26 December, 2008

Danish Court Approves Extradition of Neo-Nazi Music Producers to Germany

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“Hate” laws = Jewish constructs. By the way, when is Germany going to outlaw Judaism? Racism and bigotry occur at every synagogue – not just among adults, mind you, but even in front of children. For example, at a Bar Mitzvah for a 13-year-old boy, you’ll hear a blessing for the reading of the Torah which says that God chose the Jews above all other humans – in other words, He favors them. That amounts to promoting or advocating racism in front of minors. Isn’t that a bad thing? Shouldn’t that be illegal? Of course, the Jews insist that their “chosenness” isn’t really what it sounds like. Yeah, suuure it isn’t. If bigotry is outlawed in the West, then Judaism must go, too:


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    1. Zarathustra Says:

      An “illegal music scene”. Imagine that. Every day in so-called “Germany”, dirtbag Turks and Morroccans are raping and killing beautiful German frauleins and the goddam authorites are worried about “illegal music”. The cowardly, Jew-controlled German Federal government won’t be able to keep true Germans under control forever and the retribution will, hopefully, be severe and merciless.

    2. Jean Says:

      As a person of Danish descent I am absolutely totally PISSED OFF!

    3. S.U.N. Says:

      Can’t believe a once-powerful Wiking country appeases to the judensau, communists and moslem alike. Really sad.

    4. Junghans Says:

      Schade, for shame, the BRD has morphed into the quintissential Mamserstaat, making war on its own flesh and blood. It is now officially a goy thug (and milk cow) of the kosher Gegenra├če, who must be elated at their temporary triumph over the brainwashed offspring of awakened and visionary Judenkenner.

    5. Old_Dutch Says:

      What Hitler would have listened to on the radio. LOL.

      Go to the Shoutcast Big Band page to listen. (the link on the Grammophone page doesn’t work)

    6. Diamed Says:

      Freedom of speech yields freedom of thought, conscience, and the freedom to pursue one’s own happiness instead of the fraudulent goals others have brainwashed upon you. Freedom of speech is necessary to be a truly sentient, sapient being. Until then you will always be cattle to someone else’s cowherd. Without the ability to listen to what you want, read what you want, say what you want, think about what you want, how can you ever even know what you want? How can you live a meaningful life when everything is decided ahead of time for you, when you can’t even decide what is good and what is evil, what is right and what is wrong?

      Freedom of speech serves a societal purpose as well. If we are not allowed to debate topics, we can never gain a better understanding of them and thus progress. Even if what someone says is wrong, we can never know he is wrong until the topic is thoroughly debated and discussed and everyone spends at least some time thinking about what he has to say. If the unpopular speech is right, it is even more crucial to hear it. Such a messenger is a precious asset trying to save us from our mistakes and avert the inevitable disaster of following incorrect, unnatural policies that never end well.

      Though I can imagine a few reasonable restrictions on freedom of speech, for instance a ban on lying, decency standards, and a law forbidding a biased or disproportionately controlled media, arresting people for distributing music does not fall into those categories.

    7. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Define “extreme” or “extremist” jewish boys and girls. The definition is subjective according to the jewish, Zionist construct. Just more proof of jewish domination throughout the White society.

      If we didn’t have the jewish trash everywhere in our White society, this music would not be such a threat or make the Zionist public headlines. Take the newspapers, TV, the Internet, and the ability to make laws away from the jews and you will have the jews powerless.

    8. Reaper Says:

      It truly amazes me with such a clear pattern forming that people are still so blind to this madness….So many people have been subconsciously versed in JewishMarxist kneejerk response to any rational opposition to these evil strategies without even realizing it….It’s a vicious cycle to break….You can’t make them unlearn everything they’ve been immersed in since childhood then re-educate them in a single conversation….But once again, with such blatant double standards staring them right in the face on a daily basis how do they not see it for themselves?….It’s very frustrating….

    9. Emily Says:

      So proud of all of you, above. You’re like beacons in the dark. Herculean tasks & you accomplish them refinely. So many thoughts you catch and throw, whether they’re javelins or you let them go like butterflies. Really, thou art holy. Right in first defense and dear to God’s eyes. You help people keep in touch with their inner lives–help them/us focus on that which sustains us. Power to you. What I read above are like crystals that will grow firm and solid as rocks. Keep the electricity flowing. Let the roots grow & put them down in the earth. Blessed be you.

    10. Emily Says:

      Can’t help it but keep seeing a tapeworm next to the name “Warman”.

    11. Marwinsing Says:

      Play the jew back at his own game, it’s not hard but remember, there’s always a traitorous WHITE shabboz goy lurking in his shadow now HE’S the one to watch out for, THAT’S our real enemy too because he lives amongst us, he claims to be one of us and that kind of creep will sell his own mother or sister for a jew dollar or a shekel. I’ll name one: my ex-bank manager *LOL!*

    12. whodareswings Says:

      This is old news, but about half the Frankfurt School was working for the OSS vetting Nuremburg trial evidence and later denazifying Occupied Germany. When you read histories of them their war work is usually glossed over to give readers the impression it wasn’t anything too important. Maybe some clerking somewhere and of course no front-line action for this braintrust. Kevin MacDonald completely ignored their contribution to how the DNR is managed today. “Mamserstaat” really nails it and the Jews who helped set it up were the same turd infested Marxist mamsers working in academia to provoke the racial and cultural turbulence on campuses and in the streets of America in the ’60s. I was a hippie dupe. Auchtung! Ecstacy was invented by Jew Sasha Shulgin. It’s now manufactured and muled worldwide by Israelis. They took my astral foreskin. Don’t let them take yours!