27 December, 2008

Gaza: The Perpetual Victims Strike Again

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Most, if not all, conflicts in the Middle East have been started by Israel, yet somehow the Jews manage to portray themselves as perpetual victims:


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    6. 10 Responses to “Gaza: The Perpetual Victims Strike Again”

      1. Zarathustra Says:

        If any liberal, marshmallow-headed MoveOn.org types still think that the Barack Obongo Regime will be any less obedient to its Zionist masters than Bush was, they are about to be sadly mistaken. If anything, Supercoon will do even more to prove his fealty to the Jews.

        The Palestinians use old, outdated Russian field rockets and mortars against Israel, weapons that have (unfortunately) caused little actual damage to the enemy. The Kikes use McDonell-Douglass F-16s and Apache attack helicopters in repsonse. And yet the Jews are seen as “defending” themselves. Sick.

      2. S.U.N. Says:

        Then the united nerdtions bully Iran into stopping its nuke R&D.

        Interestingly, has anybody noticed that the attack on Gaza has wiped out from the front pages madoff & sackratten?

      3. Gerald E P Morris Says:

        Yes, the poor pitiful jew image is indeed a MODERN mass mental sickness. Been reading G.K. Chesterton, and have found a wealth of exposures of jew-masonic bullshit. got the following from one of his “Father Brown” detective stories:

        ‘”No, of course,’ said Father Brown. ‘If it had been Tutankhamen and a set of dried – up
        Africans preserved, Heaven knows why, at the other end of the world; if it had been
        Babylonia or China; if it had been some race as remote and mysterious as the Man in the
        Moon, your newspapers would have told you all about it, down to the last discovery of a
        tooth – brush or a collar – stud. But the men who built your own parish churches, and gave
        the names to your own towns and trades, and the very roads you walk on – it has never
        occurred to you to know anything about them. I don’t claim to know a lot myself; but I know
        enough to see that story is stuff and nonsense from beginning to end. It was illegal for a
        money – lender to distrain on a man’s shop and tools. It’s exceedingly unlikely that the
        Guild would not have saved a man from such utter ruin, especially if he were ruined by a
        Jew. Those people had vices and tragedies of their own; they sometimes tortured and
        burned people. But that idea of a man, without God or hope in the world, crawling away to
        die because nobody cared whether he lived – that isn’t a medieval idea. That’s a product of
        our economic science and progress. The Jew wouldn’t have been a vassal of the feudal
        lord. The Jews normally had a special position as servants of the King. Above all, the Jew
        couldn’t possibly have been burned for his religion.’
        ‘The paradoxes are multiplying,’ observed Tarrant; ‘but surely , you won’t deny that Jews
        were persecuted in the Middle Ages?’
        ‘It would be nearer the truth,’ said Father Brown, ‘to say they were the only people who
        weren’t persecuted in the Middle Ages. If you want to satirize medievalism, you could
        make a good case by saying that some poor Christian might be burned alive for ‘making a
        mistake about the Homoousion, while a rich Jew might walk down the street openly
        sneering at Christ and the Mother of God. Well, that’s what the story is like. It was never a
        story of the Middle Ages; it was never even a legend about the Middle Ages. It was made
        up by somebody whose notions came from novels and newspapers, and probably made
        up on the spur of the moment.’ ”

        G.K. Chesterton, C-5 The Curse of the Golden Cross, The Incredulity of Father Brown, pp159-160

      4. Zarathustra Says:

        I’m generally not a big fan of Catholic Intellectuals (William F. Buckley Jr. comes most readily to mind….they seem to enjoy parading their Jesuit educations for all to marvel at), but thank you, sir, I will embark on a Chesterton reading marathon. However, it seems to me that the “anti-Semitism” espoused by Chesterton was simply comme il faut in the intellectual circles of his times, not a true revolutionary call to arms against the Jew.

      5. DUMB NIGGER ALERT Says:

        “…but thank you, sir, I will embark on a Chesterton reading marathon.”

        Sorry, you still sound like a dumb jive ass nigger.

        13 December, 2008 at 5:58 pm


      6. Zarathustra Says:

        Yes, that’s correct, I am a dumb, jive-ass nigger. You are obviously some Jew/nigger/faggot troublemaker who thinks he’s a hot shit. But I can assure you that you’re not, you Jew/nigger/faggot.

      7. Arminius Says:

        Zarathustra, your foul language is unbecoming for a man using the name of a famous sage.

      8. Zarathustra Says:

        Agreed, but I am tired of those obnoxious liberal queer trolls and troublemakers who contribute nothing to the dialogue. You should direct your indignation towards them, not me. Yes, I ought to refrain from stooping to their subterranean level. But how about giving me some credit once in a while for the pithy and poignant stuff I attempt to write most of the time?

      9. The Red Skull Says:

        The fact is-with their Jew-S-A golem support the kikes will hammer most of their opponents most of the time,although they got a pretty bloody nose when they stuck it in Lebanon.No mention from the World Press about the clear Israel War Crime of dropping thousands of “cripple-not-kill” cluster bombs on Southern Lebanon before they left.To Herr Zarathustra-I appreciate your commentary and insight always sir,however,trolls like DNA are to be ignored,not encouraged by stooping to their level.Don’t let them get your goat.Altho not above cursing myself,i try to keep it “civilized”.Remember-VNN sets the standard,lets keep it a high one for the newbies and old timers alike.Mostly your commentary is “poignant and pithy”,and enjoyable.

      10. Zarathustra Says:

        Thank you, RS. You and Arminius are totally correct. This is not the old Hal Turner website, after all! We are better in EVERY WAY than the riff-raff who are against us and I must always keep that in mind!

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