19 November, 2008

List of BNP Members Leaked

Posted by Socrates in BNP, Britain, dispossession & destruction, England, Socrates at 1:31 pm | Permanent Link

The firing of British National Party members has already begun:


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  7. 21 Responses to “List of BNP Members Leaked”

    1. anonymous Says:


      lefties loving the fact that their false and flawed world view prevails


      swine wallowing in shit and loving it.

    2. someguy Says:

      fucking communist shit there, getting fired for being a member of a legal political party.

    3. Marwinsing Says:

      Observe that WorldVision advert going off to the right in that Telegraph link you sent us (and the bloody Flash movie that loads without your request!) ugh…

      “’tis the Season of Goodwill! Time to cough up for the Turd World! Hurry hurry hurry! Gimme your hard-earned money!”

      (and your island whilst you’re about it)

    4. Zarathustra Says:

      It’s so irritating to hear someone being called a “nazi” as if it were an insult, which it isn’t, of course. And it’s rather amusing how everyone shits their pants if they are accused of being a racist or a “nazi”. “Oh, no, I’m not a nazi, I’m just proud to be a Euro-American/Conservative/Patriot/Nationalist”, etc. Who needs such cowards, anyway?

    5. Marwinsing Says:

      “Oh woe, oh woe, oh woe!” I’ve just come out of – correction, fled from – fourteen years of nigger-rule in South Africa and if the inner walls of my brain could only begin to talk I honestly wouldn’t know how or where to begin to explain, white Britain, white Europe, white America…

      Die kak kom.

      (translated from Afrikaans: the shit’s going to hit the fan)

      Turd Worlders have a special place reserved for them on this planet and that is The Turd World – and THAT is where they should remain – STRICTLY! (together with liberal leftist nigger lovers)

    6. Marwinsing Says:

      Ja, agreed Zee – nazi’s really just another term for ‘WHITE and LUVVIN’ IT!’

    7. The Red Skull Says:

      How about that turd?I wonder if they leaked all the communist party members names,how many of the red swine would be fired.In this country,it would be grounds for a lawsuit for unjust discrimination.Aren’t the English people protected by similar laws there?This is an outrage against freedom of thought,speech and political association.It makes sense when one remembers there is one standard for jews and their allies,another for racially aware Whites.Hopefully,what appears to be a disaster now,will work to the BNP’s benefit later.The news from GB just gets worse.Lets look for the silver-lining on this dark yiddish cloud.What happened to the proud Brits who built an Empire?-Oh I know-the jews,and their shabbos-goy happened,thats what.

    8. sgruber Says:

      The BNP is jew-friendly and therefore is full of jews. They leaked.

      But BNP will continue to kiss jew ass anyway.

      The time has come to get rid of the jews.

    9. ROCKY J SUHAYDA Says:

      The “BNP” is NOT a National Socialist organization by any degree – it actually accepts non-Whites and jews as members AND “candidates” for their Party. What ELSE could a reasonable person expect, with such an insane policy. Some insider collected and dumped this info. This Griffin character ought to be the one held responsible for this dangerous mess – but, of course “he’s a mainstream politician, like ol’ Duke!”. So what surprising, Duke tried to sell his Klan membership list way back, and has sold his current supporter lists to system politicians to make the buck. lol For any “Nazi’s” to support these con-men is beyond belief. Check out a 21st century NS organization – not a costumed, fantasy club – http://www.americannaziparty.com

    10. Brigantes Says:

      This is not the first time a list of members names has been ‘leaked’ from the BNP.In fact it is the third time that I know of myself.
      So,people lose their job etc etc.Not to worry, although it is a temporary inconvenience sometimes of huge proportion. Liberal scumbags will lose a lot more one day.Feet kicking,throats gargling,they will pay for their madness and treason.

    11. ZipZap McGee Says:

      Uh, England has been Over and Done With for some time now, kids.

      I’ll keep saying this: If you think you can save yourself from the Jews without making drastic personal lifestyle changes right now, then you are terribly mistaken, in addition to being generally doomed. Your realizations and righteous arguments count for nought with the Realpolitik crowd.

      Look at the recent Stormfront/Duke EURO conference: Hunted down like dogs and harangued. That’s because the Other Side isn’t afraid to do it, because Our Side hasn’t a collective pot to piss in. Because racially aware Whites somehow think the politics fairy is going to protect their “rights”. Newsflash, all of you media children: The Constitution *IS* just a goddamned piece of paper if you don’t have the ass to cash that check. You have but ONE “inalienable” right: The right to die for your beliefs. You sell another bit of your access to the Bill of Rights every time you open your wallet for the Jew. England’s gone. South Africa’s gone. Australia’s gone. Do you think the Jews are gonna stop here on account of a goddamned piece of paper? We’ve already seen the answer.

    12. ACS Says:

      ZipZap: You have said it all, my friend.

      Goodbye, cruel world, it’s over.

    13. gw Says:

      If still there remains any question – any possible doubt at all – that the Jews (along with their motley assortment of dusky allies) have taken over Britain, then this proves it.

      sgruber Says: “The BNP is Jew-friendly and therefore is full of Jews.”

      And the Jews STILL hate them anyway! Don’t they learn?

      Hence, they will get nowhere, just as Oswald Moseley’s fascists got nowhere.
      Being riddled with Jews only guarantees it.
      They can grovel and butter up to the Jews all they want, but the Jews will still hate their guts and will do everything possible to destroy them.

    14. gw Says:

      There is no appeasing The Jew.

    15. Slow-Liberal-Death Says:

      “Check out a 21st century NS organization – not a costumed, fantasy club – http://www.americannaziparty.com

      Of what use is that organization to anyone in Britain?

    16. Slow-Liberal-Death Says:

      Firebombs now.


    17. xerexs Says:

      Sirs, if we dont hang together we shall certainly hang alone.

    18. Howdy Doody Says:

      The eternal enemy aliens in the West want anarchy, so that they may prevail with their Maoist type of alphabet forces in waiting.

    19. gw Says:

      “The eternal enemy aliens in the West want anarchy, so that they may prevail ”

      A kind of political anarchy suits them best. Divide and rule. When society is divided into many factions and everybody is contending with everybody, then a small but tight-knit minority can wield the deciding “vote” as it were.

    20. LoveWhite Says:

      There are certainly a fair number of Jews in the BNP, just as the Jewish population in Britain is much larger than most would suspect. The BNP is therefore more of an anti-immigration party than a racialist party even though most of the media are reluctant to admit this.

    21. gw Says:

      ” just as the Jewish population in Britain is much larger than most would suspect. “

      I’ll bet it is! I wouldn’t doubt that for a moment. The rot goes deeper than anyone would suspect.