28 November, 2008

TV Anchorwoman Case: Black Suspect Arrested

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According to crime statistics, Blacks are 8 times more likely to commit violent crime than Whites are. Does the media ever tell you that? In fact, this anchorwoman case is much more interesting when you realize that the TV news media has been a key player in the movement to convince Americans that Blacks are no more dangerous than Whites:


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  7. 29 Responses to “TV Anchorwoman Case: Black Suspect Arrested”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      Jesus H. Christ………….It’s open season on beautiful young White women. Again. How will the TV channel she worked for spin this horrible story? I’m sure they would give anything if they could somehow blame a White guy instead. Those cities in the Deep South are extremely dangerous for Whites.

      This beautiful young Aryan woman should have been married and having beautiful White children instead of this “career girl” bullshit. Now her healthy Aryan genes are dead in the dust, her genetic line has been stopped dead in its tracks permanently. WHAT A WASTE. WHAT A COLOSSAL WASTE.

      In the old days, the anchormen were distinguished-looking White guys with graying temples and a strong broadcaster’s voice. Like Peter Graves from Mission Impossible. Now they’re all a bunch of liberal PC broads and this is the INEVITABLE RESULT.

    2. Mike in NYC Says:

      Her father publicly stated that he thought the attacker was someone she knew because of the brutality involved. (Come again?) Was he pressured to make this ridiculous comment to deflect the reasonable assumption, given Little Rock’s crime patterns and demographics, that the attacker was a non-white seeking a random white victim? Or did he just know what he “had to do” in the service of racial “peace,” his feelings for his daughter and respect for the truth be damned?

      At trial, it’ll be difficult for prosecutors to avoid referencing the source of the DNA evidence. One wonders if their aversion to revealing evidence of a black-on-white rape will lead them to torpedo their own case.

    3. TexasRebelRouser Says:

      She was obviously a PC bimbo. She probably thought the nigger that turned on her and beat her to death was a disenfranchised soul that was a product of `White Rule’ in Amerikwa.

      She didn’t have any integrity as far as I can tell. Any blonde bimbo that agrees to appear in a NEOCON movie to compliment G. W. Bush, is really not worth saving…

    4. jim donaldson Says:

      OOo-OOo-OOo [chimp noise] means: KILL!

    5. Zarathustra Says:

      Tex, you’re probably right. I knew girls like this in college. They would go out of their way to be nice to the Jigs to “prove” they weren’t racist, but wouldn’t give some White guy the time of day. Nature does not suffer fools gladly.

    6. zoomcopter Says:

      NOT to inform young and innocent Whites that they are 8 times more likely to be a victim of Negroid violence, is an intentional hate crime against our race. The media intentionally withholds information which could help a potential victim avoid their fate. That intentional deception, in combination with the liberal mindset of treating Negroids as deserving of a “helping hand” has led to countless deaths of our race. Certain areas of town should have street signs depicting a white getting his/her brains beat out by a Negroid. Just like they have RR Crossing signs warning drivers that the train may just kill you.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:

      In the name of the Carr brothers victims most Whites are defenseless even when in their mid to late 20’s and in physically good shape.

      Just look at any date sites and see what the majority of Women their have to say for your self. Disgustng.

    8. Arch Stanton Says:

      This is a terrible, terrible, tragedy. This poor, young black male was simply striking out in blind rage at the oppression he has long suffered at the hands of his white oppressors. All white people should come together in full support and hold demonstrations to set this young black male free because he simply wasn’t responsible for his actions. Negroes watch a tremendous amount of television and television is beset with white faces and frequently portrays white oppression. Therefore any Negro attack on television and its administrators should be fully understood in the context of focusing the Negroes justifiable rage on white people. Thus any time an attack like this occurs, whites should rise up in righteous might to support their Negro brethren’s justified rage at the white man’s tool that keeps their brothers in the ghetto. If there were any real justice in this world all Negro attacks on the white man’s evil tool of oppression, i.e. the media, would be instantly forgiven and all charges would be dropped. Isn’t it about time that white people everywhere stood up with one voice in support of this young black man with a clear message that such intolerance for this type of justified violence will not be tolerated. Perhaps we could get the Reverend Jackson on board with a “free Curtis Lavelle Vance” campaign or maybe Bob Dylan could write a song about how Curtis Lavellel Vance was framed by his white oppressors in the media.

    9. Truthteller Says:

      The Good Guys at Podblanc were all over this day one.


    10. Marwinsing Says:

      That the suspect had nigger written all over it was to be a foregone conclusion because that’s how niggers operate upon naive, nigger-nurturing and overtrusting white women and good, I hope the white men in her life are screaming in absolute and eternal torment for being such weak and careless fools because in this day and age if you truly love them you keep your white women far, far away from predatory non-white filth. If that’s the price they must pay for a lesson to be learnt then so be it. These heinous deeds don’t just happen by accident or in ‘the ghetto’ – by now any normal white person with more than half a braincell should be fully cognizant of the indisputable fact that white leaders around the world, aided and abetted by non-whites, are waging a total war against us, in a concerted and combined effort to wipe the white race clean off the face of this planet. In the link below, find hard evidence with all the necessary cited proof to completely support this viewpoint. No argument about it, the greatest enemies to the white race right now are not niggers and non-whites but the white leaders themselves and one day this period in time will be remembered by our children’s children’s children as an Age of Treason, committed by the very so-called Guardians of Treason, our fraudulently-elected white leaders, each and every single one of them. Today’s respectable white leader is a race traitor – along with all their comatosed sheeple. So here’s the link:


    11. Truthteller Says:

      “…But what defies understanding is that 43% of white votes went to Obama. And one subset of the latter – the 78% of Jewish votes cast for their latest Messiah….”

      The answer is simple DEMORALIZATION of the White race in AmeriKwa is complete. When a people vote AGAINST itz. own best interests, then demoralization, thanks to years of the jew Murray Rothstein TV infection, has set the White race of the ‘Kwa screaming towards racial extinction…. And that as we know is the plan.

    12. Junghans Says:

      Another contemporary ‘inter-racial’ tragi-comedy; a daily occurence in the great multi-racial “malignant democracy”. When will the mentally paralyzed Amerikinder ever learn?

      Dr. Shufeldt tried to warn the white dodo-birds a century ago in his two prescient books: The Negro: A Menace To American Civilization, and America’s Greatest Problem: The Negro.

      Anybody want to lay odds on when American Renaissance and the kosher ‘conservatives’ are going to reprint and promote the above books??

    13. zoomcopter Says:

      Junghans, have you a copy of The Negro: A Menace To American Civilization? Maybe you could share with us and post some excerpts? If the title is any indication, it promises to be very provocative as well as prophetic.

    14. gw Says:

      Next thing (if it goes according to pattern), we can be looking for her parents’ indignant statement at a staged press conference that “THIS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE!” After all, we’re all the same under the paint job, and evil-minded people should stop jumping to racist conclusions. Blah, blah…

    15. Zarathustra Says:

      Right, gw. Can’t you just see it, the parents of this slain White dingbat holding hands with the mother of the killer ape-man (who knows who or where the ape-man’s daddy is? Ape-man’s Mammy had 12 kids, each one sired by a different Black buck) at some “tolerance” event hosted by local Christian churches and the ADL?

    16. Junghans Says:

      Zoomcopter, these books can be found @ http://www.abebooks.com. Just do an author/title search. I believe that they have recently been reprinted, and certainly not by Jared Taylor, who forbids even useing the word ‘Negro’ at his kosher vetted site. They even censor any mention of Aurthur Kemp’s book!

    17. gw Says:

      I can’t understand that site’s banishment of the word “Negro”. That’s so stupid! It’s a perfectly legitimate scientific term. Will they banish “Caucasian” next? They are (wittingly or not) aiding the movement to abolish the very concept of race by banning even the terms to describe it.

      What are we to say? There is no “black” race! That’s just a skin color. Not all black skins are on African Negroes. And not all African Negroes are black (most are brown). And there is no “African-American” race. That’s just evasive, feel-good political propaganda, a recent invention until the next euphemism comes along.

      So what are we to call them? (I’m sure he won’t allow use of the word “nigger”, and I don’t care to use it either, but what else is left to us?) He has effectively silenced accurate discussion.

    18. xeres Says:

      It is my belief that the TV is the main weapon of choice by ZOG. They are utilizing low light subliminal messaging and a mild form of hypnotism, targeting white females and inducing a state of mind conducive to the acceptance of negro males as peers.Darken the room and watch the TV do a dance of flashing light and off cadence drumming during station breaks and commercials. Through my anecdotal observation many white females exhibit strong feelings of shock and discomfort when white males point out the failings of the negro in general and the negro male in particular. The whole idea to quicken the destruction of the hated white race by bolixxing up the fountainhead or our race, white women. This poor anchorwoman just another example of the bitter fruits of advanced mind control who is lost to our race forever.

    19. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Hey Gang,
      The book “The Negro: A menace to civilization” can be found at the following link.


      Once there click on “PDF with commentary at cimmay.us” then click Shufeldt.PDF. The book can be read in its entirety. It looks like a very good book and yes, the goofballs at Amren probably won’t touch it because it has the word Negro in the title and they are really nice white nationalists who try hard not to offend anyone so the masses will be attracted by their nice guy image.

      Ian Jobling is another piece of work. On his site he claims to allow criticism of jews but he requires the poster to state that the holocaust is an historical reality and that most jews are good people or something to that effect. He must be another jew trying to infiltrate the WN movement to misinform people and redirect its efforts towards jew friendly pursuits.

    20. Sgt. Skull Says:

      IF the link in my previous message doesn’t work then type the following into the URL and perform a title search.


    21. Sgt. Skull Says:

      An excerpt from the book:
      The negro races of the West Soudan are cannibals, ignorant, superstitious, cruel, unreliable and nonprogressive in every way, savages of the lowest types without a recorded history, and almost totally lacking in anything we refer to modern civilization, and it was from this stock that the negroes of the United States were derived within a comparatively brief space of time, so brief that it is highly probable that many of the near relatives of the negroes here in the United States are still living as cannibals in their own country in Africa.
      Seems to describe the American nigger, oops, negro to a T doesn’t it?

    22. gw Says:

      Ian Jobling is another piece of work.

      Indeed he is. He is even worse than Taylor. Can any pure gentile really be that brainwashed? I don’t think so! He HAS to be either a part Jew or married to a Jew, or he has Jews somehow in his family (or his bed).

      How can he claim to be a white man and still be so protective of the enemies of his people? He’s either an idiot or a phony. And I don’t think he’s an idiot. Calling him an idiot would be letting him off too easy.

    23. fire eater Says:

      For those seeking non-PC information about the type of creature that took from us the lovely Anne Pressly, do a Google search for the online copy of “The Negroes in Negroland” by Hinton Rowan Helper. It was published in 1868 and is timely today.

      Look for a dramatic increase of such atrocities now that the Mahdi is in power. White men, arm your women.

    24. Coup d'Etat Says:

      It’s no other than jewish controlled media creating silent genocide upon Whites, which has been slowly brainwashing the U.S. for the last 40 years.

    25. warlock Says:

      This black pig mutilated her with a knife after he raped her and hit her so many times her fucking jaw fell off, only a souless animal could do this….curse is pending.

    26. gw Says:

      The controlled information media are partners to these crimes. They (and those who control them) should be on trial right alongside the vicious animals whom they essentially protect and give free passes to.

      And the same goes for those organizations that rush to defend these creatures.

      Let the day come!

    27. zoomcopter Says:

      I agree with you GW. The “controlled information media” is guilty of obstruction of justice. They willfully and knowingly hid the racial origins of the killer, thereby, placing untold numbers of innocent White folk at mortal risk.

    28. Junghans Says:

      That’s right Zoom, the usurped MSM is aiding and abetting the slow motion genocide of the clueless white race, especially the English speaking part of it. Why whites buy into their own blindsiding is the riddle of all time. They simply refuse to wise-up, because they have eyes, yet rufuse to see. As someone mentioned elsewhere, they may have high IQ’s, but their racial radar is defective, or very dormant. Amazingly enough, they even seem to be proud of their ignorance. The Anglo mindset has been programmed for a long time to be race stupid, and I run into various forms of it everyday, as most of you do too, no doubt. I hope that you found Sgt. Skull’s link to the book useful, Shufeldt’s prescience was profound.

    29. zoomcopter Says:

      Thanks, Junghans. It’s a great link. I agree about the racial radar being defective and our kinfolk being proud of their racial ignorance. With regards to the brutal murder, I briefly entertained the notion of suggesting, on-line, that we try the televison station manager, in absentia, of course, but realised that others have been burned, even mentioning any form of justice or retribution. Especially names, addresses, etc. A slipperly slope, to be sure. That things remain on the ‘net, indefinitely has its pluses, and minuses!