reasoning takes place.”

      Unlike what others would have you believe, it isn’t just skin color. The “ugly” goes all the way in. Different brains, different “souls”.

      Anyone who still thinks we are the same species as blacks, raise your right hand.

    18. Zarathustra Says:

      Please, PLEASE, Mr. Linder. Don’t ban the Pizza Man! It’s about time some anti had the guts to post on this site. But actually, he should be called Straw Man, because of his Straw Man arguments.

    19. Wayne Says:

      a few days ago on the western channel,a movie, Chato a half pache Injun gets even with white men for denying him a drink in town guns down the sheriff, then the white possee after Cchato rapes his wife for the hell of it, then the whites are pictured as dumb and stupid kill crazy, fighting amongst each other and killing each other and inept about catching Chato and Chato played by Charles Bronson one of the chosen, is this accidental? then on the history channel a subject about time travel pictured going back in time and stopping WW2 by murdering Hitler and stopping the SS as they were the most evil thing that happened in history even bar Stalin and Mao. both stories made white people esp white men appear to be rapists, alcoholics, inept fighters and trackers and your supposed to feel good when they are murdered and killed . then the history channel pics white people again esp white men in Germany s the epitome of evil and again should cheer when they are exterminated to be stopped. all this is but two they are many many more with anti white themes on the jewish controlled tube.

    20. Fran├žois Says:

      I’d say the worst case of black athlete adulation would be… Tiger Woods!

      I mean, he’s made a lot more money doing endorsements than by being paid to play professional golf, right?

      And I guess, because he is a successful Black athlete (who possibly went to an Ivy League college thnaks to affirmative action), he now has the mandatory White trophy wife…

      Man! Have I had it with those little buttonned all the way to the top polo shirts of his!