4 November, 2008


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Seen: an old movie called “Rembrandt” (1936), starring actor Charles Laughton. While his later works are somewhat sloppy, newbies are encouraged to examine Rembrandt’s early paintings, which are among the very finest in the art world. For example, [Here], [Here] and [Here].

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  7. 9 Responses to “Rembrandt”

    1. Stan Says:

      Like polaroids from back then. I always liked Rembrant’s early work. Thanks for posting this.

    2. Some Angry Guy Says:


      What’s going to happen

    3. La vita e un grande stronzata Says:

      Oh, who gives a shit. The stupidity of white folks had to crystallize for all to see, sooner or later, it’s been brewing for so long. Go to artrenewal and have a look at some Rembrandt, early or late.

    4. WR Says:

      Oh the Old Dutch Masters. Vermeer eternalized the moment. Hals swept through it. Rembrandt epitomized it. There were none like these great masters of hue, form and light–and they STILL live in us, however still, for now…genes being what they are. That’s not “supremacism,” also known as “the lie.” It’s just beautiful in its very own way and thus worth perpetuating.

    5. Marwinsing Says:

      His self-portraits really do it for me. Also, saw heaps of his black and red conté drawings in the Amsterdam Rijks Museum back in ’85, pure genius, what therapy to the eye and the soul, much needed after this sad day in White History. Thanks for those links Socrates.

    6. Marwinsing Says:

      On second thoughts what about visiting Francisco Goya’s Black Paintings to get some idea of what the future may look like?


    7. N.B. Forrest Says:

      I saw that movie last night: engrossing. Charles Laughton may have been a bisexual, but he was a magnificent actor. He captured the essence of the artist perfectly for me. He never failed to turn in a good performance.

    8. Zarathustra Says:

      Is there any comparison between works like these and Jewish “paintings”?


    9. Arch Stanton Says:

      Oh Gwaaaad, stuffy ol’ dead white men again!!? Yuk! Who da fuk cares dat Rembrandt painted dese mufuggin’ dudes ouch a po-lice line up? Commmon’ Alex! Git wich it ma’an, yo be livn’ da age of Obama. We all be livin’ in de new Obamanation! Yo need to git down and be real ma’ man, we need some links to progressive art like here: http://www.lib.virginia.edu/clemons/RMC/exhib/93.ray.aa/Exhibition.html (Be checkin’ da detail on “Bagel Mask” and da gif from Mr. Cohen)
      here http://www.artic.edu/artaccess/AA_AfAm/pages/AfAm_5_lg.shtml
      and here http://www.artic.edu/artaccess/AA_AfAm/pages/AfAm_12_lg.shtml
      and ma’ personal fav-o-rite Here http://www.artic.edu/artaccess/AA_AfAm/pages/AfAm_11_lg.shtml
      Now dat be staisfyin’ my artistik appetite. Hey, who says a million monkeys wich typewriters couldn’t write Shakespeare?
      De darky days of ‘Merica be upon us now so as we collectively don da Dashiki of diversity allow me to extended the standard Black house greeting – Ubongo to you too Mafugga.