27 November, 2008

Leni Riefenstahl Movies

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Watch the German documentaries “Triumph of the Will” and “Olympia” online:

[VNN Forum thread].

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  7. 21 Responses to “Leni Riefenstahl Movies”

    1. Marwinsing Says:

      Leni’s my kind of woman.

    2. Zarathustra Says:

      It’s a real crime what the French occupation authorities did to Ms. Reifenstahl after the War. She was one of the best cinematographers in movie history. Even the Jews in Hollywood are forced to admit that.

    3. Truthteller Says:

      Jodie Foster’s movie about Leni is the longest movie in pre-production ever.

    4. Justin Huber Says:

      Triumph of the Will is good. I love the opening scene with the silhouette of Hitler’s plane flying over the masses of people marching down below. I also like the sequence in the car with the camera behind Hitler as he returns the salute from all the people crowding along the road.

    5. Cpt. Candor Says:

      The jubilance and love expressed by those crowds is simply beautiful. How degenerate it is that modern-day White children are taught to disdain such healthy racial unity while being encouraged to behave below the animal level at various drug-soaked, niggerized “concerts.”

      I was damn lucky to have some history teachers who weren’t complete Germanophobes. They tried to present things in a relatively balanced manner, and one even sympathetically discussed the genocidal firebombings and other war crimes inflicted upon the German populace… Right before diving head-first into Hollow-Hoax Land, of course.

    6. chapman Says:

      During the war Riefenstahl married Major Peter Jacob, but the details seem gradually to be disappearing from the internet. And they appear to have received Adolf Schickelgruber-Hitler’s blessing.

      Jacob? A Major in Hitler’s buffa salvation army with the name Jacob?

      To quote another acolyte of the propaganda industry, Johnny Rotten: ‘Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?’ Ever wonder why Riefenstahl is so lionized by the Organizatsiya’s propaganda machine?

      Let’s make it simple and easy to remember:

      Nazism was Zionism

      [Nazi (???????) (Hebrew, also ‘nasi’) – patriarch/ leader of the Jews, the head of the Sanhedrin]

      What does that make you?

    7. Anti Racist Action Watch Says:

      It makes me a person spotting an anti-racist-action loser, “chapman.”

      There’s currently 2,360 references to “Riefenstahl married Peter Jacob” in a broad search in Google, so saying “the details seem gradually to be disappearing from the internet” is just plain stupid.

      Also, “Jacob” is Anglo-Saxon, according to:


      How’s Darryl Lamont Jenkim these days?

    8. Zarathustra Says:

      Nazi is short for National Socialist, nit-wit. And a lot of German and Jewish names sound or look the same because Jews in Germany were required to adopt German sounding names in the 18th Century. There are also a lot of Jews with Polish or Russian sounding names, too. And I know a few White children who are named Jacob, so what’s your point, other than to sow seeds of doubt and confusion?

      Of course, there were some Germans of partial Jewish extraction who were allowed to live in the 3rd Reich and even became officers in the Wehrmacht and Kreigsmarine. But they were for all intents and purposes White and they demonstrated their loyalty to the Fatherland.

      Even though the Jews constantly bitch and moan about Hitler and Nazism, they secretly admire the Fuhrer and wish they could be Aryans. Zionism is therefore, partially, a mutilated, bastardized, Jewish form of Nazism, insofar as both are race-based national socialism. But one is positive, constructive and admired throughout the world, the other is a despicable imitation and a criminal racket.

    9. chapman Says:

      Anti Racist Action Watch Says: “…..”

      Zarathustra Says: “…..”

      chapman Says…..” ^^ Nothing here (above) ^^ but fraud for the starry-eyed ‘n’ hypnotized folks!

      Time wasters! (ugh!) I’m sure i needn’t point out the details.

    10. Zarathustra Says:

      Oh, yes, very well said. We have now all been put in our places. You certainly have mastered the art of the bon-mot, Chapman.

    11. jim donaldson Says:

      Whose hypnotized?
      I once was, virulently so.
      Then I realized what utter bullshit (excuse me) it was. See, I read this book, called, “On the Origin of Species…”

    12. jim donaldson Says:

      Whoops–I mean, “Who’s” of course. Please forgive the grammatical transgression. I’ve read one too many blogs this evening.

    13. gw Says:

      “Also, “Jacob” is Anglo-Saxon, according to…”

      Yes, though it is probably more often Jewish, even more likely in Germany, but nothing with names is certain. As Zara pointed out, “there were some Germans of partial Jewish extraction”, probably descended from assimilated Jews going back more than a century.

      At any rate, you can’t go by a name alone, although it can give up clues.

      I once read a book by a Scottish journalist who was living in Germany during the 1930’s, working for a Berlin newspaper. His name was Davidson, a very common name in Scotland (in the Middle Ages there was a whole string of Scottish kings named David). But in Berlin, he was ribbed and distrusted by some co-workers who insisted on spelling his name (sarcastically) “Davidsohn” — which was understood to be a very different thing in Germany! In Britain it would be either Welsh or Scottish. In Germany it was considered Jewish.

    14. Anti Racist Action Watch Says:

      You may be right, GW, but chapman doesn’t know what he/she/it’s talking about.

      Hey “chapman,” Nazis breath oxygen, so do Jews! and so do you!
      What does this say about – you?

      I hope you’re enjoying this “teaching moment.” Say hello to Darryl Lamont Jenkim, Ok? Ok? Ok, you time waster (ugh!)? I’m sure I needn’t point out any more details.

    15. Arch Stanton Says:

      What the hell kind of movie is this? Where are the toilet scenes? Why aren’t there any young German girls being disemboweled in the bloodiest manner imaginable. Why no fart jokes or references to excrement? And just where the hell are the kind, gentle, intelligent Negro heroes we all love? Worst of all not a single car crash scene. Instead the opening scenes show a bunch of crappy Gothic architecture that hopefully has been replaced by modernish, flat topped, concrete structures. For a moment there I thought the Ju-52 might have a wing fall off and spin to a fiery crash, instead we see an uplifting scene about the nastiest Nazi guy that ever lived. No wonder the Third Reich fell, it couldn’t even produce a good American movie!

    16. Zarathustra Says:

      Haw, Haw!! Right you are, Mr. Stanton. And what movie would be complete without an INTER-RACIAL LOVE SCENE or the Jew hero of the picture viciously killing the child-molesting, racist redneck villian? Who needs a movie with breathtaking cinematography, stirring music or exciting speeches?

      And don’t worry, sir, all those tacky Gothic structures were bombed to bits courtesy of the RAF and USAAF. All those buildings have long since been replaced with what Germany really needs, ie, Holohoax museums, Holohoax monuments and inter-racial sex shops.

    17. gw Says:

      You may be right, GW, but chapman doesn’t know what he/she/it’s talking about.

      Frankly, I don’t know what he’s talking about either!

    18. gw Says:

      That’s a GREAT, GREAT summation of the current movie scene by Arch Stanton!

      And it’s fully matched by the follow-up from Zarathustra.

      “all those tacky Gothic structures were bombed to bits courtesy of the RAF and USAAF…and long since been replaced with … Holohoax monuments and inter-racial sex shops.”

      So true! I can’t add a thing to that.

    19. Truthteller Says:

      In the “new” Germany they have street tribute’s to the Marxist jew Rosa Luxemburg Plaza/Strasse both in Nuremberg and Berlin.


    20. gw Says:

      An occasional desolate ruin is allowed to remain as a highly visible reminder to all — a stark, brutal warning of what happens to those who would dare to challenge The System.

      “Surrounded by modern concrete, the fire blackened old tower stands like an accusing finger to whoever chooses to see it pointing at them, whilst to others it stands in silent dignity like a proud but humiliated woman. The message to all nations is simple – ‘look what you’ve done to me’. “



    21. Zarathustra Says:

      Yes, I believe the ruins of the old Kaiser Wilhelm Church in Berlin still stand as a charred reminder of what Germany once was, ie, free.