25 November, 2008

Obama Citizenship Scandal Grows

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The citizenship controversy isn’t going away like the mainstream media hoped it would. In fact, the scandal is gaining significant momentum:


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  7. 20 Responses to “Obama Citizenship Scandal Grows”

    1. Zoroastro Says:

      Goodness, this must be a dream come true scenario for any aspiring Kenyan train porter! Born in Kenya? Who gives a shyte, sez the judenpresse! (Remember the Kike slogan that so many innocents have swallowed- “Yes we can!” -and indeed the boundless arrogance of the planetary tribe obviously knows no limits…) The “election” of the Kenyan homeboy symbolically, and likely practically, marks the onset of the Third World War. The two previous ones were obvious, the united Kikes ushered this one without the guns being fired (as of yet), with the legerdemain worthy of their moot racial origins.

    2. Brian Says:

      The media wanted Obama as president and they made it so. Good luck getting them to pay attention to this now that they got their Magic Negro in office. Anyone who tries to make an issue of this will simply be dismissed as a “sore loser.”

      20 years from now, long after Obama has served his 8 years, I predict there will still be people ranting about this and claiming that all the laws, treaties and EO’s that he signed are null and void since he was never legally President. Like the, YOU-DON’T-HAVE-TO-PAY-TAX people, they may be right, but they will be just as ignored and just as irrelevant.

      The people that run this country stopped caring about such trivial details as Constitutional Law a long time ago. They don’t have to.

      -Brian Stone

    3. Z.O.G. Says:

      “The Planetary Tribe”


      I like it.

    4. gw Says:

      Very interesting article! Quite amazing. I had no idea the complex issues involved. This all gets very, very sticky. I’m a tiny bit leery of that site, but it appears to be an excellently written article, and I find no fault in it. It’s the most thorough such article that I’ve seen.

      Another question I would ask is: why was he, at 20 years of age, going to visit Pakistan (in 1980)? Having no family connections or any sort of business there, what would be his purpose? And why THAT particular country? I also have to wonder how could a twenty-year-old afford, at that age, to be traveling around the world, visiting various countries, when his grandfather was described as an “unsuccessful” insurance agent and furniture salesman and his grandmother was a bank worker? As for his flighty mother, apparently she just flitted about campuses, as many unsettled campus radicals do, and never had any sort of job or income. She even divorced her second husband, indicating a chronic instability on her part (as well as a deplorable lack of sense in choosing husbands).

      So what was Barack doing in Pakistan then … the stronghold of militant Islam and Al Queda? And who paid for the trip? Traveling around the world is not cheap, and back then it was less available than now. World travel was a perquisite of the wealthy.

      I could go on to mention that his bio says he lived with his grandparents “in a small apartment”, his grandfather being not financially successful at any job. But yet, Barack was able to attend Hawaii’s top prep academy. Then he went on to attend Columbia University, and then Harvard Law!!! Obviously, grandpa wasn’t paying for all of this.

      As for the Birth Certificate, the article asks:

      “If you were a natural-born American citizen, would you spend thousands of dollars to fight the legal cases against you, or would you simply answer the legitimate question of whether you meet the constitutional requirements for office? ”

      In fact, “thousands of dollars” is a laughable amount, when you consider that Obama has the most massively funded campaign chest in history (wasn’t it $800 million?) Given that kind of awesome backing, with that money they could get the best lawyers and best forgers that money can buy. Not to mention ability to “influence” judges, politicians and officials on a lavish scale.

      Oh, and Brian … don’t be sure that he’ll serve only eight years!

    5. Terrorsaurus Says:

      But the greater question the haters need to ask is:

      Is the US Constitution still relevant in the age of Obama?


      The way they Democans will solve this little dilemma is with an amendment to the Constitution. Just you watch. They’ll go to any length to put their chocolate hero in office. They think this is big history. They’re psychopaths. Ridiculous psychopaths, but psychopaths nevertheless.

      Obama was born in Kenya, and even he and his well connected people are unable to produce a forged birth certificate proving his US citizenship.

      A Kenyan is soon to presume highest office in the land of the Jew we call the Kwa. If Mossad doesn’t get to him first – they’d love to spark a race war. Well, there’s already a race war going on, but the whites won’t fight back, no matter how brutal the niggers get.

      They say America is the greatest country in the world. I beg to differ.

    6. chapman Says:

      This is just more pantomime brouhaha. You can tell by the simple fact that it receives publicity. The purpose may not be clear until later:
      To maintain class/race tensions?
      To run distractions?
      To dismantle an unwanted law by disrepute?
      To bolster the facade of democracy or the rule of law or protocol?

      The organizatzya that have been grooming Obama for years will have this well covered both sides, you know.

      I don’t see what’s to gain by attending their fascinatingly tedious little dramas. All reaction is a victory for the impressario.

      Turn Away, Turn Away.

    7. Cpt. Candor Says:

      I hope the Professional Shitskin ISN’T assassinated and goes on to let this landfill of a country get wrecked EVEN FURTHER than our Pretzel-Fumbling President already has. Perhaps that will wake up a larger portion of AmeriKwa’s hominids to the fact that Democracy is a bigger lie than “Saddam has WMD” could ever hope to be, though honestly, a population in which the fastest-growing demographic appears to be overweight mongrels who wear their PJs in public isn’t one I’d count on to rebel against someone who, in addition to resembling most of them, they’ve been taught to revere as a superhuman savior.

    8. Cpt. Candor Says:

      Edit: I should have put “removed” instead of “assassinated,” though apparently fears that some White guy with a rifle and a Swastika tattoo on his shoulder will be able to keep his mouth shut long enough to actually get within shooting distance of our Kenyan Messiah still persist.

      Also, I love how the author of that article still believes that the Constitution presently has any relevance to American life other than as a social comfort device that will most assuredly disappear, perhaps permanently, during periods of upheaval.

    9. Zarthustra Says:

      I don’t like the fact that some right-wing, Christian Zionist website is raising this question. The Christard right-wing has zero credibility and they are no real friends of the White Race. Just forget it, nothing will come of this controversy, especially if it’s confined to the Jim Hagee / American Spectator crowd. Yuck.

      Gw, I don’t know much about Pakistan’s history in the early 80s, but it was not the stronghold of Al Qaeda and militant Islam back then like it is now. I think it was under the rule of some nationalist dictator like Zia al-Huq. Still, one must wonder what this young Negro was doing traveling to all those weird places back then. Who paid for these trips and why were they taken? Obongo barely qualifies as an American citizen, that’s for sure.

    10. Zarathustra Says:


    11. sgruber Says:

      “a population in which the fastest-growing demographic appears to be overweight mongrels who wear their PJs in public”

      Quoted for truth. You left out “functionally retarded” in that description of kwans, although that attribute could be easily surmised, I suppose…

      The time has come to get rid of the jews.

    12. Tina Carter Says:

      Lunatic can’t be taken serious for any reason what’s so ever. Sore loser — stupid and crazy.

      Think about it — Bush a white man became leader — most of the congress member’s were white. What did we get? More Jew licking.

      System is not worth defending — nor taken seriouly.

      Personally, I would much rather oursourced our congress to India — like they have moved so many jobs done offshore.

      Finally, at this point it would even matter if a donkey was inaugurated as president. The real power is behind in the hand of those who control media & entertainment industry.

    13. The Red Skull Says:

      La-De-Da!Of course the Magic Monkey is not a citizen.Of course he was born in Kenya,as Granma Darkie claims.Of course he was up to no good and has no explanation for his visit to Pakistan.Of course the Yard-Ape has no right to be “da Prez an Chit”.Of course the Jews and their well-oiled screw machine comprised of controlled “free press” and “fair and equitable” courts will do all they can to bury or dismiss the issue.Of course his birth certificate has been altered or faked.Of course the majority of braindead,brainwashed clams in the Kwan will not ever catch a clue of what really happened.If America really WAS a “just” country,none of the other “of course’s” would be needed-of course.

    14. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:

      Obama = east afro/white bastard, Kenyan expat, anti-white

      Democracy = rule at the lowest common denominator, now courtesy of Lord Chimp and the Yid Pack

      Amerikwa = fucked

    15. zoomcopter Says:

      Chapman is right, it’s a distraction. Like getting bumped in the subway, as the pickpocket lifts your wallet.

    16. bruce Says:

      hold onto you hats the bongo chimp will give america a hell of ride all down hill.buy guns and amo and lots of it.

    17. Marwinsing Says:

      Operation Rinse & Dry ™ must begin soon!

      Right VNNers. How many brainwashed and stupified White Gentiles did we deprogramme today? Hmm….? Now-now don’t all shout at once now.

      So who wants to be a millionaire?

      I do. Do you? Well, it’s easy, just invest in an Operation Rinse & Dry ™ Brainwashing Deprogrammers Franchise and you too can be the envy of your mates, the talk of the town, the lady’s man – if they’re redeemable that is.

      “Now you git a-workin’ son!”

      Hey – after Obama and his skunks slithering in through the front gates of The White House I don’t think we’re short of a market for dumbed-down whiteys eh?

    18. Howdy Doody Says:

      What about all those stories from about year ago about Twig having 120,000 acre homestead with water fall’s, forest, and fields and all kinds of security? There were allot of stories and photos about Twigs places, but I it was never confirmed/admitted by the regime press.

    19. Phillipe Says:

      gw said:
      So what was Barack doing in Pakistan then … the stronghold of militant Islam and Al Queda? And who paid for the trip? Traveling around the world is not cheap, and back then it was less available than now. World travel was a perquisite of the wealthy.

      There was no Al qaeda in 1980, gw. Osama and his mujahideen were USA good boys at that time. The US supply them trainings and weapon to go war against Soviet Union in Afganistan. After the war end, they become terrorist. My question is who make them terrorist ? If they have islamic idealogy, why most of their victims are muslim countries ? I believe, jews are behind all of this.

    20. Coup d'Etat Says:

      This post can also be tied in with the Holocaust recent posting on this news forum.

      The beat goes on for the jews as their hand-picked negro will step in rhythm. The Arabs/Muslims in the U.S. and abroad, not to mention others, think that Obama will save them from the jews. Very funny.

      For thousands of years, the Palestinians made sure that the jews didn’t gain power in their country. Look at it now since 1945. All the hoopla about Obama being a Muslim and being more devoted as a Muslim versus a friend to the jews/Israel/AIPAC is about as pathetic as an ex-Klan member joining the ranks of the jewish insanity sphere we call U.S. politics. Jews are notorious for bringing brother against brother and Obama is no exception for all the Islamic/Muslim black populace.