3 December, 2008

Corrupting Our Police

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by Dr. William Pierce.


There’s certainly much more that I could say about this sorry spectacle of a presidential election we’ve been experiencing than I said last week — and later we will talk more about the significance of the election — but today I want to return to a subject about which I’ve spoken on earlier programs, a subject of great urgency. That subject is the ongoing erosion of our civil liberties and the gradual conversion of the United States into a police state, so that multiculturalism and the New World Order can be rammed down our throats with less danger of our rebelling.

Certainly, most of you who listen to my broadcasts already are concerned about the growing intrusion of the government into the lives of all of us and about the proliferation of so-called “hate crime” and “hate speech” laws, which penalize a person for what he thinks or what he says or even what he reads or what sort of music he listens to rather than for what he does. I believe that every decent, thinking American is concerned about this tendency, this trend toward less and less freedom in America and more and more enforced conformity. I also believe that very few of those who are concerned understand what is behind this trend and how extraordinarily dangerous it is. That’s what I want to talk about with you today.”

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  7. 5 Responses to “Corrupting Our Police”

    1. Truthteller Says:

      Audio here http://www.natall.com/cgi-bin/audio.cgi

    2. SMG3000 Says:

      Oh sweet Jesus. This is so true that it’s really depressing. It’s like the worst of all futures. Dr. Pierce said it but people weren’t listening for whatever reason. God it’s so horrible. Someone wake me from this nightmare.

    3. Arch Stanton Says:

      It’s funny how the Jews have persuaded the American public that the Hollowhoax is absolute proof of the bestial, demonic nature of the Nazis. They claim that the Nazi government was the absolute nadir of the heartless, totalitarian, robot state. Yet if one really knows their history, one knows very well that the German people under the Nazis felt far less intimidated by their government than present day Americans. The Germans have always had a predilection towards strict discipline and so they have long moved towards the military as a prime example of how to structure a society. (Hey did you think it was those snappy black uniforms the jews and fags love? No it’s what they represent, iron discipline. Something that is critically lacking in jewish and faggot personalities. One might think of it as a forbidden lust for the irresolute dilettante.) When one looks at all those young men with shinning faces in “Triumph of the Will,” marching in uniform with their shovels as they prepare to build German infrastructure, one can clearly see this willingness towards military discipline. I never cared for the military and for that reason I have never cared for the military type state, yet the structure is sound. The Nazis were not the first to use such a structure for a model of the state. It is only when you put weapons in such young hands and the power over them in the hands of a bloodthirsty and murderous people do you find the carnage brought about by the military state. Evidence shows that Hitler never wanted war and he never wanted to rule the world, he wanted what Germany had gained by the turn of the twentieth century and he wanted Germany for Germans. But when war was forced upon him, he applied himself in the best manner possible. Germans often say “In the beginning Hitler was a great leader, but in the end he went mad.” No wonder! Look what the Jews and their Bolsheviks did to Germany! Hitler knew when he lost the war that ultimately Germany would lose everything they had ever gained. He foresaw the thoroughly corrupt judaized, bastardized, effeminate and terrorized Germany of today. Germans live in far greater fear of their government today than they ever did under Hitler – just ask them. And that was the best he could hope, for he knew what Jews like Morgethau would do if given the chance. He foresaw the rape and miscegenation of German women and the outright murder of the finest of the Germany’s male stock. The thought must have torn his heart out, for Germany was his life, the very reason for his existence. The rumor has it that at the end of Hitler was going to attempt killing all of Germany; the idea that, in his megalomaniacal delusions, if he was to die then all Germany would die with him. Frequently the story of the intentional flooding of the Berlin underground, then being used as bomb shelters, is presented as proof of this claim. I have never believed the rumors, however knowing how parents will sometime kill their own children to prevent a fate worse than death, I would not be surprised if the rumors turned out to be true. The fact is Hitler was probably the nicest, gentlest Nazi guy one could imagine. All those pictures of him with children and animals were not staged. Don’t’ believe it? Well here is the proof: Walking in the rain with Adolf – http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=hfTJGAVMCDk&feature=related. Hey remember that even the most ardent, anti-Semite American once believed the Hollowhoax – give it chance.

    4. The Red Skull Says:

      The more I read from Dr.Pierce,the more convinced I am he was a Giant of our People.It’s also very true and very convincing that the Insidious Kikes who run Jewmerica will stop at nothing to “Criminalize” White Patriots,and any dissenting pro-White views.This can’t continue and have a happy ending.Exposing the ADL and SPLC as the opportunistic criminals they are would help-problem is the joos got there first and their “apparatchiks” have already brainwashed many law enforcement that “we” are the enemy and the threat to democracy when the opposite is the case.It looks more and more like the gov’t in the “Turner Diaries”.If you are pro-white and haven’t read it yet-then do so,simply for the fact that when the gov’t does ban certain books,it will be at the top of the list(along with the ever truthful and valid Mein Kampf),as a threat to the jew system.Dr.Pierce is also correct in pointing out that the jews never stop!They want more and more and MORE.Hopefully, even some of the oppressors in blue will see this too.That the people the Kikes are asking them to “suppress” or “control” are their own friends,and family,and neighbors.The Parasitical Maggots of Satan doing what they do best!Oh man, is the Guillatine going to need alot of sharpening.The Jews-wrecking Civilized White Societies since 2000BC.

    5. Dagon Says:

      I’ve long had mixed feelings about LEOs myself. Doubtless, there are alot of good cops out there with good instincts and people who aren’t (wholly) authoritarian and would refuse to be the bloodhound for the ADL, or whatever organization pushing an aggressive orthodoxy.

      However, it is very true that a great many LEOs at all levels are possessed of an authoritarian streak and are quite easily led to believe in the validity of the existing order and, what is worse, harass, jail, and intimidate those of us who – without threatening anyone or doing any harm – merely seek to assert our rejection of that existing order.